Goblin Extermination Preparation

Chapter 3-3


Takeru, who received the joint quest for goblin extermination, promised to depart tomorrow morning.

Before anything else, another purpose of coming to this city is to sell monster materials to purchase equipments.

There are weapon shops and a tool shops for the adventurer in the vicinity of the guild.

First of all, Takeru heads to the tool store recommended by Eclair to sell the materials.

The tool store is around the middle of the street. There are various tools in display on the window of the big store despite of being a one-story building.

The counter is already in front of me when I entered the store. A great deal of materials and tools were placed on the huge shelf orderly.

Feene said “Wow” and Leiria’s eyes are shining.

「Hello. Can I help you? Welcome to the Meissner company. Eclair-sama, what is your business today? 」

A butler looking man in his late 30’s with a solid body speak from the counter.

「I’d like to ask you to purchase materials.」

Eclair arranged the monster materials we gathered from the monsters around the tower such as claws and fangs from the bag we have.

「Although this got broken, I wonder if you can buy this as well.」

Finally, Eclair takes out something like a red stone debris.

「What’s this?」

「The ruby that was on the forehead of a caste serpent.」

「Caste serpent!」

That a surprised shop assistant hurriedly puts the fragments of the stone on a square plate. He retreated to the back of the store after saying “Please wait a moment.”.

The clerk returns after a while.

「There was no mistake, this thing comes from a caste serpent. Please let me buy them as well.」

「So how much is it going to be?」

「Well, these fangs and horns you gathered can be bought for 80 silver coins. How about 5 gold coins for the caste serpent’s ruby?」

「5 gold coins!」

The surprised Ordega raises his voice.

「Waa, okay, I understand, 6 gold coins. If it is not broken, it will not be surprising if its price is double. This is the best we can offer from our company.」

The man adds in a hurry. Did he misunderstand the scream of Ordega? Ordega is only surprised at the high selling price. I feel sorry a little.

「How about it Takeru? Is this price good?」

Eclair ask for confirmation and Takeru nodded. It’s a deal.

By the way, the money in this world are copper coins, silver coins and gold coins. A silver coin is 10 copper coins. A gold coin is 100 silver coins.

A regular meal is about two silver coins. 5 silver coins is enough for an inn. Six pieces of gold coins are considerable amount of money.

Takeru, who doesn’t even have his own weapon a little while ago, suddenly became rich.

We then headed to the weapon shop with a hokuhoku face.

***TN: Hokuhoku face is a very please/ overjoyed face. Unable to find an illustration I like***

The entrance to the weapons shop was small, but it is quite wide inside.

I can hear the sound of beating metal at the back.

Swords, shields, armor, etc. are lined up in the store. This time, Takeru and Ordega’s eyes sparkle.

Although Takeru looked around at the spears and axes, he eventually chose a two handed long sword.

His best style is prioritizing attack power.

The long sword is made of iron and is broad. It looks considerably durable so it was chosen. The price at the bottom is one gold coin and 20 silver coins.

There are also long swords with the blacksmith’s inscription on the blade but 5 gold coins are too expensive.

In addition, Takeru who emphasizes ease of movement selects an upper body armor only. It is a simple made iron armor that costs 80 silver coins.

Ordega decided to buy a big round shield. The purpose is to protect the rear guard women’s in case of emergency.

He already has a one handed sword so he only buy shield this time. It is 90 silver coins.

After that, we head to the magic shop. We need to buy weapon for Feene who never had a weapon before.

As for the magic weapon, the wands inside the store are arranged in a row.

However, they are too big for Feene so we choose a bangle that has a small orb inserted.

The attack is less powerful than the wand, but it is compensated for the attack speed.

It’s perfect for Feene because it is light and she can still freely use both of her hands. Price is one gold coin.

In addition, we also buy magical robe for children for Feene.It is hooded so it can cover Feene’s fox ears. We need to conceal them so she won’t be found out by aristocrats.

It has no physical defence but it has some magical defence. This is 60 silver coins.

Eclair and Leiria have their own first-class equipments so they have to endure this time.

The preparation complete with this. Tomorrow will be goblin extermination.


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