Prologue 1

First chapter of Isekai Cheat Magician

Machine translated. Read at your own risk. For now I will try to translate this for a month.

Dancing in the blue sky is a falling ball with panda pattern.

The boys and girls who were shut in for a boring class in the classroom are running at the ground breathing as if blowing.

After mathematics is over, it is now physical education class. They run around to the sunny refreshing weather. Even if they’re already at high school, the fun has not change.


The ball flies here from about fifteen meters away.

The position of Taichi Nishimura, who received the superb trap ball from a soccer club member, is inside the penalty area. This is also a coincidence since the mark is off. The soccer club regular should have received the pass.

He saw through this good opportunity and intercepted the pass. As expected from a regular, his reflex and motor skill is superior  from Taichi.

He shake off those thoughts before the trapped ball hits the ground. He’s losing now but this is a special chance so he decided to get a chance in the corner.

He was facing his bad friend from junior high school. Taichi is determined and make an approach run to cooly shake the goal net.  At that moment, all the sharpness disappears from Taichi.

「Your face will meet this ball Takashi, shoooooottttt!!!」

「Hey…… Ugh!」

A shot that makes you want to say that you should honestly do it right, flies to Takashi who tried to avoid it by anticipating the movement. The waste of talent is extraordinary.

With a splendid face block, the ball rolls in ground. Taichi who swung out his foot and the ikemen Takashi falls behind with a red face.

「Super exciting!!」

「Oh, my God!」

Taichi’s team who crushed the perfect opportunity with bato do mugokko, were defeated as expected.

TN: バト ○ ドームゴッコ – (bato do-mugokko?) I have no idea what it means.

「Taichi temee! You don’t have to do that to me!」

「I am sorry Takashi! I received a divine revelation to hit your face as I see it…」

「Hou ….You’re ready, right?」

An annual fellow match.

The two don’t know that they’ve become the school year’s famous product ever since the high school entrance exam.

And, there is another famous product.

「…… Two stupid people as usual」

A little husky and pleasant voice reach the two of them.

Taichi and Takashi naturally know the tone which does not try to conceal the amazement.

「Oh, Kanade. Did you blew out your opponent?」

「It’s not like that. It’s a class.」

「Is that so? You probably cheated.」

「I didn’t cheat!」

Taichi and Takashi quickly moved backwards as Kanade swing her racket.

Azuma Kanade.

She has been playing tennis since she was a child. She made it to the national in junior high.

She is certainly training considerably but looking at her won’t give you that impression. She is tall for a high school girl and has a figure of a model. Nine of ten people will say she’s “cute”. She has a raven black hair that extends to her back that is tied into ponytail that streams in a gentle breeze. Coupled with a good posture, she’s a picturesque girl just by standing.

And ikemen Takashi Onodera.

His height exceeds 180 cm; a good looking macho youth. Only the principal alone does not know that he is already in the top three rankings in the grade. He’s a frightening man who’s rumored that two people already confessed to him. Moreover, both were considerably pretty girls. He becomes the enemy of the unpopular boys in the whole country by refusing them immediately.

To tell the truth, he is a coward who has no courage to confess which is contrary to his appearance which seems like a player. He likes Kanade since junior high school and only Taichi knows.

And Taichi Nishimura. Unpopular men’s representative that is surrounded by a handsome man and a beautiful woman. He does not possess a good face and his height is 168cm.

He’s performance is in the lower middle though his reflexes are good. He has a characteristic of disliking hard work and making effort, also has poor dexterity. His existence is a useless treasure that antagonize the youths that are devoted to their club.

He has a seemingly carefree face, but he also has his worries. His good relationship with Takashi and Kanade are the seeds of it. As the years go by, he keenly realize the difference in looks that is comparable to economic disparity everyday.

For some yaoi fan girl, they are targets of spine chilling delusions. Takashi is the dom and Taichi is the M. They did not know but they should applaud the great old people that preached the proverb of Buddha.

This is an everyday scene. Every day is the same as usual.

Even cursing each other is fun. When they went up to high school, their friends increased and fun doubled too. He looks at the quarreling Takashi and Kanade, Taichi realized that he was laughing.

He thinks for a moment and came to a conclusion that he likes time like this.

He thought nothing would change.

However, the world changes every day.

Even though he knew it, Taichi is still young.

「……tsu! ………….tsu tsu!」


He feels like he heard something and stop.

Taichi looks at his back and noticed that the place appears to be desolate.

「Is it my imagination?」

No one responded to his mutter.

Taichi returns to his heel and ran to his friends who were calling him from a distance.

There is the chime that tell the end of the day. Taichi who didn’t know what happened just decided to quit thinking about it.



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