Caste Serpent Subjugation

Chapter 2-3


While preparing for the Caste-serpent  subjugation,

「Feene-san, I intended to give you this after you level up a little more.」

The light of the tower hits Feene as directed by Tifa.

「It’s Frost Flame. It is Feene-san’s exclusive original skill.」

Frost Flame is a magic that burns nearby opponents. It looks like pale flames but are much hotter and more powerful than normal fire magic.

「However, since it is a third tier magic, it consume a lot of magical power. Please be careful.」

Tifa looks carefully at Feene and Feene answers with “Ai” and nods.

「Third tier? Can she use it properly?」

Eclair is worried but having a lot of weapons is better for a powerful opponent.

The three of us completed our preparations and hurried to the hunter’s village with Ordega as guide.

When the four of us arrived at the hunter’s village, villagers that collapsed and crouching down are here and there.

Ordega calls on the villagers who are sitting down.

「What happened to the serpent?」

「It went out of the village a little while ago. I’m sure it hasn’t gone far yet.」

I’m worried about the injured people, but the serpent is my first priority now.

We headed in the direction that the big snake had left to.

We advanced to the forest for a while and found it. Its body length is more than 10 meters and its size is about a trunk of a tree.

It has small wings on its back but it seems to be unlikely to be able to fly in the sky.

It flickers its long thin tongue from its mouth that has an enormous fang.

And in its forehead is a shining dark red, ruby core that brings curse.

The four of us approached to the very limit that we won’t be notice by the serpent in order to make a surprise attack.

「Sylph, lend me your strength. Air Tornado」

Eclair gives off a whirlwind at the large snake when she jumps out of a thicket.

The movement of the serpent stops because it is caught in the wind.

There, it was hit with Eclair’s air barrett and Feene’s flame barrett in succession.

The serpent withstands it and furiously comes towards me.

Takeru tooks out an iron sword that he borrowed from a villager in the tower.

Ordega follows and holds a big bastard sword with both hands.

Eclair casts accel move and air protection to the two as rear support.

The two of them dodges the fangs of the python and slashed the fat body with their swords.

Eclair and Feene hit it with magic at the right timing from the rear.

Though it was an impromptu cooperation, it is going quite well. When Takeru was thinking on how to finish it off, it suddenly flew up.

They never thought that the snake could fly. When Takeru and Ordega look up, its big body is falling down.

The two of them dodge in the nick of time but the impact of the big snake’s landing stops their movement.

The tail of the serpent swings around and directly hit the two.

Furthermore, the serpent lifts its head and forms a sickle-shaped neck to attack Takeru with its fang.

「Takeru-oniichan is in danger!」

In that moment, Feene dashes out to help Takeru.

「Frost · Fire!」

The magic she just acquired, frost fire, directly hits the serpent.

The serpent was wrapped in pale flame and is struggling and suffering.

However, it is not enough to defeat the enemy. When the flame disappears, the serpent turns its aim to Feene and heads to her slowly.

Feene tried to take some distance but says “Au” as her foot gets tangled and falls on her butt.

She is not accustomed yet to a third tier magic and she have just exhausted her magical power.

The serpent seems to grin as it sticks out its tongue. Then, the core in its forehead began to shine brightly.

It intends to cast a curse.


Eclair runs to Feene and hold her. She is probably trying to protect Feene with her body.

Just before the red ray was released in the two of them, Takeru goes in between and spreads his arms.

The light of the curse hits Takaru directly…. but nothing happened.

The serpent was surprised that its movement stops. At that moment, Ordega roars with “Oooooooooo” and stabs the bastard with an attack with the weight of his whole body.

The sword pierced the body of the snake brilRiantly.

The serpent is rampaging with pain and tried to bit Ordega with its fangs while trying to pull out the sword.

At that moment, Takeru jumps and struck the ruby on the serpent’s forehead with a sword.

The serpent’s red core was shattered with the iron sword in his hand.

At the same time, the serpent collapsed making a loud noise as it dies.

「Takeru, are you safe?」

Eclair is worried about Takeru who bathed in a curse.

「Don’t worry, it seemed to have been a misfire. I was lucky.」

Takeru answers while confirming his own body.

「Misfire? That’s not supposed to happen.」

The worried Eclair stares at Takeru.

「Takeru-oniichan, are you alright?」

Feene also comes and asks.

「Ah, Feene, you worked hard too.」

Takeru pats Feene’s head as he praises her.

「Takeru, that was an splendid blow. With this, will Leiria’s curse be lifted?」

「Ah, it should be, but let’s hurry back to the tower.」

When the two of them decided to return to the tower,

「Wait a moment! We defeated the serpent with great pain. I have to collect the magic core and the materials. It will be finish immediately so please wait.」

Eclair also calls out to Feene saying “ Help me please” and starts to dismantle the serpent quickly.

Since there was no choice, Takeru and Ordega also helped.

It didn’t take much time, they recovered the fang with a size of a person’s arm and a large dark purple magic core.

Eclair also picked up the fragments of ruby from its forehead while shrewdly saying “It seems to sell high”.

When the collection of the material was over, Takeru and the others rushed to the tower.


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