Chapter 47 – To the Border City!



To stop the war against Transylvania dukedom.

We visited the city of Lauren, the city bordering the dukedom.

「So this is the City of Lauren.」

The zombie margrave originally governed this city but it was annihilated when monsters attack once.

Though the scar of the city is indeed deep, Earl Brynie who became the new lord of Lauren comes from a prestigious aristocratic family and is very rich, restored the town but only the surrounding defensive wall and the castle.

「The city seems to be bustling.」

The number of citizen who has returned is few, but the number of soldiers is large.

If the war resumes in the border city, there will also be active merchants who consider it as a business opportunity.

The eyes of the weapon merchants are shining with gold. They are at the square selling potion, weapons, and rations. There is a pecuRiar, suspicious vigor.

As a merchant like them, I wanted to tell my cousins to work hard.

「It seems that Count Lauren will meet you.」

When I went to the castle, an unfriendly maid gave me a response.

I also told them that I’m not alone, Princess Silhouette is with me so it is rude for that man to  not greet us at the front door.

As we proceeded through the red carpet of the beautifully repaired castle, an ossan with neatly braided long black hair who doesn’t use a pin and pointed black moustache is waiting in the back.

He’s wearing a jet black armor that is finely decorated with thin metal. It is aesthetically great but that armor is not practical. On his waist is an excessively decorated treasure sword.

It’s out of place in a battlefield and is like wearing money itself. I guess he’s really from a prestigious noble family. He also have make-up in his face although he’s a man. Though he’s dressed elegantly, he’s shabby and stinky.

Also, though I doesn’t know enough about fashion, why is he wearing a red beret hat indoor? It’s like Osomatsu-kun’s sarcasm.

「Welcome to my castle hero-dono, Princess Silhouette. I am Earl Brynie Lauren Blanc ojaru. To go that fast when travelling to a such a remote region ojarunou. Is it because of the recent border dispute(that is not solved yet) ojaruka?」

「Thank you, Earl Brynie……. I came here to stop the war.」

Is that how you show sarcasm Earl Brynie? What’s with ojaru?

Well, he does have that strange appearance that is not suitable for welcoming and his eyebrow certainly looks Maro slightly.

I don’t think someone like you looks like a court noble of this country.

Or some noble from a prestigious family.

Earl Brynie is the frontline commander of the battle with the Transylvania Dukedom.

He is from a distinguished noble family, the commander of the 2nd corps, and had a lot of knights. He is also the first in the list of the hard-liner’s faction.

If I want to stop the war with Transylvania, I need to stop this troublesome ojaru first.

「To stop the war? I cannot believe the words of the brave after annihilating the knight order of Transylvania ojaru.」

TN: He refers Takeru as eiyu instead of yusha in this line

「It is natural to repulse them if the other side attacked. However, it is another story if the attack came from this place.」

「Nohohoho, certainly, “the hero will not take part of an invasion war”. Those are sweet words coming from the hero. In the world of knights, if someone took something from you, you must retort and not just lick your enemies ojaru! 」

「This is what we do ojaru!」

Knights you say, but you’re an ojaru man.

Indeed, even if you have a decent fighting power, I won’t let you treat me as a coward cause I’m a man.

Do it if you can, if not, have someone else do it. I know this is what you mean.

But this is a real fantasy that if you are cut with a sword, your flesh will split and you’ll spout blood and die.

If you attack back because you were attacked, it will continue until the point that one side is extinct.

「Nohahaha, did you bite your tongue hero-dono? I hold military authority as the border commander, so to speak, I am a monarch ojaruyo. If you’re not here to support the war, please go down to a place where I can’t see you because you’ll get in the way ojaru.」

Though I’m telling him to stop, Earl Brynie doesn’t seem to listen.

Lyle-sensei stepped forward and  speak with the earl.

「Earl, perhaps, you were seduced by the magician in black robe to make that decision to attack?」

「Nuho? How do you know that ojaru….?」

Lyle-sensei hits a critical spot of the earl.

After all, Kaara is the one pulling the string.

「That black magician is a demonkin woman named Kaara who transformed into a human being. Gale, who released the seal of the miasma hole of doom and raised the coup d’etat, was also seduced by that black magician.」

「Are you saying that I am being manipulated like Gale ojaruka?」

Earl’s complexion has worsened indeed.

Well, it is regrettable to be compared to a traitor like Gale.

「Yes, the attack of Transylvania Dukedom is also an evil plot of that demonkin. If you attack the dukedom now, it would be convenient for her. It is impolite to say but, you are being manipulated by that demonkin.」

「Certainly, such a black magician came here.」


「No, attacking the dukedom now is my will ojaru. The Transylvania dukedom is now weak ojaru. Now is the best chance to attack and conquer it ojaruyo! 」

Even if you already know that this is a plot of that demonkin you’ll still go for it?

You just want to go to war.

「I think that Earl also knows but, the dukedom is being backed up by the germania empire. If you win and invade deep to the dukedom, the empire will hit back. His excellency will also encounter the same fate of the knight corps of Transylvania. 」


You can’t win against Lyle-sensei in a verbal arguement.

「You imprudent commoner! I came from a noble lineage of the founding King Renz! You should keep that in mind ojaru!」

Oh, because you lose an argument you’ll use the noble lineage template?

This Earl Brynie, though he came from a prestigious noble family, he is shallow.

「Earl, I am an adviser to his Excellency the Regent. It is a position of Lord of State Affairs. As someone who was entrusted with the kingdom’s administration, I believe my words are the will of the hero and the princess.」

Lyle-sensei, did you become someone great before I was aware?

The overwhelmed Earl Brynie was speechless.

「Maa, Prime Minister Nicolas has given me military authority as the border commander ojaru. It is impossible for anyone to complain about how I move my army!」

「Really? You’re saying that in front of Her Majesty Princess Silhouette and Regent Takeru-sama?」

「Well ojaru. This is bad ojaru!」

「It isn’t bad. However, if you move the army without permission and lose, you should prepare for your disposition at that time and be resolute.」

Now that Lyle-sensei dealt with him, we left the castle immediately.

Oh, didn’t we came here to stop the war sensei?

「To tell you the truth, Earl Brynie’s complaint is also natural. If your territory was invaded, it is natural to launch a counteroffensive.」

「Yes, it is.」

No, I mustn’t say it like that.

Seriously, I’m talking about the anti-war theory to the other party.

「Takeru-dono was good in it. The other side will not be able to retract later. As for Kaara, she’s probably embarrassed suffering a crushing defeat in a full scale war but it is probably in a scale of putting a nail.」

「Is that so…?」

Sensei is in black mode as usual.

「If Earl Brynie wins, to the degree of not being annihilated, it will be good for everyone. If he will be defeated stupidly, it will be a good chance to crush the leading figure of the Prime Minister’s party.」


Sensei is much blacker than the black magician demonkin.

Well, I did not want to become involved in war between human nations anyway.

「We just found out the relationship of Earl Brynie and Kaara. It was worth coming to the city of Lauren. If we make a list of hard liners and look it up, we might finally follow that advance magician’s footsteps.」

Learning that a demonkin has disguised as a human, we make letters with her description and launch a great search for her in Silesie.

If Kaara falls, sensei will caught her tail.

Well, she’s someone who would like to wage war selfishly.

Because the pitiful Viscount Ortholet was involved, I need only to send goods to the City of Spike to harden its defense.

I turned my back on the direction where the war with Transylvania began.

It decided to return to my territory.

—Scene Change—

We came back to the city of Ox.

I send woods and building stones as supply for the revival of the neighboring city of Spike. Saltpeter was being sent from Oracle’s Great Cave which has become a large production plant of it.

In addition, there is also distribution of consumer goods. The highway bustled with transport shuttle.

Sharon and the others are also very busy with work at the company.

「Master, it will be a good move to move the company base to Ox. The Lauren region has a considerable sales of arms and supplies.」

「I feel like I’m making profit because of war demands. It doesn’t feel very good.」

However, I’m not foolish enough to miss this opportunity because of guilt. Sell what is selling.

I am also concerned about the reconstruction of the city of Spike but in a business manner not like what I feel with the city of Ox.

The reason why I chose Ox as my residence is because of the large bed and large bath that I inherited from the zombie baron.

Not because the miasma hole of doom is near.

The demon king’s revival, instigating war between countries, releasing the seal of the miasma hole of doom; these are what Kaara did.

Her hands can already be seen.

Once again, Kaara will repeat an event like the one with Gale.

It will be the final decisive battle with that woman.

Besides, before me is a pervert sister who sticks with me. She doesn’t leave the vicinity of the miasma hole so she’s like a safety valve in case of emergency.

Ria who made me a hero ranked up and became a saint who specialized in holy alchemy. When it comes to sealing the hole, she is the most talented person who can do it.

But why don’t the A-sama church doesn’t let Ria to manage it? I asked that to the saint who reside in the miasma hole. She said that it is a rule of A-sama church that the hero must not separate with his sister.

TN: Remember that there is a building where the nuclear reactor, I mean the miasma hole is. So it means that the saint reside in that building. Also, sister is written in english, it means nun not imouto or anego

「To be honest, most of the saints don’t get a hero, so I envy Ria.」

The white hooded with blue line saintess gets close to me and I suddenly shuddered.

I feel the same quality pressure that Ria is emitting.

As I thought, all the sisters of A-sama church are dangerous.

I will be much troubled if holy stalker increases so I left the miasma hole of doom in a hurry.

Ria often invited me to the church but I don’t want to go unless in extreme circumstances.

Anyway, after the dungeon capture, I obtained strong equipments.

Let’s restore our spirits in preparation for a intense battle with Kaara.

「It’s good! It’s good!」

Oracle who we brought back from the dungeon seems to have not eaten anything decent.

She eats a lot of food that our chef cooked.

「It’s good to eat a lot, here’s another serving of crepe!」

「Haa, another serving please!」

「Don’t be shy, eat as much as you can…」

「Yes yes」

Well, I’m playing with her as promised.

Now, I’ll just wait for Kaara here in the City of Ox.

I have received unexpected news from the kingdom’s capital.

「Takeru-dono, the news indicates that Kaara was captured in the capital….」

「Why is it so anticlimactic?」

This template is far from dramatic.

Therefore, I wonder if this is really a real fantasy.

Even sensei who’s been competing with that advance magician in hiding for a long time is surprised.

When I think about the cunning and evildoing that person made until now, it’s impossible.

Kaara can’t be captured by an ordinary human being.

No, is it a trap? Pretending to be a prisoner, it’s a trap, right?

Does the last battle with us makes her create a sneaky trap?

I’m not going to be fooled. If it’s not, this is an unexpected development.

The capital and the city of Ox are just a stone’s throw away.

We hurried to the capital half in doubt.





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