Chapter 50 – Demon’s Gate Seal



The flock of black dragon wyvern, they were such a frightening enemy but now, they look like small fry.

Anyway, we also have an experience of defeating a real dragon.

Rather, the scale of the black dragon wyvern is a good material for armor so I’ll be delighted to hunt them.

「I’m going to take two of them. Takeru is going to take one?」

Louise comes out of the covered wagon with the dragon slayer great sword and laughs.

「No, I’m also going to take two Louise. Oracle-chan, let’s go in flight form!」

「Oh, the union flight!」

No, it’s not really a union because I can’t fly.

Anyway, I can’t be discouraged so I dashed with my full power!

Oracle-chan grabs my back from behind and floated as it is.

This union technique, in fact, fighting individually will be better but this is also good!

「Sky, UWA」

The black dragon wyvern in front of me opens its big mouth.

From its mouth, it spits out a jet black breath.

「It’s a lukewarm black flame.」

「Really? I only feel slightly warm.」

I have the goddess’ divine protection and mithril armor. I also ate a dragon’s breath bag back so my fire resistance would have been strengthened.

「Sky Sword!」

I’m just letting Oracle fly.

Just by swaying the sword of light in front of me, a neck quickly flies.

「It is different … …. sky star king sword!」

Another one was slayed with the addition of a special move. I slashed it from the back this time.

After all, the enemies that reappear are small fries.

However, we still haven’t win. We fly at the same speed and slay another three around.

There comes an outrageous knight….

Louise who have the dragon slayer great sword…

She is making dragon’s internal organ soup in all the pots. She’s not affected by flame breath at all.

「Louise, do the dismantling later! 」

Louise who reflexively dismantling the corpse take out the knife. She is already at the ledge of the rock wall so she run at the small cave.

The Demon’s gate is located at the end of the cave.

「What the hell…..」

「This is the first time I’ve seen this but it’s a strange door.」

In the dark cave, the Demon’s Gate shines pale white.

It looks like an elevator of an old-fashioned apartment.

「What is this out of place artifact? It’s like a creation of Founding King Renz.」

When I complain such thing, Kaara who rediscovered this gate comes and says.

「It was not Hero Renz but a different hero created it. This seal is around 150 years old so the timeline is not suitable.」

「Fuun, it’s an elevator. If it’s Renz, it will have a more awkward design.」

「This is an elevator?」

「That’s right. An elevator is a box that moves through levels.」

「Even if you move level, this gate is not simply connected to the basement. The Demon’s Gate is a plausible name but it is does not lead to hell.」

「So where does it lead?」

Kaara shakes her head.

「I don’t know. There are still legends of connecting to a different world that are unimaginable. Even if you’re a demonkin, if you get on it, you’ll never come back even if you open the gate….」

「That legend is scary.」

Why does the hero of this world always makes worthless facility?

「Anyway, I will investigate and I will make the key to resealing.」

Ria who brought her holy alchemy tool examined the device of the door. She began to make a key which fits the gate.

At that time, the bellows shuts. It made a noise and the box began to fall.

「Ooi, Ria, what did you do? The elevator has started to move.」

「No, I haven’t done anything!」

The elevator is descending fast with a rattling sound.

This is dangerous.

This is, perhaps there is “something” below.

If I push the “up button”, will it go up?

「Hey Ria, hurry up and use the key to seal it.」

「Please don’t rush me! I’m doing it now!」

A sound echoes from the bottom of the earth.

The display indicated that were at the 100th basement level. This is impossible. Even Oracle’s Great Cave is only until the 30th level.

The display goes up rapidly.

「Uaa, something’s happening!」

Ria is sweating hard on her forehead as she strikes the key to fit the door.

Hurry Ria, this is seriously dangerous.

Fifty … …, thirty … …, twenty … …, ten … …, ooo, open!

「The key is in, the sealing is done!」

The moment the door of the bellows tried to open, Ria turned the key that plugged into the device.

At the moment, the shutter shuts off and the elevator stops moving.

In the quiet cave, the sound of the descending box echoed.

「I, for a moment, I saw a strange glance……」

Did everyone see?

Just seeing something crazy makes me feel sick…

Argh, I hate talking like this is a kind of ghost story!

I’m not scared, but ….

「This elevator is much more dangerous than the miasma hole of doom.」

There is something really dangerous underneath.

I was relieved that the seal made it in time.

Fighting a last boss is easier.

Somehow, I got mentally tired and went out of the cave of the rock shelf.

「Well, let’s go home.」

The monsters who wanted to destroy the capital city of Bullsale was all blown off by Kaara.

Let’s go home before we get surrounded by Transylvania soldiers.

「Hey, my lord, the corpses of the black dragon wyvern…」

「Oh, sorry Louise, just dismantle them and bring them back.」

Wyvern’s internal organ doesn’t taste bad although bitter.

Although I don’t think that Louise’s fire resistance will increase by eating more meal.

Enlightened emperor Takumi, please use your technique to help Louise dismantle the black dragon.

TN: Someone named Takumi who’s good at dismantling? No idea where he came from. Maybe from a cooking manga/anime/novel?

After taking the meat and the scales, we returned to the covered wagon.


We are already surrounded by Transylvania soldiers.

Moreover, the king is obviously in front of us. He is standing dignified wearing a red robe, a golden crown(King’s Crown), and a wand decorated with a jewel.

I thought that it was going to be troublesome again but the king prostate in front of me.

No, he did not mind his luxurious silk robe gets stained with soil. It’s a true dogeza.

What’s wrong with you?

「I am Varlam Transylvania Orania, king of Transylvania. I have no words to thank hero-sama for saving our nation.」

TN: His title is公王. Duke King? Since he is a ruler of a dukedom, it should be duke, right? Since it is a country, I’ll give him the title of king unless anyone gives me a better suggestion/explanation.

「No, it is not something for you to do dogeza….」

Because to be honest, this is self writing and self playing.

This is awkward, terribly awkward.

Why did I only meet such a proper good king this time?

「No, this dogeza is not enough. I originally should present my neck. I was fooled by the flattery of my vassal and have allowed the army to try and kill hero-sama. Yet, hero-sama not only did not return the attack but also saved our country. This favor, how can I ever repay it!」

Ah, so this is the shape of this encounter.

Willing to present his neck and rubbing his forehead on the ground, the King’s serious gratitude reaches me.

…..Or rather, pull out a little bit.

「Well, the war has safely ended and the hell’s gate “Demon’s Gate” was also sealed. I want to go home now that everything is flowing like water.」

「How generous of you, hero-sama!」

The king named Valram remains in dogeza. I’m going to turn around and slip out.

What a vivid dogeza technique!

「I have decided to give this country to hero-sama.」

「Eh, no, your feeling is enough.」

I don’t know how much king of the masses you are but don’t decide on giving your country alone without permission.

Before that, I cheated this time so it’s really underhanded.

「I only have one daughter. Please, please accept her.」

「No, your feeling is enough.」

This is bad, a princess comes out again.

She has a long yellowing-brown hair and is wearing a blue dress. She’s a little younger than me.

Looking at the development of her considerably big breast, is she older than Princess Silhouette?

She has a cute face with shy atmosphere and she’s also wearing glasses.

TN: She’s the girl in Volume 4 cover. I only have illustrations until volume 3 so I cannot post any now.

So, glasses also existed in this world, this is the first time I saw one.

Well, she’s a glasses girl…. As I think of it, she smiled.

No, it’s not regrettable. That’s not the case.

Both you and the princess are beautiful girls but I don’t want anymore trouble.

「Hey Sharon… why did you appear?」

「Master, the carriage is ready.」

Have you finished loading all the loads?


「King Valram!」

「Ha ha」

Because the king is in dogeza, all the soldiers are also in dogeza too.

Refrain, refrain from it or you can’t see the sword of light of this hero!

「This Hero Takeru bears no grudge on what the Transylvania Dukedom has done. There is no different country in saving people. If there is any trouble, visit my castle any time. So, Farewell!」

Saraba da.

TN:  (サラダバー) – it’s like a samurai way of saying goodbye

In such a case, I shouted loudly to deceive everyone in here.

I’m getting used to real fantasy.

I manage to deceive them with the atmosphere and breakthrough the enclosure by the soldiers of the dukedom.

I drove them into a complete defeat with the use of a self made performance we made.

A little bit of guilt remained.

Besides, there were various mistakes with the dukedom’s side, but since it was a war it can not be helped.

The king, who put his head on the ground for a youngster hero like me, can be frankly favourable.

For the first time, ordinary people saw a king lowered his head.

To be honest, he is far more splendid than the nobles of the Kingdom of Silesie.

If you’re in trouble, I will really help you, king-san.




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