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What are these new Teasers? Didn’t you say before that you will only translate Item Cheat?

Yes, I definitely say before that Item Cheat will only be my project until I completed the translation. When I started translating, I was able to post a chapter every other day when I had some free time. Unfortunately, as everyone knows, there are lines that doesn’t make sense. They are lines that I quite don’t get so I just stared at it for a while then copy the translation directly from my MTL tools. That happened quite a lot so one time, when I was stuck in a certain chapter, I tried translating other WN. After translating different WN and checking out Item Cheat again, I manage to get the meaning of the line I’m stuck with. That means I just need a breather. That became my practice so I was able to translate several chapters of Magi’s Grandson, Garudeina, Annals of the Flame Kingdom, and Ability to make a town. Then I thought, why don’t I translate a new one as breather to be more productive?


Don’t you already have A Different World Scenery View From the Tower as breather?

Yes. It is the epitome of a WN breather for me at first. Its chapters are short and it is relatively easy to translate.


If that is the case, then why did need to translate two new teaser?

I only checked until the third arc when I started translating it. With its current development, I think it lacks thrill. The MC is not OP but there are a little to no challenge at all. I guess due to personal interest.


Are you saying that these new ones will be better?

Maybe. I plan to make a poll after a month for feedback and what the readers like better. I also needed to check my capability of translating these two. Also, below is my impression of the two.

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week – If you like Overlord this one is very similar to it. The writer is also bad ass. He is writing this web novel using an iPhone!

Isekai Cheat Magician – You can expect much from this. It has several volumes of LN and is even adapted to manga. I also have a little doubt translating this since I’m not sure why no one is translating this yet.

I think the title and the synopsis are good enough for details.


OK. So there is a new page with two new titles but why are there are no chapters?

I plan to post chapter 1 for both at the same time. It’s almost done so please look forward to it.


I get it. But should I expect delay with the translation of Item Cheat?

Nope. I already dedicated time to translate Item Cheat. The only one that will be affected is my side project A Different World Scenery View From the Tower. I probably won’t be able to update it everyday.

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