Goblin Extermination Conclusion

Chapter 3-5


There is no chance of winning even if they clash with each other directly.

As the leader, Jinmel judge that he should order a withdrawal but they are surrounded by a large amount of goblin unnoticed.

When the feeling of despair began to dominate the party,

「Takeru. If you defeat the group leader, Goblin General, the herd will collapse. Please.」

Eclair shouts.

Simultaneously with her shout, the aura clad Takeru rushes to the general.

「Birgit, support Takeru!」

Jinmel gives support.

「Damn it!」

Birgit begins to run successively too.

Takeru runs through the side of the hobgoblins and aims for the general which is guarded by four goblin leader.

Eclair assists by casting Accel move and protection air.

「Thank you」

Takeru speeds up and leaves the hobgoblin.

When the hobgoblin tried to follow Takeru in a hurry,

「Your opponent is here!」

Birgit activates War Cry.

It attracts their attention.

The rear guards gather in one place and protect themselves from goblins.

Oldega attracts enemies with war cry. Jinmel also shifts his weapon to a sword.

Feene casted enchant flame on Ordega’s sword. Afterwards, shoots flame barrett in rapid succession.

Leiria stall the enemies with aqua wall and also chanted aqua barrett.

While Eclair saves magical power by using a bow, she released an air tornado to a place where a lot of goblins gather. Goblins dance in the air.

Eckart casted enchant flame to Jinmel’s sword. After that he shoots flame barrett.

Mats did not attack and concentrates on recovery magic. He’s continuously healing Ordega and Jinmel who are suppressing the enemy.

When Takeru closes in on the goblin leaders, the enemies are caught in the effective range of the aura.

Unlike goblins, they were not defeated just by being touched by the aura but they are weakened.

Obviously, though the goblin leaders movement became dull, they tried to surround Takeru.

I can’t waste time. I dodge the spear the goblin thrust before my eyes and the moment I tried to swing down my sword from above, soil bullet(earth barrett) fly from the back of the goblin.

Takeru avoided it by a hairbreadth.

The goblin general at the back aimed magic at Takeru.

At that time, a goblin leader thrusts his spear again.

Takeru was quickly driven to a defensive battle by the opponents.

The enemies attack is still sharp even if they are under the effect of the aura but if he keeps his distance, the enemies will get out of the aura’s range.

When Takeru evaded the spear, he gave a shoulder tackle to one of the enemy with his full strength.

The goblin leader was blown away. The general shoots soil bullets from the space vacated by the goblin leader.

Surprisingly, Takeru redirected those with his sword to another goblin leader.

The goblin leader who was knocked down by that was pierced by Takeru. The one with the spear was chopped off with a sword from below.

He jumped in front of the last goblin leader and thrusts, the sword penetrates the armor without difficulty.

Takeru who defeated the Goblin Leader headed for Goblin General.

The general shoots magic before rushing straight to him. It seems that he lost his footing.

At the same time as Takeru rolls sideways, a sharp blade of earth thrusts itself out from the ground where he was.

The general attacks further but Takeru manages to avoid the soil bullets. Takeru rolls again and avoids it.

A huge rock magically appears and falls there.

Eventhough Takeru dodges it, when the rock fall to the ground, it was smashed and broken pieces flies at him.

Takeru who was underlayed by rocks cannot move temporarily.

When the goblin general tried to chant a spell,


Eclair pours all her remaining magical power and release her new magic air blast towards the general.

Only Eclair has the magic to reach that distance.

In addition of being a fourth tier spell, Eclair’s unique talent Heaven-sent Child of Wind gives maximum bonus to the wind pellet that was shoot from the top of the enemy.

It can’t even be stopped by the general’s armor with magic defence and mantle.

The goblin general was unable to endure it and kneel.

Takeru, who manage to get out of the rocks, charges and hit a single blow with his whole body.

The sword bisected the enemy together with its wand which tried to defend it.


Hearing the goblin general’s death cry, the goblins who had surrounded Eclair ran away for their lives.

Hobgoblin who was trying to crush Brigit also escaped.

All members managed to survive somehow.

「Eclair, you saved me.」

「No, I don’t know what happened if it wasn’t for you.」

His companions come one after another.

「Takeru-oniichan, that was scary.」

Feene hugs him.

「Takeru, I also tried my best.」

Leiria looks at him in front.

「Takeru, you did well.」

Ordega who was just defending Leiria breathe a sigh of relief.

「Everyone worked very hard.」

Takeru thanks everyone.

「You’ve defeated the goblin general.」

Brigit also calls out.

「After all, my eyes were not wrong.」

Jinmel said.

「As expected of the one who Eclair-san recognise.」Eckart

「Goblin general subjugation is impossible for a first campaign.」

It seems that Mats still can not believe it yet.

Takeru also thanks the members of the Blue Wolf party.

「Well, everyone is tired but let’s hurry back to return to Turku. We need to report that there is a goblin general immediately.」

Jinmel urges everyone.

The fact that a general, the ruler of a legion, has appeared may also means a goblin army invasion.

You will need to inform the kingdom troops as well as the guild.

Takeru decided to hurry back to the town.

But before that, the collection of magic core and loots should be done.

An adventurer is shrewd.



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