Shrine Maiden of Oracle

Chapter 4-1


It was around the time when Takeru returned to the tower after the goblin subjugation.

In the kingdom’s capital, a girl with cobalt blue eyes and has a shoulder length silver hair was puzzled.

(Why does oneself does such a thing?)

In the deepest part of the temple, at a place where even an aristocrat as well as the general public can’t enter without permission, she who prays by oneself could not concentrate on that day.

Felicia Artian, a name of someone who’s just a commoner, is well known to every citizen.

It is due to her unique talent, Shrine Maiden of Oracle.

Her abilities, which are said to have reached fourth tier and even fifth tier, has made this beautiful girl as a national idol.

Every morning, Felicia prayed to her goddess Papier in the temple and irregularly received oracle.

Her ability, which is unparalleled, can receive a significant percentage of oracle which the goddess emits.

She has become the ear of the kingdom, hearing the voice of the gods.

A high level Oracle receives an amount of information that is not comparable with an average Miko. It is reported by the chief priest to an important meeting in the kingdom.

They are highly valued by the kingdom. Felicia inevitably jumps over the position of a miko and was given a treatment equal to high class nobles.

She became a shrine maiden apprentice at the age of 8. She became a formal shrine maiden at the age of ten. She suddenly awakened her “Oracle” talent at the age of 12. She was puzzled at the beginning but soon thanked the goddess for chosing her. She now takes pride on her role.

For the next three years, she reported every small piece of information in details without ever leaking it as she has undertaken her duty at her best.

However, she have neglected a report this time for some reason.

What happened in the first place? Several days ago, Felicia is in the deepest part of the temple as usual. When she offered prayer in front of the altar of goddess Papier, she received an oracle for the first time in two weeks.

The present state of the other gods, a disaster that happened in a distant country, various information flows into her mind as words and images.

She don’t understand what kind of intention the goddess gives these for.

Important information, informations that doesn’t seem so important, it isn’t her role to judge those.

Among them, in the Black Forest in the east of the kingdom, it is said that a new owner appeared in the “tower” in that huge forested land.

It is also a news that there is a tower in such a place but It’s more important for an owner to have appeared.

Since, depending on the circumstances, the “tower” gives the owner great power.

If a change happens in the forest adjacent to the kingdom, it may affect the country in no small degree.

Nevertheless, Felicia did not report this to the chief priest.

That guilt had tormented her. And furthermore, she made a secret decision.

During the day, Felicia called a woman who is a childhood friend of her in the corner of the temple.

Alice von Beautor is three years older than Felicia and is the second daugther of the lord who rules at her birthplace.

Felicia, a commoner, has a good relationship with the lord’s dauther. The Beautor family is a low noble family with small territory. They have an open minded family tradition and has an excellent relationship with the citizen of their territory.

Felicia and Alice also grew up like sisters on good terms from a young age.

Since Felicia became a shrine maiden, they had fewer opportunities to meet, but they never miss to communicate with letters.

Felicia was so lost that she hid her letter and summoned her to the temple.

「Alice, I’m sorry to call you suddenly.」

Felicia who becomes a shrine maiden now speaks with her childhood friend in reverse standpoint.

「No problem. Aren’t we friends? Why do you want to meet with me in a hurry?」

Alice who is talking in a man like language, also looks like a beautiful young man of noble birth.

There is a reason for this. To follow after Felicia, she became a knight apprentice at the capital when she was 12 years old. She also has a good temperament so she immediately was able to adapt to the male soceity of knights. Her language has also changed.

After six years, she officially became a formal knight and is now drawing attention as a promising young knight.

It seems that her popularity with women seems to be greater than with men in the capital.

Felicia told Alice the contents of the Oracle,without hiding anything, that she did not report.

Alice was surprised, but she said, “Well, it’s very unlike you. But, what do you want me to do with that?”.

Felicia asked Alice to visit the “tower” and asked her to check the situation.

「It’s all right, it’s a favor from you. However, I also have a duty as a regular knight, so what should I do?」

「I’ll try to do something about it.」

Felicia uses her authority as the shrine maiden of oracle. She had received permission to send Alice to a nearby village from the tower.

To use the prestige of a shrine maiden for a private purpose, this was the first time for her.



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