Quest Completion Plus Special Rewards

Chapter 3-6 



As soon as we returned to Turku, we headed to the adventurers guild immediately.

Jinmel tells the circumstances to the receptionist Helmina.

Goblin general…. such a dangerous monster… I understand. I’ll consult the guild master immediately to form a subjugation party.

Wait a minute, the goblin general certainly appeared. However, it has already been subjugated by the blue wolf party and Takeru’s babel.

Jinmel stopped Helmina who’s going to report in a hurry.

Yes? It has been subjugated… by two parties?

The surprised Helmina puts out a strange voice.

These are the monster core of the goblin leaders and the goblin general.

Jinmel receives the monster cores from his companion and displayed it in the counter.

This is… Please wait a moment.

Helmina went into the room at the back of the counter with the monster core.

Certainly. Without a doubt these are monster cores of goblin general and goblin leader.

Herminas who came back after little admits it.

It seems that you can see what kind of monster the core belonged to if one has an appraisal skill.

However, it is not possible to appraise things exceeding the level of the appraiser.

After a while, the Guild Master who received the report came.

Guild Master, Dreesen was once one of the top adventurer of the country, a Gold class adventurer. After he retired, he was entrusted with the guild’s Turku branch.

Jinmel, are you sure that you have defeated Goblin General?

Dreesen, being dubious, asks Jinmel.

Furthermore, when he noticed TakeruEclair and Ordega were also with you?

Dreesen , not just me and Ordega. We wouldn’t have been able to get through without the power of everyone here.


Dreesen narrows his eyes.

I’m Takeru.

When Takeru greets

Fee… Feene nanodesu.


Feene and Leiria also followed.

In any case, it is good that no one died when subjugating a goblin general. Helmina, please check the color of the monster core for purchase. You’ll also receive a special reward from the kingdom. Look forward to it.

And Dreesen laughs.

Special reward sounds fascinating.

Since the monster core was purchased for 20 gold coins in the guild, we split it with Jinmel.

The monster materials from the goblin leaders and goblin general was bought by the Meissner company for 12gold coins.

Takeru tried to split it in half as well but Jinmel refused.

He said “ The goblin leaders, and goblin general was defeated by Takeru so the money is yours.”

Takeru and the others hurried back to the tower after receiving the reward.

News about the appearance and subjugation of a goblin general in the same day runs through the kingdom instantly. It was also conveyed to the capital.



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