Ordega and Leiria

Chapter 2-2


When Takeru was talking with the villagers near the tower, suddenly a muscular man with brown skin holding a girl jumped out of the forest.

「Who’s the person in charge here? Please help this child, Leiria.」

He talked with force so Takeru throw himself forward.

「We were attacked by a monster in the forest. Is there anyone who can cure her? She probably won’t last until the town.」

Takeru who guessed circumstances let the two in the tower and calls Tifa quickly.

The man was surprised to see the appearance of the tower, but he came along without saying anything.

Tifa, who came in a hurry, uses the function of the tower to diagnose Leiria.

The girl who is laid on a blanket on the floor is breathing painfully.

If you look at her closely, you’ll be surprise with her stunning beauty. Is she around 15 or 16 years old?

Her short compiled blue hair, together with a well-formed appearance, gets a very intellectual impression.

「It is a curse of the caste serpent. I’m sorry, but the function of the tower cannot cure her. Maintaining the current situation is utmost.」

Tifa who finished the diagnosis reports.

「It’s a caste serpent. The shinto priest in the town may not remove the curse. It should be a high priest like the one in the royal palace.」

Eclair, who came down with Feene, says.

「Leira, Leiria-sama.」

Ordega holds his head.

「Tifa, is there any other method?」

Takeru asks her while staring at the suffering girl.

「Master, there are only two means to save a person who has been affected by a curse. One is to dispel it with a High Priest like Eclair-san says. The other one….」

「To defeat the one who put the curse.」

Takeru answers before Tifa says it.

Ordega raises his head and looks at Takeru.




Everyone’s gaze gathers.

「Let’s go. Let’s knock down the serpent while Tifa is looking after her.」

「It can not be helped.」

Eclair agrees with a feeling of relief.

「I will go as well.」

Feene says before I can tell her to stay.

「The opponent is a class B monster. Is it really possible?」

Ordega asked with doubt.

「It’s a powerful enemy but master’s gonna be alright.」

Before Takeru answers, Tifa answers confidently for some reason.

Anyway, Takeru, Eclair, Feene and Ordega decided to head out to face the caste serpent.


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