Grim Reaper Battle Arc

Chapter 4-9


After leaving the capital, Takeru felt a threatening glance.

However, due to the possibility that pursuers from the capital will catch up, he gave priority of taking Felicia to the tower fast.

In the evening of the second day after leaving the capital, as they are proceeding in the highway while not standing out, Takeru’s danger sense send him red signal as he felt an unpleasant presence on their back.

「Be careful everyone, I feel something ominous. 」

At the moment when he called out to his companions, several arrows flew from the nearby woods.

「Wind! 」Eclair sets up a defensive wall of wind immediately. The arrows fell.

Then fire bullets flies on their direction successively,”Leave it to me.” Leiria shots them down with water bullets of aqua barrett.

The adventurers party “Grim Reaper” emerges from the forest.

A man holding a gladius with both hands, Gaine steps forward.

The distance to the next town is considerable to escape. Takeru immediately decided to engage.

「The warrior in front seems to be the leader. I’ll hold him down. Everyone protect Felicia.」

Takeru precedes and heads for Gaine. Gaine thought that Ordega will come and was surprised that Takeru is the one who’ll face him.

「My opponent is a kid? Are you making fun of me?」

Gaine wields his sword and raise it in the upper left due to his anger. Takeru parries his attack and strikes back.

「What!」Gaine jumps backwards and barely dodge.

「Kid」Gaine immediately changed his evaluation for Takeru.

He cannot let his guard down with this opponent.

Meanwhile, the rear guard Eclair is having a magical battle.

The dark elf spirit user Chantal, who’s targeting Eclair right from the beginning, casted air tornado but Eclair counters it with Air Strike.

Their wind magic competed for a while but soon, Eclair’s upper tier wind magic swallows the wind of the enemy.

「Damn, what is that?」

Chantal rolled to dodge the tornado advancing her way.

All air barretts that Chantal shoots were countered by Eclair with the same magic.

Eclair now shoots bullets of wind and Chantal tries to counter it the same way. Eclair has the upper hand in terms power and number of shots so several hits Chantal.

「GUUEE」Chantal falls down and vomits blood. For the second time, Eclair shots air strike.

This time, she was not able to avoid it. The dark elf danced in the air and was flung against the ground. She stopped moving.

Eclair and Chantal, they are both silver class adventurers. However, the power of Eclair who gained new skills with the aid of the tower has risen and by no means inferior even compared to a gold class.

Shantal who has just become a silver class has no chance of winning from the beginning.

White and dark elf, their battle was disappointing, and Eclair was declared the victor.

Fire bullets released by Vikbart are all shot down by Leiria with water bullets.

Comparing the skill of the two magicians, Vikbart is overwhelming.

However, his skill structure is centered on fire attribute with added dark attribute. His compatibility is bad with Leiria who skills are centered on water attribute.

Therefore, the offense and defense of the two of them is almost even. Vikbart is a veteran adventurer so he’s calmly looking through the opponent’s ability.

If the power is equal, he should overcome it with time.

His level is higher than Leiria. Of course, the amount of magical power too. He’s aiming to cut out the opponent’s magical power by constantly attacking.

「Dark arrow」a guidable black magic arrow targets Leiria.

Leiria defended against it using Aqua Wall.

Vikbart increases the number of fire bullets he release and also added more magical power to each.

LeiRia also increases the number of water bullets accordingly.

And dark arrow again.

Repeating these battles several times, “Ha ha” Leiria is slowly catching her breath. Her inferiority in both physical strength and magical power is showing.

Vikbart continues to pressure by chanting faster.

(This is strange. She should have run out of magical power long ago.)

A never ending exchange of magic. Contrary to his expectations, his magical power starts to run out.

(How did it become like this?)

Vikbart made a mistake in his calculation.

Leiria is indeed a lower level magician compared to him.

Her common talent “the person loved by water” gives bonus to water attribute magic.

However, the extraordinary qualities that Leiria has begun to show a glimpse of the next stage.

Not only Feene but Leiria is also awakening her new talent.

Finally, Vikbarts magical power was exhausted first.

He noticed that he’s being bounded by water with aqua ring. There is now easy to prevent this since Vikbart has run out of magical power.

「GUUAA」Vikbart receives damage from aqua ring and loses his consciousness.

Monster tamer Boumia targeted Feene. She’s a good prey for someone who’s using a black wolf.

What does a monster tamer originally use? It is a monster captured and is trained by love and discipline by a monster tamer.

By using both carrot and stick properly, the monster and tamer will build up mutual trust and eventually, instructions can be given.

It is a job that few chose due to high degree of difficulty.

However, it is different in the Empire in the west where Boumia grew up. They strengthen monsters with drugs and magic. In short, brainwashing.

As a result, monsters can only perform simple instructions, but they can put them in control in a short period of time.

The Black Wolf of the Boumia has is originally a D class monster, but has power close to C due to strengthening.

The black wolf attacks Feene as instructed.

On the other hand, Feene was hesitant.

Although it was an enemy, she’s hesitant to attack the monster that is just being manipulated.

But when she saw the eyes of the approaching black wolf, she understood.

(Those eyes already ….)

In the eyes of the Black wolf, there was no reason for living.

It was polluted by drugs, and it became an existence that only attacks the enemy in front its eyes as ordered.

Even though she hesitated, Feene made a decision.

By increasing her level to 20 and her tail, Feene’s physical ability, which is originally high, elevated further.

She dodges the fangs of the wolf and casted the third tier magic frost flame at close range.

The wolf which took the flame burns out. Although Feene’s power is still immature, she’s comparable to an intermediate adventurer.

A monster tamer who lost its monster is worthless. Boumia was knocked down by the fire bullets that Feene shoots.

The dagger user Erukki disappeared.

However, he did not really disappear. He used a skill called “silent move”.

It is possible to approach the enemy by not being sensed as you move.

He had done many assassination missions in this way by incorporating movement skills that are suitable for assassination.

This time, he will aim for Felicia from behind Takeru’s party who’s concentrating on battle.

She approached the saintess at the very limit and dashed.

「Poison stab!」just before Felicia receives the dagger imbued with poison, Ordega interrupts with his shield.

Up to now, Ordega was perplexed since he was entrusted to be a shield by his party.

He was originally Leiria’s escort but his skill structure is mainly focused on attacks.

He was not used to fight with shields.

But this party has a mysterious attacker named Takeru so he should put effort and not be negligent on his role.

Although he was not able to sense the assassin’s movement, he was able to move his shield to block Erukki’s dagger.

Preventing his blow, Erukki decided to eliminate Ordega.

Utilizing the abundance of the number of hands, he tries to lunge another dagger to a place with no shield.

Erukki is a silver class and Ordega is a copper class. Erukki is better in simple comparison.

However, he specializes in surprise attack so his battle style is not suitable for face to face fighting.

On the other hand, although Ordega has registered as an adventurer not too long ago, he is a veteran warrior belonging to a soldier corps. There was no reason to be defeated by the assassin in a fair and square, one on one fight.

He repel the first dagger with a shield and the second one with a sword. The enemy tries to prevent the sword with one hand but his power is insufficient so he receives damage from his dagger.

Ordega used shield smash and hits the body of his opponent.

Erukki was blown off and fainted.


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