Chapter 22 – End of the Zombie Baron


「Eat this! 」

To be honest, the slash was quite hard, so I tried using the “cane of holy flame ball” towards the zombie baron.

「Guooohhh, is this the strength of a fireball? 」

I see, because I sprinkled holy water.

It’s the double offensive of the weak point of a zombie by holy + flame.

I thought of something good. I sprinkle the holy water I have to my iron sword and mithril hauberk.

This way, it will be effective against undead.

「Holy water of a high priest is indeed my virtuous enemy! 」

Oh, could it be that sister has a high rank?

Because the zombie says it, it might be correct.

Me and the baron’s exchange is now different compared to a moment ago.

That weird sister, I will thank you later!

「Oi oi, isn’t the holy water is gradually weakening you, Baron! 」

「Fufufu, I can handle this extra handicap, youngster! 」

While shouting such a thing, Lyle-sensei calls from behind.

「What are you doing Takeru? We will withdraw soon!」

「Ah, sorry! 」

The fight was fun and I completely forgot the strategy.

「Ha ha ha, did you not realize how frightening it was before the infinite vitality of mine.」

The baron chase after us with the four heavenly kings (or the four demon generals) while raising another laugh.

The goblin chief is dead already. The baron is not bothered that they became three.

When I went outside the old castle, I confront the baron and his three commanders again.

「Fufufu, you realized that you can not escape. Then, be the first food of my deadly legend…」

A terrible roar override the baron’s long-winded speech.

Along with the roaring sound, smoke rose. The baron and his three commanders were swallowed.

Four bronze artillery cannons carried by artillery corps blew and fire big iron bullets at them all over.

If you just shut yourself up in a castle quietly, the cannon will not hit you.  Cannons won’t hold back in helping you attain nirvana, baron.

When the dust clears up, a big pothole is showing up in the place where baron was standing.

Perhaps I had anticipated that there would be development like “GU HA it did not work!”.

Not even a trace remains.

「Ah, the castle got damaged again.」

If we rebuild this place and use it as a base, the repair seems to be serious.

It seems that there is a quarry nearby so I wonder if we will be able to procure materials.

While thinking about such a thing, I faintly hear a little voice from below.

I wondered what it is and look.

「Guu… amusing… the attack…」

Meat pieces are left under this hole, and that is talking.

Which is weird.

「Are you possibly the baron? Do you still live?」

Because it is an undead, will not you die with a cannon?

Even if you become a piece of meat, you are alright.

「I am … …, infinite …, vitality … ….」

I’m sorry for a moment but I guess it can not be helped.

Even if you’re restored, you’ll still cause trouble because you’ll become a zombie slime baron.

I put my hands together and splash the Holy Water I had on the baron.

「Gyaaa … …, my body is … …, melting ……」

「I’m sorry Baron. I’m sorry but you are already dead, give it up already」

「I am … … to the kingdom, revenge … …. Oh … …」

Namo amidabutsuda, Baron.」

TN: There is no direct translation for this, it is similar to Amen.

The baron’s meat melted away in holy water, which seemed highly effective. He completely disappeared.

Even if it’s purified, I hope that you can attain nirvana at least.

「You did it, Takeru.」

「Ah, thanks to sensei’s strategy.」

Sensei probably didn’t notice it, but I sympathize with the baron a little.

I don’t know what circumstances happened for him to become a zombie but it is obvious that everyone in the city of Ox died.

There is no point in resenting the kingdom that did not help.

「Takeru, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. It’s the general’s work from this.」

「I had a bad feeling that my work will really be like this …」

Lyle-sensei keeps commanding the entire operation. His eyes are gladly shining although it still looks exhausted with the presence of eyebags.

I cannot go against this.

「Siege warfare is hard so does cleaning up the battlefield.」

「Ha, good luck.」

Hereafter, the zombies will be buried. It is necessary to hold a service.

Although I am not good at plain jobs, I thought that it was for the baron so I had no choice but to do my best ….

—Scene Change—

When the renovation work of the City of Ox ceased, a strange report came in from the messenger. The person who reported was in charge of political affairs at the old castle which now became the operation base.

「A traveling missionary nun came and helps us purify zombie hole.」

「Oh, that’s good.」

As the person in charge of the volunteer corps, I guess I should thank the traveling missionary nun.

Why do I have an unpleasant hunch?

What is it, the feeling that my back is stirred…….

「”I would like to say a few words.” is Sister’s message to the general.」

「”I’d love to” is my reply.」

What is this? Something in me is reporting danger and is telling me to escape now.

Should I leave this to captain Louise?

「I have already come here.」


Wearing full white clothes with blue lines, the sister from A-sama Church robe came quietly.

Ther her face hidden with a hood, her long blonde hair could not be hidden completely. I also recognize those excessively large breasts.

She is a nun who is wearing a silver ankh hang around that area. It doesn’t suit her though.

「Yahho, long time no see Takeru. I came to see you!」


She really came. The strangely over-familiar sister.

We only met once, and I do not remember becoming friends at all.

Every time I see her, my character breaks.

There is a feeling of incompatibility because of the mysterious nun’s broken character. She took off her hood.

What was that name, Sister, Strike?

「It’s not a strike. It’s Steriana. If you do not remember, you can call me lovely Ria-chan.」

「Well, Sister Ria, what can I do for you today? 」

I will donate to the church, so please come home early today.

When this sister comes, talk tends to be long.

「Thank you for liberating the City of Ox. I can revive the church in the City of Ox. A-sama is pleased.」

「No, I heard that you purified the city, I thank you this time. The holy water I received is also useful.」

This is not just courtesy. Thinking that zombies are no longer in the castle, you can now sleep with confidence.

I do not want to have a funny sister in place of zombies, so I want to purify her to the church as early as possible.

「Today rather than ‘From the Church’, I am here due to a request from the Kingdom of Silesie.」

Is it so? To say it in a way that seems to be bantering.

Siste Ria plays with her Ankh. Yeah yeah I remember.

「Wait, there’s a request from the kingdom ….」

「Yeah. I was asked by the kingdom to be the one to seal the Miasma Hole of Doom.」

I am shaken by the glittering ankh. My head has become painful.

「Takeru…… you…, it feels like you have no confidence in my ability.」

「Is it obvious? 」

That would be a problem, really.

Why? I long for a valuable talent like cleric to accompany me but…

Someone whose personality is broken is not needed.

「I also felt the strings of destiny for the reunion with my beloved but this Sister Ria is a missionary sister.」

「No, he’s not here.」

My hunch is sending danger signals again.

「A missionary sister level is insufficient. Unless you are a saint or a sacred class, you can not seal the Miasma Hole of Doom. 」

「I do not know the rank of clergy, but those who can’t do sealing are in trouble.」

What is that?

We need a sealer, so if you can not do it, your reinforcement is useless.

「Then again, will you be able to ask you the church to send a saint or a saintess who can seal the Miasma Hole of Doom? 」

「Please be relieved. Do you know that “holy alchemy” is my specialty?」

No, I do not know. I do not understand anything.

Well, I heard from the zombie baron that the holy water made by Ria is strong though.

「I used Holy alchemy to seal the pothole. I’m still immature as a sister but my holy alchemy is within the level of a saint class, so I’ll able to seal it.」

「Is it so……? 」

Then, she won’t be replaced.

A little, disappointing.

「I’m sorry…. No matter how beautiful of a sister I am, the one you sought is one with fighting power not my loveliness and elegance. You want us to dispatch a stronger clergy, is it not? 」

No matter what you said to this sister, the talk will only be prolonged uselessly.

I do not think there will be any replacement anyway. Let’s give up.

「There are places like the Miasma Hole of Doom around the world. The church then dispatches clerics that has the ability to seal them. Compared with the greatness of Takeru, my level as a nun can be somewhat disappointing but please bear with it.」

「No, I guess it really can’t be helped.」

The A-sama church is not bad.

My face looking gloomy is caused by another reason.

「There is absolutely certainly nothing I can do so let me do something to amend! 」

「No, I do not need that.」


「If you ask me to atone by taking off my robe, I will do so. So later when we’re alone together…..」

「I’m not telling you to take it off! 」

I absolutely thought that we finally could connect with our conversations but…

Are you a stripper?

Even though I want to take it, today I have kept hoods in my eyes.

「Hey, Takeru! I’m not a stripper! 」

「Oh, I’m sorry.」

As expected of a cleric, unable to read the atmosphere but, can she read mind?

「I don’t want to take it off unless I’m alone with Takeru.」

「Ah, because a soldier keeps an eye on this place….. why is…」

Even though I didn’t intend to see, but I ended up saying tsukkomi.

Sister Ria’s scary.

Also, the eyes of the boy from Losgow village, who has been guarding me, is suffocating.

He possibly thinks that I’m using my authority to force the sister to undress. I think I’m misunderstood.

I have nothing to do with this pervert sister. It is a misunderstanding!

My body is still pure.

If you think so, the boy soldier from Losgow village(Is it Miruko? Same age as Sara) sent a signal glance which is embarrassing.

He then asked me.

「General, if I am in the way, shall I go down? 」

Such a thing comes to my ears.

Please stop it.

Even though he is a child, do not think something strange.

「No, Miruko-kun. Please stay here all the while and protect me…..」

Rather, I will depend on you. Please don’t leave us alone.

「I seem to have received a very rude misunderstanding, I want you to definitely explain it.」

No, the misunderstanding will deepen.

I think that Sister Ria is making a correct interpretation.

「There is a really deep reason for me to wish to reveal the figure of truth in front of Takeru.」

「Is it a joke? Is it true?」

Because the talk has already become long, I want you to pardon me.

「Really true, big, serious, and very important story.」

「Haa, well then. It can’t be helped. State briefly please…」

If Sister Ria is going to be a companion from now on, I can’t afford to not ask.

Rather, I would like to ask if there are any reasons to remove the robe.

「From the first time we met, even before we met, I felt Takeru would be like the hero of my destiny.」


Could it be that Sister Ria is of the fushigi-chan’s faction?

When thinking if it was just sister’s act, did Men Hell A Stalker accompany her?

What hero of destiny? My back suddenly shudders.

「I caused some impolite misunderstanding again……」

「Okay, I will listen to it in detail so please speak.」


For the time being, let’s think about coping after listening.

In some cases, there might also be dangers in the Miasma Hole of Doom that Sister Ria knows.

She informed me of how the zombie baron we defeated earlier is surprisingly a last boss type.

「Let me say just in case. The story of being a hero is not a joke. My spirit lacks balance and that kind of talk might be coming from it. As for the truth, I can certify Takeru as a hero.」

「At any rate, no one knows whether it’s realistic to be a hero.」

Hero is a custom in fantasy.

There is also such existence in this world. It isn’t strange.

There was a time when I was saying “I want to become a hero of the cursed sword.”.

However, this world is too realistic for fantasy.

Even if it is said that I can be a hero now, it won’t sink to my head.

I feel like if I really am, you should have told me sooner.

「Does Takeru know what a hero is? 」

「Well, I do not necessarily know what it is …..」

There must be various kind even if it is said to be a hero.

If it is conditional to come from a different world, there must have been some flag at the time of transition.

I know that it is different.

This world was too strict for me in order for me to think that I am a special being.

「So let me explain.  “Heroes” are born from the people, while the “Church” is born of God. The two’s existence symbolizes the order and justice that A-sama created.」

「If born out of the people, perhaps if a Sister recognizes him as one, anyone can be a hero? 」

「The difference is that hero does not mean simply those who have courage. After clearing harsh conditions, they must be recognized by a saint who is an agent of A-sama on the world. He will then receive power and goddess’ blessing for the first time as a legendary hero.」

「Do I have to clear the trials of a hero? 」

So, it’s a bit time-critical.

As we set up base in the City of Ox, the battle with the Miasma Hole of Doom is near.

You can not do a trial in a long way.

「No, Takeru has already met all requirements of a hero.」

「Well, before all, is coming from a different world a requirement? 」

「What different world?」

「No, if it’s not then …」

Sister Ria says three conditions to be a hero.

  1.    Liberate the town and the church from demons.
  2.    Being a hero recognized by the people.
  3.    To subdue the demon king.

「Since I am an evangelist who has not reached the saint rank yet, I can only certify up to the third grade of hero. In this case, you won’t be recognized as a full pledge hero yet. Still, I think that there will be considerable differences in future fights.」

「Third grade, what … what kind of qualifications is it? 」

The system of the A-sama church is difficult to understand too.

However, it is understandable that a saint or sister certifies a hero as it is a fairly unique pattern.

No, but wait a moment.

As the other two are assumed to be good, I have not defeated the demon king.

There is nothing to think about.

「It’s the zombie lord that ruled this city.」

「Well, was the baron a demon king? 」

Though there was no such pretense at all…….

No, indeed it feels like an RPG-like demon king.

Or, if you feel it, can you become a demon king?

But why is the hero needs to be recognized then?

Can anyone just be a demon king just by introducing oneself as a demon king?

As a system, it is too sloppy.

What is going on with this different world fantasy?

Although Tsukkomi springs up a lot, I feel that not wanting to talk long with Ria grows stronger than doubt raising.

TN: Tsukkomi is often used to describe a Japanese anime character who is frustrated, under appreciated, or just plain ticked off. The Tsukkomi attempts to keep a calm facade, only to be thwarted by someone, or something, they find irritating. Often resulting in violent actions.

「The zombie baron’s core has just been born. If it continues to be influenced by miasma as it is, it would have become a demon king who threatens the world in about a hundred years. 」

「If you are so certain, it is not strange. 」

Monsters other than zombies were also obeying, and it was certainly a big deal just to say that the person in question has infinite vitality.

Is it so, Baron?

If you grow up smoothly as it is, you will be a demon king.

If I did not interfere, he is likely to have been able to retaliate against the kingdom where his grudge is directed.

I guess he hasn’t done anything big yet.

Because this is also common practice in the Age of Warring States, please attain nirvana…….

「Takeru, that zombie lord became a provision for you to become a hero. 」

「Stop speaking that way.」

Even though he is a monster, he’s pitiful.

「So, will Takeru be my hero? 」

「I will be. 」

Though I likely to have hesitated a little in case of other timing.

In this situation, I would even borrow the hands of the cat before facing the Miasma Hole of Doom.

In this flow of event, it cannot help becoming one.

「Then in the name of Sister Steriana, I will appoint Sawatari Takeru as a hero of A-sama. 」

Thus, there is neither a deep emotion nor a promise, I was recognized by Sister Ria as a hero.



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