Grim Reaper Conclusion

Chapter 4-10



The enemy leader facing Takeru, Gaine, felt a strange fear.

Although the level of the enemy is unknown, his ability with sword is slightly above…. but he cannot deal a finishing blow.

Even if he force his way with his sword ability, Takeru bounces back with his high physical ability.

Depending on the nature of an individual, physical ability is generally proportional to his level.

(It is impossible for this kid to be a higher level than me.)

The level 29 Gaine is in the upper rank of silver class.

In addition, his skills composition is an specialization on interpersonal combat as consideration of his assassination duty.

There was no reason for Gaine, who is better with human combat than monster, to fall behind in a one on one battle.

However, Gaine and Takeru and having an even battle without using skills.

(Is this the sword skill of a first-class swordsman?)

For the first time, Takeru found an opponent he can fight with his all strength. He’s learning a lot from this battle.

Aura Circle is too powerful to be used to other people.

Even under such circumstances, Takeru is receiving a new battle style, other than using aura, by receiving Gaine’s skill.

Takeru could afford to enjoy this fight.

On the other hand, Gaine realized his own lapse in judgement when he saw all his companions were done in.

Babel was an unnamed but a powerful party.

(At the very least I’ll bury this kid.)

His desire became impatience, Gaine’s sword started to deviate a little.

The battle of Gaine and Takeru is also reaching a conclusion.

「This is impossible, to become like this. Who the hell are you, kid?」

「Well, I just joined the guild. Me and my party haven’t done something big yet.」

「You have no class? It is impossible for a no class to compete with me.」

「Well, I think I’m one of those nonstandard.」

Takeru evades and does not answer Gaine’s question.

Felicia is under his custody so he can’t afford to be known there.

「Being playful huh.」

It seems that Gaine take it as an insult and heats up further.

Gaine unleashed his trump card, a sword technique called Coltar Strike.

A ruthless technique that will cut off Takeru’s hands and legs.

On the other hand, Takeru also use his only technique for the first time, Triple Strike.

The sword skills clashed…. Gaine’s sword was flicked off.

Gaine’s head was strike in its crown while he’s having a surprised face. Takeru controlled his sword to only beat him and the enemy fainted.

Having defeated the national rank party “Grim Reaper” led by Gaine, Takeru’s party hurried to the tower.


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