New Form of the Tower and Appraisal Latter Part

Chapter 5-7


○ Leiria von Istria

Level:  27

Race: Human

Job:     Magician

Skill:    Aqua Shell Lv.3 (New)

Aqua Ring Lv.1

Aqua Wall Lv.2

Aqua Serpent Lv.4 (New)

Protection Aqua Lv.2

Common Talent: The person loved by water

The person who understands the law of magic(New)

Leiria also rose seven levels to 27.

Like Eclair, aqua barrett developed into aqua shell increasing its power.

Aqua serpent is a tier 4 magic that is also the new trump card of Leiria. A water snake jumps out and adheres to the enemy giving large damage. It is possible to cast multiple snakes but the power will disperse.

And a new talent “The person who understands the law of magic”.

A person who has a high intellect and magic can acquire this. The effect is decrease of magic consumption and increase of chant speed. For magicians, it is a hard to replace talent.

○ Ordega

Level:  32

Race: Human

Job:     Warrior

Skill:    War Cry II Lv.4(new)

Critical Strike Lv.3 (new)

Triple Strike Lv.3 (new)

Drive In Lv.2 (new)

Shield Buster Lv.4 (new)

Common Talent: Impregnable Defense

Levels rose by 5 to 32. He break through the level 30 mark at a stretch.

All skills of Ordega were changed this time.

He has no original skill but his skill tree was by no means inferior to a first-class adventurer.

War Cry II can draw even more powerful monsters as the evolved form of War Cry.

Critical strike is a single shot but it has great power.

Triple strike is what Takeru has before. Strikes three times at once.

Drive In is the developed form of step in that has improved speed and distance.

Shield buster is the developed form of shield smash. Short stun effect was added.

○ Felicia Artian

Level:  25

Race: Human

Job:     Shrine Maiden

Skill:    Middle Heal Lv.4

Middle Cure Lv.4 (new)

Holy Sparkle Lv.3 (new)

Protection Holy Lv.3 (new)

Common Talent: Shrine Maiden of Oracle

Shrine Maiden of Healing

Levels increased by 6 to 25.

Low cure evolved to middle cure. Most abnormal state that is caused by monsters can be cured.

Holy Sparkle makes a ball of light. It can deal big damage like having a dark attribute monster’s head burst. However, there is no effect on other attributes.

Protection Holy gives holy attribute protection. It gives particularly strong defence against dark attribute attack.

Felicia gained skills other than treatment magic. This will also play an active part in battle.

Everyone’s status rose most now compared to the past. It seems to have been worth to dive in the dungeon.

Furthermore, Takeru confirms the loot.

「Tifa, this is what we’ve been telling you. 」

Takeru takes out the earth colored orb they obtained from the room in the dungeon and passes it to Tifa.

Tifa looked at it for a while.

「Yes, there is no mistake, master. Thank you very much.」she expresses her gratitude.

「What is that used for?」when Takeru asks.

「This was the dungeon core. Master, I’m sorry but let me think about this orb for a while.」

Tifa says it was significant so he entrusted it to her.

「Tifa, I want you to see this as well.」

This time, Leiria takes out the egg from the bag.

「This is a monster egg…. I’ll examine it.」

When Tifa scans it with the function of the tower,

「It looks like a flying dragon egg. It is possible that it’s a wyvern.」

「Wyvern’s baby! I want to see. If we take care of it after it hatches, it might get accustomed to people.」

Leiria’s eyes unusually shine.

Wyvern is a B class monster but it seems that there are people who can tame them in the southern country.

The one who rides the trained wyvern are called Wyvern Rider. It is said the he will receive the save treatment as a noble.

「Anyway, let’s hatch it with the function of the tower.」

「Can such thing be done?」The surprised Felicia asks.

「Monsters live by eating mana which springs from an astral line. I think that it will be okay if we supply it with the mana of the tower preferentially.」

「It’s terribly exciting!」Leiria seems to be unable to wait.

(I’m impressed Tifa. You can do anything.)

Takeru praised Tifa for the time being and patted her head.


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