Chapter 49 – Let’s Stop the War!



「Have you called for me National Father Takeru-sama? 」

「The previous one is good so please stop calling me that unreasonable title right now.」

We’re at a living room in Ox, or better call it a strategy conference room.

It is good that Kaara came early when I called for her but is she still dragging last night’s event?

「Haa, I’m sorry Demonkin’s Father Takeru-sama! 」

「It looks like the curse slave crest is not working…. 」

What I’m telling you is to stop calling me father.

How can you call me father if I don’t even have a child?

Being called General Choro or Merchant Hero is a hundred times much better!

「Umu…. Then, Father-sama? 」


Is the Demon King Curse Slave Contract with Kaara too loose?

Having doubts about the effect, I looked at Oracle.

「Since Takeru made such a loose contract, it can not be helped, Father.」

「Oracle is also annoying!」

It seems that the talk is not going forward.

「Excuse me, please order me as you see fit.」

「I’d like to borrow your wisdom in order to stop the war with Transylvania.」

It is Kaara that fueled both Transylvania Dukedom and Kingdom of Shirezie to wage war.

I thought that you might be able to stop it since you’re the one who cause it.

「If it can be done, it might be able to stop the war.」

「Hou, let’s hear it for now.」

Kaara points at the strategy map sensei spreads and explains.

「Well, in the hinterland of the Transylvania Dukedom’s capital city, Bullsale, there is a semi-forgotten miasma pool known as a gate of hell, the “Demon’s Gate”.」

「Indeed, if we unseal it, we’ll stop the war.」

「Exactly. The Demon’s Gate is comparable to the Miasma Hole of Doom although it’s miasma of that pool is less than a fifth. If monsters were abnormally generated at the back of the capital, even the dukedom who has a deep scar of war will not be able to continue the war.」


That solution is very demon like.

Or rather, it will cause another problem.

The hero opened the gate of hell and sold his soul to the demons.

This is indeed, doing anything you can. After all, I should not say that.

「What do you think sensei? 」

「I just don’t like that it’s Kaara’s idea but since we have an expert on sealing the miasma hole of doom, it seems like a good idea. If we negotiate with the condition of the hero will seal the Demon’s Gate, the enemy will accept a cease-fire immediately.」

If we go to seal it immediately after the end of the war, the damage will not grow so much.

There will be fewer sacrifices if you think about the border dispute that will continue for a long time.

As expected of the imprudent Lyle-sensei and demonkin Kaara.

They understand practical reasoning.

「Ria, what do you think? Am I such a bad hero?」

「Well, as for me, I’ll just follow Takeru’s decision. In the A-sama church, it is more problematic that the hero go through the saint and take a demonkin girl to bed.」

「We’re not talking about that right now!」

Or rather, I’m talking about that there will be surely victims if monster spawns.

Do you understand it seriously?

「Should I make it good for Takeru? Are you going to overlook the war where a lot of people will surely die just to not dirty your hands? Or are you prepare to dirty your hands in order to save the soldier and the people from the war? Regardless of your choice, your saint will not leave your side until she dies.」

Ria’s blue eyes reflects my appearance with a depth like the sea.

Even if she heard the talk about opening the Demon’s Gate, the saint can still smile.

Ria already has resolution when she say her honest feeling.

For your support, I wish to express my gratitude.

「I understand. Kaara, we’re going to remove the seal of the Demon’s Gate. Sensei, please prepare for diplomatic negotiations to stop the war. It’s a game of speed.」

「As your will!」

「I understand, I’ll do my best.」

Another seal will break again, the Demon’s Gate.

My army boast of two major strategist, a grand self-writing and self-playing started.

—Scene Change—

The covered wagon we’re riding is overcrowded. We head to the border of Transylvania dukedom using it.

Kaara entered the dukedom in advance to unseal the Demon’s Gate.

The dukedom was frightened with the large amount of monsters that surge to the dukedom’s capital Bullsale. With a “Perfect timing for some reason”, the State Secretary of Silesie who was given full diplomatic power, Lord Lyle, came to negotiate. It is the scenario that means the end of the war will come.

Leading the second corps knights, Earl Brynie of Lauren keeps on attacking the dukedom without permission.

Since they obtain victory, we can’t say anything.

Indeed, this is a time to don’t think about the parent and child feud. Prime Minister Nicolas was requested for his cooperation.

Lyle-sensei is willing to sacrifice if there is a need to.

「It’s a big responsibility…」

I have decided to prepare.

For a real fantasy, this ending is disappointing.

When our covered wagon approached the border, we were able to join with Kaara who flew in the sky using flight magic.

「Since peace negotiations have already been successful, Takeru-sama will only have to come the the dukedom’s capital Bullsale.」

「It’s awfully early. Why does Kaara know the outcome of the negotiation?」

「I also have an information network in Transylvania Dukedom.」

「As expected of a demonkin strategist.」

That being said, Kaara has a proud look on her face.

「If the negotiations did not go well and we enter deep on the dukedom’s territory, won’t we be encircled by soldiers and get attacked?」

「Takeru-sama, even if you’re only in a covered wagon, you are accompanied by a saint and a warrior with significant level. I don’t think half hearted soldiers will put a hand on you.」

I see. If you say so.

「Then let’s go hastily to the Demon’s Gate. Ria will seal it immediately and then let’s go home.」

「Hmm, Kaara, did I say anything funny?」

Somehow, I was worried because she was laughing like she heard something funny.

「No, I just find it funny that the thing I had prepared to defeat a human country would be used to stop the war.」

「I feel sorry for Kaara.」

「No, it’s strange that I don’t feel bad. I now know why Takeru-sama took a demonkin like me to be at his side.」

「I somehow feel heavy.」

「I’m looking forward to the future. I’m sure Takeru-sama’s child will have the aptitude of a demon king.」

「As you say.」

Though it’s a mere misunderstanding, if it will make Kaara obediently work for me, it’s convenient.

Although it ended in peace, I do not want to stay long in other countries.

Because I feel guilty about making my own self-made performance, I want to proceed as unnoticeable as possible.

We pretended to be a free merchant caravan and go straight to the capital city of Bullsale.

As for me, I wanted to be like Kaara who can fly. It takes more than three days for one way to go there by a wagon.

If we go straight, we’ll enter the battlefield where Earl Brynie’s troops and the dukedom’s army are staring each other. Because we need to take a detour, it’ll take more time.

By the way, flying magic seems to be quite difficult, and it is impossible unless you’re an intermediate magician specializing in it or an advance magician.

Even Lyle-sensei can’t fly.

「I can also fly. Kaara seems to be using human magic but it is relatively easier to fly using demon magic.」

That said, Oracle-chan really floats from the top of the wagon.

It is lovely to see that girl floats softly but I want you to stop because flying in the highway will make us stand out.

It seems that demonkin’s magic is some sort of black art which a few flying monsters can use.

I’m very interested in flight magic but it’s too conspicuous to fly.

「It’s a territory of another country, so I don’t want you stand out.」

「I’m sorry. However, human travel has a lot of leisure time.」

Not really. Everyone in the covered wagon is doing something like maintaining weapons, and making paper cartridge.

Because Sharon is the head of the company, she reads a bunch of reports and send them back after checking as we travel. She’s like a career woman already.

On the other hand, I, as the master of the company, am reading the progress of rifle making from the smiths.

The canon already has rifling though it is at an experimental stage.

Theoretically, they can make it a rifle by making it smaller. I doubt that it’s slightly strange.

(By the way, in the case of a breechloading type, the structure becomes more complicated because it requires a gunpowder container. Mass production is difficult because the gunner’s risk increases. It seems that it will remain as a prototype even at the present.)

Lyle-sensei, who’s giving the direction of the development, judge that strengthening the war potential of cannons is the priority.

Though the rifle is a man’s romance, it can’t be helped because of sensei’s judgement…

Kaara seems to be busy, and flew away again somewhere. Oracle-chan seems to be playing.

Well, I lay down as I threw out the documents.

It looks like Oracle-chan judged that I also have spare time as she glance at me.

「Naa, Takeru. If you’re free, I’ll grab you and fly.」

「Eh, really?」

Oracle-chan hold my back and fly away from the covered wagon. It was dangerous.

「Oh, this is amazing!」

「Naa, it’s nice to fly in the sky! 」

The dry wind feels good as it blows against my cheek!

As we rises high in the sky, the wilderness extends all over to the other side. Beyond that you can see the village and the city surrounded by wheat fields.

I can’t see the sea, but you can look over the mountain range over there.

This floating feeling and a sense of dashing, boils after a long time!

「Hahaha, you’re not conspicuous, aren’t you?」

「Naanaa Oracle. Can I cut in the sky? The sky limit!」

Using Oracle-chan as a rocket engine, we dived from the sky. I take out the sword of light and cut off the enemy.

Wonderful, this is going to be a new special move!

My chunibyo blood is boiling!

「Master! Oracle! Stop it!」

Ah, Sharon who’s in the covered wagon is angry.

「I’m sorry, Oracle. We’re done for the day.」

「That’s right …」

The gentle Sharon does not usually get angry but she’s scary when she gets angry occasionally.

Because she comes in a completely reasonable way, I can’t object.

The union flight training, let’s do it at night…….

—Scene Change—

Finally, the long wagon travel has reached its last stage. We’re approaching the dukedom’s capital, Bullsale.

Somehow, I thought that I saw a person flying from a distant place. It was Lyle-sensei who was being carried by Kaara.

「Thank you, I haven’t seen you for a long time……」

「Thank you for your hard work.」

Sensei seems to be exhausted and seemed to be feeling sick.

Not sure if it’s because he’s not used to flying in the sky or because he dislikes Kaara.

The difference in magical power is blatantly shown, and sensei who has a high pride might have taken considerable damage.

On the other hand, Kaara has a proud looking face that seems like saying 「I’m more useful.」.

「The negotiations went well. Was it already reported by Kaara…?」

「Yes, I have reported it.」

Sensei  who usually does not expose her emotions is openly looks terribly sulky.

Sensei, recover your mood!

「The walls of Bullsale are surrounded by hordes of monsters from the Demon’s Gate. While besieging it, they are in a state of waiting to be rescued by the hero.」

「Really? Then, let’s do it.」

Originally, it was a seed that I sowed.

Although it stops the useless war, I feel sorry for the people of the dukedom.

Transylvania Dukedom, when you see what’s surrounding the wall of its capital Bullsale, I clearly understood how serious it is.

The horde of monsters surrounding the capital is a considerable number.

Even with just the monsters biting the wall of the capital, they are probably at least 200 or 300. No, there are more than 500.

After the troops were dispatched to the front line in the war, it is revealed that this castle is rendered helpless and can only accept the siege.

「Hey Kaara. Is this really about one-fifth of the miasma hole of doom?」

「It seems that more miasma has accumulated than I thought.」

Come on, please be firm.

Anyway, let’s avoid Bullsale, my target is the Demon’s Gate that is at the base of the steep Rocky Mountain.

We seemed to have been noticed and a group of monsters came towards our wagon.

「I’ll open the way.」

Lyle-sensei who’s wearing arowbe stood in the wagon and began chanting spell.

「Lyle Laertius orders the heavens and the earth, barking waterfall, crying wind, crumbling earth, destroy your enemies with their power!」

An intermediate-level large-scale magic, spiral hurricane, was casted by Lyle-sensei after a long time!

Wind attribute, water attribute, and earth attribute was unleashed all at once. A huge water tornado has systematically swept the herd of orcs and opened a way for our wagon to run.

Sensei seems to have a remarkable power today.

「Oh, is that it? 」

Kaara raised both her hands while making such a rude remark towards sensei.

「Kaara Demonia Demonics commands the atmosphere, by the wave of the invisible air, blow off all the harm doing enemies! 」

An earthquake happened and even our wagon shakes.

I feel the distortion by which air is shrinking firm. Immediately after that, a tremendous shock wave was released around Kaara.

The crowd of monsters around, BUJU! , altogether with a loud flashy sound, was blown off.

The shock wave that was shot with the speed of sound, makes our wagon shakes and leaves nothing around it.

「You idiot! You’re overdoing it Kaara! 」

「That was rude of me……」

You don’t think you’re rude as you’re standing with a proud look in your face.

I told you not to be conspicuous but that is insanely conspicuous.

Ah, sensei looks depressed.

「Sensei, magic is not about power, it’s about usage.」

「That’s fine, I understand too…」

Cheer up!

「Sensei’s usage is correct. Kaara’s overkill is wasteful.」

「That’s fine, I also…」

「In the meantime, sensei, please go back in the wagon because it’s dangerous if you fall.」

「I don’t think I can say no.」

The rocky wall where the Demon’s Gate is came closer to my eyes but before us.

I have even felt nostalgia as a flock of black dragon wyvern blocked the view.




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