The People of Istria Dukedom (2nd Part) and Skill Appraisal

Chapter 2-5


「Let’s raise the level of the tower immediately. However, before that…」

Tifa called Leiria and Ordega and talks about something.

Leiria nods while saying “I understand”, and Takeru heard Ordega saying “ If the princess is fine with it”. Takeru thinks why and say “That’s impossible”.

「Master, the two of them consented to become master’s family.」

Tifa reports with a smile. She intends to take in two of them as war potential of the tower.

Tifa throws the magic core of the big serpent into the furnace.

This level-up is not a drastic change as last time, so there is no need to evacuate.

We inform the villagers from phone who are on the first floor in advance.

The tower shook with a crumbling sound but it was subsided immediately.

When Tifa projects the state of the tower after completion, the thickness of the residential area increased a little.

One floor is added so it is now two floors.

It is enough to accept Leiria and her companions.

Next, with the function of the enhanced tower, we appraised and build skill tree for everyone.

First will be the freshly joined Leiria and Ordega.

○ Leiria von Istria

Level:  16

Race: Human

Job:     Magician

Skill:    Aqua Barrett Lv.1

Aqua Ring Lv.1

Aqua Wall Lv.2 (New)

Common Talent: The person loved by water

Aqua Barrett is a water bullet.

Aqua ring produces a ring of water around the enemy and stops its movement and also gives damage.

Aqua Wall creates a water wall in front of the caster to prevent enemy attacks and intrusions.

Talent “The person loved by water” will have a bonus for water attribute magic.

Her level is 16 which is slightly low. She said that she has almost no actual battle experience.

Tifa said she was likely to a have considerable potential.

○ Ordega

Level:  25

Race: Human

Job:     Warrior

Skill:    War Cry Lv.2

Heavy Strike Lv.2 (new)

Step In Lv.1

Common Talent: Impregnable Defense

Ordega who was originally Level 22 became 25 after defeating the Serpent.

War cry attracts attention of monsters to himself and is a mandatory skill for a vanguard. However, it does not work for a person who is rational.

Heavy strike(new skill) can strike a more powerful blow than usual.

Step in is a basic skill of a warrior which is a movement that quickly dive into the chest of the opponent.

Talent “Impregnable Defense” is a bonus to defense power when the person to protect is nearby.

Tifa also conducts appraisal to Eclair and Feene.

Eclair went up two levels in this battle and became level 31.

She got new skill which is Air Blast Strike.

It is Eclair’s exclusive 4th tier spell. It is a strong magic that throws a mass of innumerable air from above the enemy.

Eclair, who got an original skills for the first time, is making a niya face as effeminate for joy.

Niya face

***TN: Niya face sample***

Feene raises her level by 5, level 15.

She got Flame Bomb and Enchant Flame as new skills.

Flame bomb is a fireball that is thrown on the enemy. The fireball will explode upon hitting and gives medium damage.

Enchant flame is a skill that gives fire attribute to weapons.

Both are 2nd tier so Feene should be able to use them.

And Takeru.

The last time that Tifa did his appraisal was to fully use the function of the improved tower.

Tifa took a long time to appraise Takeru.

And finally,

○ Takeru

Level:  Unknown

Job:     Unknown

Skill:    Aura Circle Lv.5 (new)

Talent:  Unknown

She was able to appraise one of the potential skills of Takeru for the first time.

Aura Circle is a skill that can create a circular aura around Takeru that gives various aura to it.

It is similar to the death aura circle he was using in the previous MMORPG.

Although the power is incomparable to the previous one, it will exert power if it develops from hereon.

Takeru pats Tifa’s head and she smiles in satisfaction.

Eclair is speechless with “Suddenly, a fifth tier…”.

「After all, Takeru is amazing.」Leiria murmured.

Feene is delighted but she likely don’t understand 5th tier.

Ordega stares at Takeru,

「Who the hell are you, Takeru-dono?」

Anyway, I got a new skill. I want to use it in real battle soon.

While thinking so, Takeru headed to Hunter’s village to welcome Leiria’s companions.


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