New Form of the Tower and Appraisal First Part

Chapter 5-6


After returning to the tower, Takeru’s party immediately confirmed the outcome of the dungeon capture.

They put the magic cores they collected from hunting in the forest and magic cores obtained in the dungeon in the furnace of the tower.

It is the largest amount so far and it also included the magic core of the B class monsters Minotaur.

If there are so many magic cores, the tower will definitely level up.

Takeru is thrilled as he throws the magic cores into the furnace.


Although not as much as the first time, the tower considerably shakes.

When the shaking is settled, Tifa projects the stereoscopic image of the tower as usual.

The tower has increased to five levels with a circular part that is as wide as the living space before. It is the lower part this time.

Furthermore, the thin cylindrical part has increased by 10 levels from the center. That is the middle part.

All the functions of the tower are aggregated there.

It has been a small room in the past, but it has been widely used to strengthen surveillance and defense functions.

「It has a strange shape.」

「With this….it’s no longer a tower.」

Can’t Eclair and Leiria see it? It looks like a secret base. It’s cool, right?

「Wow, I can see far away.」Feene enjoys the view from the window on the top floor.

「It’s amazing that it changed so much. I’m surprised.」

Felicia, who saw the growth of the tower for the first time, has her eyes literally rounded.

「When it comes to scale up to this point, we need to deal with various measures in the future.」

Ordega thinks about the residents. The security of the tower seems to be worrisome.

「The level up of the tower has also ended successfully. Let’s update your skill.」

Tifa calls out to everyone. I am looking forward to this time because we cleared the dungeon in addition to the monster of the forest.

「I’ll start with master this time.」

○ Takeru

Level:  Unknown

Job:     Unknown

Skill:    Aura Circle Lv.5

Blunting Speed Lv.5

Ray Caelum Sword Technique: (new) Elementary Rock Drop

(new) Intermediate Three Slash Snow Flower

(new) Intermediate Moonlight in the Water

Talent:  Unknown

A new sword technique was added to Takeru’s skill.

Ray Caelum Sword Technique is a style made by the sword saint Ray Caelum of the Eurasia continent 300 years ago.

Tifa was analyzing the sword skills that specialized in swords.

Since she was asked to build skills that centered on swords, Tifa spent all her time collecting information.

「I want to be useful to Takeru.」She continued to make full use of the features of the tower, which was reinforced with her undivided effort.

And she finally revived the best sword technique for Takeru.

She believe that Takeru can master it even if the last person who manage to already disappeared long ago.

Still, as she analize the elementary and intermediate, Tifa decided to unlock everything.

Elementary Rock Drop will give a shock and a heavy blow damage. It is a technique for destroying. By hitting shields and armor, you break the enemy’s posture and connect with a succeeding attack.

Intermediate Three Slash Snow Flower is a technique to strike three sword slash in a moment. It is the same as Triple Strike but the power dramatically increases by specializing in swords.

Intermediate Moonlight in the Water is a slash from the bellow. The attack can reach several times the distance of what the sword body can reach.

「This new sword technique….Tifa, thank you. I liked it.」

Takeru is overjoyed and hugs Tifa.

Tifa was bright red, but she smiled happily.

Other female members stared but not the point that they need to mind it.

(Tifa worked hard so this much is good.)

○ Eclair

Level:  38

Race: Elf

Job:     Spirit User

Skill:    Air Shell Lv. 3(new)

Air Explosion Lv. 3(new)

Air Storm Lv. 4

Air Blast Strike Lv. 4

Enchant Air Lv. 2

Sonic Move Lv. 3

Protection Air Lv. 2

Unique talent: Heaven-sent Child of Wind(New)

Levels are increased by 4 to 38.

Air shell is the developed air barrett. It can shoot multiple wind cannonballs that has greatly improved power.

Air Explosion is a close range spell that causes atmospheric air to explode.

It is a dangerous magic that can damage your teammates if you made a mistake.

Eclair was approaching the upper class of the first-class adventurer which is level 40.

○ Feene

Level:  27

Race: Foxkin

Job:     None

Skill:    Flame Barrett Lv. 1

Frost Flame Lv. 3

Flame Bomb Lv. 2

Enchant Flame Lv. 2

Flame Corps Lv. 3(New)

Common Talent: Fire Fox


Lightning Fox

Levels increased by seven to 27.

The new skill, Flame Corps, activates the whole body with the power of fire. It will raise all status in a short time.

Since it is an original skill of Feene, it can not be used by others.


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