Dungeon Exploration

Chapter 5-4


Takeru’s party, who are now prepared, head down to the cliff where the dungeon is.

When Takeru pushed the door, it made a noise but it was easily opened.

The ceiling inside is shining, although dim, it has sufficient visibility. It seems that we don’t need a torch.

When advancing a little, the path broadened like a room and it was divided.

For the time being, they can’t move forward unless they chose so Takeru chooses the path on the left.

The mapping is left to Leiria.

Takeru is leading, followed by Eclair, Feene, Felicia, and Leiria. Ordega is the tail.

A monster immediately appeared. A giant worm-like monster, Green Crawler.

It is a C-class monster and moves slowly but it has a poison breath attack.

It’s a very easy match for the people present.

While Takeru holds it down, Eclair kills it with magic.

Afterwards, monsters appears occasionally, but they were almost all defeated by Takeru alone.

(It seems that a strong monster won’t appear.)

After walking at the first level for a while, they found a stairway leading down.

「Are we going down from here?」

「Well, it seems that this dungeon is not very wide.」

If this is a big dungeon, the stairs are hard to find.

There are no particular changes in the 2nd level, the monsters that come out are the same.

「Let’s take a break here.」

There was a large open room on the way, so I decided to take an early rest.

It is hard to sense time in the dungeon but it should be evening soon.

Everyone put up a tent, then prepare for dinner.

Although it is in the dungeon, the ceiling is quite high, so it will not be a problem to make fire. It can also ward off monsters.

Surrounding the fire, this is the first time that I spend the night with everyone.

「Is Alice okay?」

Felicia thinks out loud during the meal. She have been worried for a long time.

「Princess Sheila is there so she’s okay.」

「But I think Alice will be charged for the sin of having me escape….」

「The Royal family always prepares a way out when they are driven. That Princess was making a proper plan so there is no problem」

「As expected, it is different when a former princess says it.」

「Former princess … is it?」

「Felicia didn’t know? Leiria is the second princess of the Istria Dukedom.」

「Istria Dukedom….the one who fought against that empire.」

Takeru thinks that it is better for Leiria, the former princess, to tell Felicia about the details.

「Such a terrible thing… is unforgivable. The heartlessness of the empire these days are intolerable.」

Felicia who heard the circumstances is angry like she’s the victim.

Leiria who had quietly watched her

「Felicia, we must take back our homeland. But to do that, I need power… so do you.」

She looks at Felicia’s eyes as if persuading her.

「I understand. I will also train myself here with you. And we’ll surely uncover the mastermind behind this conspiracy.」

It seems that Leiria and Felicia came to an understanding.

After the meal, we decided to take a rest and take turns guarding as pairs.

Eclair and Feene, Leiria and Ordega, then Takeru and Felicia.

Takeru really wants to ask Felicia about something that’s why he paired with her.

「Felicia, you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, but why didn’t you report the oracle about our tower?」

「That…, to be honest, I don’t understand well either. However, when I receive the oracle, I felt like I should not tell it to anyone yet.」

「The oracle was sent by a god that Felicia believes in, right?」

「Well, yes, from the goddess Papier that we believe in.」

「Goddess Papier…」

「She is one pillar of the six great gods who control the fertility of the earth and life. She is also the main god of the Kingdom of Coltberg. Don’t you know?」


「Fufufu. That is strange for Takeru-san who is the owner of the tower.」

Felicia laughs when Takeru seems to be troubled.

「Is it strange for the owner of the tower to not know about the goddess?」

「It is. The tower is said to be given to the most promising believer by the goddess Wenusura. Goddess Wenusura is the one who controls love and hope, she’s also one pillar of the six great gods.」

(Yaba, I didn’t know that the goddess of the tower was Wenusura. I should have listened to Tiffa properly. )

「Papier and Wenusura are said to be in a friendly relationship. Perhaps it is related to this oracle.」

「Hmm, so that’s what it is. But thank you, Felicia, for protecting us.」

「N..no, it’s okay. Something like that …」

Felicia, who was thanked by Takeru face to face, has her cheeks dyed red and looks down.

I’m wondering why I feel restless if I meet Takeru’s eyes. My heart is also beating faster.

Not just when I talked with Takeru but also when I first met him.

When I was about to be crushed by fear when I was detained in the royal palace, Takeru came to pick me up.

That time, I glanced at Takeru and thought “Yes, it is for this person.”.  As I remember that, my heart got lighter.

(I have never felt something like this when I was in the temple. A strange feeling but I don’t dislike it. I’ll let it flow a little more and stay with Takeru-san…)

Having treated as a saintess, it was the first time she talked with a man of the same generation.

Therefore, Felicia herself was not sure of her own feelings.


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