Goblin Extermination Battle Arc

Chapter 3-4


The next morning, we joined up with the Blue Wolf party in the front gate.

They are a four member party with the Jinmel in his late twenties the leader. The party is of local rank.

Jinmel is a ranger, a copper class adventurer with bow as his main weapon. Level is 22.

Birgit is the only female member of the party however, she’s a muscular warrior without a bit of femininity. Copper class level 20.

Eckart is a magician in his late 30’s. He has an atmosphere of a quiet bookworm. Copper class level 24.

Mats is a priest and the youngest member of the party in his early 20’s. It is quite rare for a priest to be a member of a party of this rank. Recovery potion is expensive so a healer is in demand.

After the mutual self-introduction is finished, we left for the place where the goblin’s nest was found according to the information.

「I’ll say this firmly, Eclair and Ordega are good but the other 3 are just no mark beginners who are just brats. In addition, the party was just formed yesterday, what a joke.」

On the way, the bored Birgit whines.

「Stop it Birgit. You’re being rude to them. The joint quest was offered by me.」

「That’s right Birgit, the other two are from higher class than us. Just consider it as the reason for Eclair-san and Ordega-san’s joining.」

When Jinmel reproves the female warrior, Eckart also warned her.

「That’s it, Takeru, are you a son of some noble or a business magnate? You hired the two of them with money to make a party, didn’t you?」

In order for an aristocratic son to gain combat experience, it is common to hire advance adventurer with money as an escort. It seems that Birgit thought that Takeru’s Babel is one of those.

「Eclair doesn’t move by such thing. Think of how much offer she received up to now.」

Jinmel clearly denies it.

「Che, the leader is such a sweet person with Eclair.」

Birgit is not yet convinced.

「By the way, Takeru is like Level 15, but how many skills do you have?」

Mats read the atmosphere and try to change the subject.

「My skill right now… only one.」

Takeru answers.

「Oi, oi, oi, oi, are you going to be okay?」

Birgit’s tension rises again.

「Birgit, I guarantee the ability of Takeru. He’s not going to pull you down. Of course Leiria and Feene too.」

Eclair, who just listen up to now,intervened for the first time.

「Okay everyone. The talk ends here.」

Jinmel closed up the conversation.

After moving for a while, they came close to their destination.

In accordance with Jimmel’s instructions, we carefully advanced from there.

Jinmel and Eclair take down goblin lookouts with their bow as we advance through the forest.

We saw the trace of the small castle ahead. It seems to be used as a nest.

The quest is annihilation of goblin’s nest. The opponents are E class monsters, the two invading parties has nothing to be afraid of.

The goblins who noticed the attack head to us with weapons in hand.

There are about 30 of them. Feene showers the approaching enemies with fire bullets and Leiria with water bullets.

Not only the enemies but the blue wolf party was also surprised at that show of power.

「I’ll go.」

Since Birgit jumped out with her two handed axe, Takeru also followed.

Ordega remains to defend the three.

Birgit jumped into the left goblin flock, so Takeru heads to the other flock.

It is time to finally try out the skills I got for the first time.

「Aura Circle!」

Light rises slightly from ground, the aura is expanded to 3 meters around Takeru.

When confronted by the goblins, they fall into their knees before Takeru does anything. They died face down.

The goblins who’s going to attack falls down in succession without being able to do anything in the same way as they entered the range of the aura.

Eclair, who’s been doing cover attack from the rear, hardened after seeing Takeru’s skill for the first time.

「It’s… that’s.., what is it.」


「Takeru … amazing」

「That is Takeru’s skill …」

The members of the Blue Wolf Party are the same.

「Is that a skill?」Jinmel

「It’s interesting.」Eckart


At that time, a sound from a whistle resounded in the battlefield.

The goblins who heard it retreat to the castle at once.

Birgit, who defeated around five goblins, looks towards Takeru with confidence. She saw a strange scene wherein at least 10 goblins collapse around Takeru.

「Oi, oi, what the hell happened?」

When Birgit tried to approach Takeru, the wall of the ruins blew off, from there were two more monsters with more than twice the height of the goblin.

「So they have hobgoblins.」

Birgit muttered.

Hobgoblin is also said to be the top species of goblins, both power and endurance, much more than a goblin.

Even intermediate-class adventurers find it hard to fight one on one.

From behind, another one with the same height shows up, but this one is wearing a whole body iron armor.

「It’s a goblin leader.」

Jinmel is amazed at the sight of its equipment.

The Goblin Leader is a special goblin that is said to be born in hundreds of goblins and is superior in intelligence and leads the herd.

It is a powerful monster who excels in strength and good strategy and does not seem to be a goblin.

There are four of them.

And furthermore, equipped with magical armor that is clearly considered as a first-class item, wearing a beautiful cloak like a nobleman, a goblin with a magic wand with a big Orb finally showed up.

「Oi, oi, oi, oi, are you kidding?」

Birgit’s legs trembles.

「Goblin General.」

Eclair says in a hoarse voice.


「it’s impossible.」

「Why in a place like this …」

Feene’s face turns blue.

Goblin General is said to be born in tens of thousands of goblins. As the name suggests, it leads an army of a goblin kingdom. It is a goblin who performs the role of a general in a human army.

Its ability as an individual is also outstanding. Its strength is comparable to an advance adventurer.



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