Saintess Rescue

Chapter 4-7


Felicia is detained in a room in the royal palace. The security is relatively lax because the saintess is not expected to escape.

Alice takes the lead and advances in the royal palace.

Of course she’s wearing a hood so no one can see her face.

Even though it was nighttime, it is strange that they never encountered a single person. Takeru’s party arrived in front of the room where Felicia is detained.

Alice took off her hood and showed her face to the two guards standing in front of the room.

The guards nodded silently and opened the door of the room.

It seems that Princess Sheila’s preparation is perfect.

Felicia hugs Alice when she entered the room.

「Alice, I’m sorry for everything that happened.」

Felicia apologizes while shedding tears.

「Felicia, it’s good that you’re safe. By the way, I brought them here.」

Alice shows her to Takeru and others.

「Takeru-sama and his companions, I am Felicia Artian. I’m truly sorry for causing you trouble this time.」

Felicia lowers her head deeply as soon as she introduces herself.

「I’m Takeru, well, don’t worry about it.」

「I’m Eclair, so you’re the shrine maiden.」

「Fee, Feene nanodesu.」


「It’s Ordega.I am honored to meet the shrine maiden of oracle.」

Ordega is unusually polite.  He might be a hidden shrine maiden fan.

「Takeru, we don’t have much time. Soon….」

As Alice said, Takeru decides to escape from the royal palace hastily with Felicia.

「Felicia, I will stay here. Takeru, please take care of her.」

「You too, take care. Let’s meet again somewhere. Takeru, please protect Felicia.」

Two people exchanged embrace while crying.

I’m worried about Alice staying here, but I hope Sheila will do well.

Takeru and others take Felicia and sneak out of the palace. They have disappeared to the capital under the cover of the darkness of the night.

The next day, the capital was wrapped in clamor with the rumor of the disappearance of the shrine maiden of oracle.

The royal palace announced that “Felicia has a deteriorating condition and needs to recuperate for a while”. The rumor going around the capital are “She was abducted by someone”, “She escaped fearing the punishment”, and they even say that “She was already executed”.

As the attention in the capital gathers in the case of Felicia, there is an announcement that “the audience ceremony of the hero of the goblin subjugation was canceled”, although it hardly attracts attention.


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