Nicolo’s Tower

A Different World Scenery View From the Tower Chapter 42

Arc 6 Chapter 2


Feene was taken away. The news was instantly conveyed to her companions in the tower.

Everyone was angry of course but Takeru’s anger was particularly intense.

「Damn. If I didn’t let Feene return to the village this wouldn’t have happen.」

「Master, please calm down. The other party will not hurt Feene-san excessively.」

「Feene is a special girl, so it’s okay.」

「Well, if they have their eyes on Feene’s tail, they wouldn’t treat her excessively rough.」

「But where was Feene taken? Is there anything that could be a clue?」

「Master, we should have the ability to know the whereabouts of the people who are registered as family in the tower.」

The feature of the tower which was greatly strengthened at the previous level up. A companion’s whereabout will be known to some extent.

「Tifa, please hurry up and check it.」

「Yes, master.」

Tifa projects a map of the continent on the tower’s monitor.

Although most of it is undeveloped, Feene’s location is barely indicated by a small red dot.

Apparently, it seems like leaving the forest and is moving in the northwest direction.

「Wait, this direction …it is certain that a tower of the slave merchant Nicolo is there.」

Eclair seems to have an idea.

「Tower of Nicolo?」

「Yes, he’s a scoundrel who exploits the tower and earns a lot of money in slaving.」

「Wait a minute, there are other towers?」

「Master, I do not know the exact location, but there are several towers on the continent.」

It seems that Takeru is the only one who doesn’t know that.

「What is the goddess thinking giving a tower to such a scoundrel?」

「Nicolo isn’t the official owner of the tower. He knocked down the former owner and robbed the tower.」

「Is that possible?」

「Master, to take the tower, you just need to get the orb in the center. If it is this tower… please look in the furnace.」

Indeed, a red glowing orb is shining inside the furnace.

「You can beat the current owner and take the tower by holding that orb. However, it’s not just anybody. There are a variety of conditions to qualify.」

「Then, that Nicolo defeat the owner and snatched the tower by force? Feene… to such a guy.」

「Nicolo is said like rare beastkins. Feene who has multiple tails is a great target. 」

「Are you kidding? Eclair, do you know the exact location? I have to help Feene at once. 」

All members of the family felt the same as Takeru.

Meanwhile, Feene who was taken away was tied like a luggage and brought to the tower by a horse.

「Nicolo, I brought the foxkin girl like you ask. Unlike what we heard, it was incredibly strong. Three of my friends were taken down in no time. 」

One of the thieves throws Feene into the foot of Nicolo’s tower.

Nicolo looks like a normal middle-aged man who’s wearing merchant’s clothes and not a fancy one.

However, for a merchant, he eyes gives nasty feelings and his mouth will have you disgusted.

「Are you done? It feels like I’m listening to a helpless child. Ho ho, it is surely a pretty girl. How many tails?… It seems that there is only one. 」

The tone is polite, but the vile desire for Feene is not concealed.

「It seems to be hidden by magic. Put the tail back.」

The tied up Feene was threatened by a knife to her face.

Feene was mortified and returned her tail to four.

「Oooooo, four tails! It’s wonderful, it’s too splendid!」

Nicolo looks at the four tails of Feene and literally dances with joy.

「What’s so great about that?」

「What are you saying? A foxkin with four tails will have at least a market value of 1000 pieces gold coins. No, its value will be more than that.」

「1000 pieces of gold coins!」

The astonished thieves opened their mouth wide.

「Keep this girl locked in the dungeon. However, don’t injure her.」

With the order of Nicolo, Feene was brought to the dungeon and was attached with tight shackles.

The shackles are pretty sturdy that even the leveled up Feene can’t remove it.

「Hey, come on in. If you keep quiet, I’ll feed you.」

Feene is pushed into a room in a dungeon.

「Uu, it’s dark nodesu.」

When her eyes got used to the dark dungeon, she saw that there were a lot of children caught inside.

Children younger than Feene, most of them are beastkin but some of them seem to be human and elf children.

She guess they were judged harmless so no restraint was done.

「Oneechan, are you okay?」

An anxious cat ear girl calls out. She’s about 7 or 8 years old, younger than Feene.

「Are you caught too, nanodesu?」

「Yes, I was taken by the bad thieves.」

「Uuu, so many children. Unforgivable nodesu.」

She wants to get out immediately but it’s impossible for now.

(Takeru-oniichan will surely come and rescue me. I’ll do my best till then nanodesu.)


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