Dungeon Exploration Boss Arc

Chapter 5-5


On the second day of the dungeon exploration, Takeru’s party manage to dive in the fifth level.

A big door came into view ahead of the path. This is the first time they see a beautiful decorated door in the dungeon.

「Be careful, a door like this is usually the entrance to the room of the floor boss.」

Eclair says as she reminisce the dungeon she challenged before.

When Takeru opened the door carefully, the other side of the door was a large room.

After that, as if waiting, a giant monster appears.

Its height is more than twice the height of Takeru, has muscles of a trained warrior, and has a club in one hand that is a large as a human torso.

Its head is like a bull and has a splendid black horn.


(It was as predicted by Felicia)

Minotaur is a strong enemy who is a higher rank B class monster.

「Everyone, leave it to me.」

Takeru head out alone however, he did not activate Aura Circle.

Takeru thought that it will be a good opponent for sword combat hence, he will not use magic.

The Minotaur is swinging the club with great momentum.

Takeru dodges it and in addition, he moves closer to it. With his sword, he slashed down the enemy from top to bottom.

The enemy received it with the club and gives another blow.

(Unlike the game, you can’t just use brute force. I have to think about combinations more and don’t let it counter.)

Takeru was experimenting with a variety of sword styles trying to find the one that fits him.

(Oh, this has become something fun.)

A smile floated in his lips.

Eclair can’t say a word to Takeru who looks like having fun fighting against the minotaur.

「No. That is.」

「Takeru… is broken」Leiria says.

「It’s hopeless.」what is, Felicia?

「Eeee… a useless one?」Feene has rounded eyes.

The evaluation of the female group to Takeru is severe.

They are watching Takeru’s battle like housewives who is looking at their addicted to gambling husband with cold eyes.

Only Ordega nodded with unun while saying “Takeru-dono, I understand.”.

In addition, the battle between Takeru and the Minotaur continued for a while.

The enemy flings its club, Takeru jumps and counter attack in an instant, hits the top of the minotaur.

The horn was crushed, the monster was not able to endure it and collapsed.

Takeru slashed the head of the B-class monster once. He looked down at the enemy satisfied.

「Takeru, you did it.」Eclair comes running.

「Ah」Takeru moved intensely so he was breathing heavily but he was able to enjoy the fight.

「Takeru-san, please don’t do reckless things.」

While Felicia was treating his wounds, Leiria and Ordega recovered the magic core and materials.

The magic core of the minotaur is the largest they’ve got, it was shining red like a decoration.

There is a small door at the back of the hollow room.

When opened, it is a small snug room.

It resembles Takeru’s room in the middle of the tower.

「This dungeon seems to have been neglected.」

Eclair says that as she looks in the room.

I’m afraid we did not find any treasure in particular.

Only the one in the center of the room. It is a jewel with a size of a fist that shines green in the center of a pillar.

「Is this the orb that Tifa was saying?」

Takeru carefully removed the orb, wrapped it carefully with cloth in order not to be scratched, and put it in the bag.

As we further searched the room, a white round object about the size of a head of a person is on the ledge of the wall. It is put fixed in order to not fall.

「It seems to be an egg.」

When hit lightly, it is as hard as a rock.

「It’s big. You can make a lot of omelet with this.」

Feene was happily pounding it but please don’t eat it.

「Interesting, this might be a monster egg.」

The interested Leiria quickly put it in her bag. Once we return to the tower, I’ll have Tifa check it.

At the end of the room is a spiral staircase leading directly to the ground, Takeru’s party climbed it and returned to the surface.


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