To the Depth of the Forest Latter Part

Chapter 5-2


They departed toward the depths of the forest.

However, they decided to not advance so much because A class monster lies hidden in the center.

The strongest monster their party was able to beat is only the B class Caste Serpent.

When walking for a while in the forest, they heard a rustling sound from the front.

「A giant spider. It might have a friend nearby.」

Eclair sets up her bow.

Giant Spider is literally a huge spider monster that is classified as a C class.

Although one is not scary, it tends to act in herds.

The formation is the same as before, Takeru goes forward and attracts enemies, Eclair and the others attack from the rear and Ordega guards them.

If the enemy is alone, there is no problem. Takeru is thinking on how to beat the enemy while trying various sword moves.

Did they feel the presence of people? 5 more spiders appeared.

(Geh, they came out in a stream.)

Two spiders attack Takeru from the back and front. The other three head towards the rear guard.

Ordega steps forward and attracts the enemies with war cry but three is too much.

Eclair pulls her sword and supports him.

「Feene, do it.」

The foxkin girl jumps out.

She moves around the spiders with an incredible speed while firing fire bullets. The enemies are played at.

Feene has awakened a new combat style.

While moving at high speed making full use of the high physical ability pecuRiar to the foxkins, she’s firing magic in rapid succession from short and medium range.

It is a unique way of fighting that only someone like Feene who has high magical power and agility can do.

「Feene is amazing.」while Eclair is is amazed, Leiria supports Ordega with water magic.

Eclair joins too. Ordega managed to defeat one of the spiders.

Although a little late, Takeru manage to kill the second one with aura circle.

After that, Feene managed to get rid of a spider by herself.

「Feene-chan, hold still please.」

When the battle was over,Felicia quickly cast low cure on Feene. Apparently, she seem to have been poisoned by a spider.

Takeru’s party who just defeated five C class monster keep on hunting with the built momentum.

Forest Panther

Aru Mirage

Earth Lizard

Earth Eater

As they advance towards the depths of the forest, monsters are attacking one after another but there is no problem.

No matter how many C class monsters attack, they are not an opponent for Takeru’s party.

Takeru is the vanguard, Eclair, Leiria, and Feene are rear guards, and Ordega is the guardian of the rear guards.

In addition, the long-awaited healer, Felicia joined. The stability of Babel as a party greatly rose.

Proceeding as far as the depth of the forest, a monster like a huge chicken appeared.

「Cockatrice, be careful not to look at its eyes, you can be petrified.」

Cocatrice irradiates strong magical powers from its pupil, causing abnormal status such as paralysis and petrification.

It is a dangerous class B monster.

It moves fast that doesn’t suit its large body.Takeru invokes aura circle and dampens the enemy’s movement.

The cockatrice attacks Takeru with its large beak and claws.

(Fighting it without looking at its eyes is harder than I thought.)

Since he cannot look at the enemy directly, it is difficult to grasp the timing of its attack. Still, Takeru wielded his sword and pokes its beak while dodging.

Eclair backs him up with magic from the rear.

Although he received some damage, Takeru sinks the cockatrice with a single blow.

「Is Takeru-san alright? I’ll heal you now.」

When the battle is over, Felicia immediately comes by and heals him.

「Is Takeru-san alright? I’ll heal you now.」

「Oh great, but it’s a little ticklish.」

His wounds are rapidly cured but Takeru who was healed for the first time is squirming.

「Fufufu, please don’t move.」

Felicia smiles happily.

(As expected, it’s different if there is a healer.)

The hunt was splendid. Takeru’s party who collected plenty of magic cores and materials has returned to the tower in high spirit as the hunt of the day was rounded up.


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