Dungeon Discovery

Chapter 5-3


Takeru’s party repeated such hunting for 10 days.

On that day, when they went further to the depths of the forest as they developed a new map, they found a strange door in a rocky place beneath a low cliff.

It is quite big and has a height about twice the height of Takeru. It has a width which three adults can pass side by side.

When walking for a while in the forest, they heard a rustling sound from the front.

「What is this? Why is there a door in this place?」The surprised Takeru approaches.

「This is and a dungeon. So, the entrance is concealed in such a place…」

「Hawawa, a big door.」

「This is the first time I saw an entrance of a dungeon.」

「It’s pretty big. Will we go inside?」

When we all looked around the door,

「Takeru-san, this is the labyrinth of ox. I feel the danger and the power of the Earth. If we’re going inside, we need sufficient preparation.」

The light disappears from Felicia’s eyes which had been quietly seen up to now. She suddenly begins to say something like a prophecy.

「Oh, my head is fuzzy, did I say something strange?」

「Did I just said an oracle? Even though I’m not in the temple, I can hear God’s voice… 」

The Oracle is given by praying in the Temple of God by someone who believes. Usually, the voice of God shouldn’t be heard in such a forest.

Felicia is also confused because it is the first time she received an oracle outside the temple.

(If Felicia’s right, that fellow…. an ox.)

「Well, we’re not going into the dungeon without any preparation. Let’s return to the tower and decide after consulting with Tifa.」

Takeru returned to the tower and tell Tifa about the dungeon.

「I did not know that there was a dungeon in the neighborhood. I don’t know who made it, but if you are going to challenge it, you need to be prepared enough.」

「What’s inside a dungeon?」

「The interior is usually a labyrinth, and monsters are arranged.」

「What’s the point of putting monster there?」

「It is primarily for the defense of the dungeon. To protect the room of the master in the deepest part of the dungeon. The second is to absorb various energy generated by fighting intruders and monsters in the dungeon.」

「Absorbing energy?」

「That’s right. Dungeons are used to siphon the magic, skills, and even lost lives in combat. And it grows in a bigger dungeon with that as sustenance.」

「Master, don’t put the tower and a dungeon together.」

Tifa is unusually angry with her cheeks puffed.

「Sorry Sorry」

(Tifa is still cute even if she’s angry. Not scary at all.)

「I’ve been in Erin’s dungeon.」


「It is in the city of Erin in the northern part of the continent. It is said to be one of the three great dungeons of the Eurasia continent.」

「It is enormous and considerably wide.」

「There seems to be 50 levels of underground floors. Though the truth is unknown because there is no party that has been there.」

「How far have Eclair gone to?」

「I participate in a party and manage to go to the 23rd level. Still, it was hard cause strong monsters come out.」

「Is there any meaning to challenge it that far?」

「What are you talking about? You’ll get experience, magic cores, and hopefully treasure. A lot of adventurers are challenging it. Well, it’s up to them if they will be able to live well.」

After all a dungeon seems to be a quite dangerous place.

Anyway, we need to prepare, so we asked the residents of the tower to cooperate and decided to arrange food and tools.

We had to go shopping to the town to be able to prepare to challenge the dungeon.


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