Saintess Felicia and Princess Sheila First Part

Chapter 4-5


The place where Takeru and the others say they will go to, located in the northern part of the kingdom, the capital city of the Kingdom of Coltberg, Cortoba.

In the continent, the Coltberg Kingdom is counted as one of the great powers. The town of Turku that Takeru and the others made their guild registration to is also part of the kingdom.

The dark forest where the tower is located is not part of any country except certain parts but the other side does not seem to think so.

Many countries believe that the area adjacent to the border is their own territory.

Strictly speaking, the goblin subjugation that occurred in the forest is an event outside the realm of the kingdom. There is an aim to make it appear that it is a problem of the country by giving Takeru a reward.

Using that logic, Takeru’s tower may also seem a possession of the Colberg Kingdom.

Before heading to the capital, I decided to stop by and do some shopping.

I expand my equipments with the gold coin I obtained from the goblin subjugation.

Last time, Eclair and Leiria did not buy anything so I prioritize finding equipment for them.

Eclair bought a steel rapier with no inscription but it is stronger and sharper than her present who’s made of iron. Two gold coins.

Leiria bought a water wand. It has a small water orb attached to it that gives bonus to water attribute magic. Three gold coins.

Feene bought breeze boots that has a slight agility bonus.

It will increase Feene’s power who just got a new talent. One gold coin.

We also purchased potions. It is a popular product with light blue color. The recovery effect is average and it does not seem to be able to cure fatal injury.

This is expensive. One bottle is 80 silver coins.

Takeru’s party doesn’t have a healer so it is decided to have one for each member.

Cortoba is a bustling city with huge buildings befitting as a capital.

Alice recommend Takeru to stay in the inn called Okumatei which is comfortable.

They take two rooms by gender and the price is 12 silver coins per night.

After that, I decided to look around the city until the day of the audience.

When Takeru and the others are travelling towards the capital, in the royal palace, one woman was walking fast to the throne room where the king was.

She has a beautiful dignified face that one knows at glance that she is from a noble family. Her glossy purple hair extends reaching the floor.

If she smiles gently, she will be able to captivate any man’s heart at once, but today she has an unusually clouded expression on her face.

Officials whom she passed by the hallway were surprised and panicked, they clear the way and lower their heads.

She moves into the room with the same momentum

「Father, no , Your Majesty, what is your intention for arresting Felicia?」

That is her opening question to King Roman von Coltberg who’s sitting on the throne.

She, Sheila von Coltberg is the king’s daughter, is the first princess of the Kingdom of Coltberg.

「Sheila, calm down and listen to the circumstances.」

「How can I calm down? What kind of sin did Felicia commit?」

「We are looking into it now, Sheila-sama.」

The man who had been meeting with the king until a while ago, Delius, answered on the king’s behalf.

「We are looking into it now, Sheila-sama.」

「Lord Delius, is this your work? Withdraw your order right away and release her.」

「Sheila-sama, I’m afraid I can’t do that. Saintess Felicia Artian may have concealed the voice of God.」

「What was that? Felicia can’t do such a thing.」

「I’m afraid to say princess-sama, but the saintess refused to take the “question of judgement”. I was forced to detain her.」

“Question of Judgement”, one will be asked to answer a YES/NO question. It is possible to judge the truth because the body of the suspect glows red when lying.

However, in order to do this, the consent of the suspect is required.

If Felicia is not hiding anything, there is no reason to reject the “question of judgement”.

「In the first place, concealing an information she obtained by an oracle, where did you get that information?」

「That is…」

「Please answer Lord Delius. This is a serious national affair. You are not permitted to conceal the source of information.」

Felicia is a shrine maiden of oracle, a well-known individual in the kingdom. If the revered saintess was charged for treason, there is no doubt that havoc will occur in the country.

King Roman also agrees with Sheila and urges him.

「The source of information is … Priest Kunze.」

「What? That person who grew fat because of avarice….(Kohon). Anyway, your majesty, Priest Kunze is a person who’s constantly accuse of bad rumors, accusations of such a man cannot be trusted. You should release Felicia at once.」

Sheila scolds herself who has become too hot and directly appeal to his father, the king.

「Princess-sama, I’m afraid that the accusation was done in formal procedure so it can’t be overturn easily.」

The king cannot disregard the law readily.

Sheila who also know about it can only bit her lips.


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