Feene’s Rescue Movement

Chapter 43 of A Different World Scenery View From the Tower

Arc 6 Chapter 3



The next day, Feene, who had been caught in the dungeon, had already introduced herself with the children in the prison.

Like Feene, the children that were trapped in the dungeon for various reasons like being caught by the thieves or sold to a debtor.

But they all have one thing in common, they were brought by force and not by their own will.

(I feel sorry for everyone.)

Feene became friends with the cat eared girl that called out to her first, Niña.

「Feene-oneechan, does it hurt? I feel sorry for oneechan.」

Niña looks worried about Feene’s shackles.

「I’m all right nanodesu. I’m entirely fine with this nanodesu.」

As she was called oneechan, Feene waved the shacked up and down while being a little embarrassed.

The meal seems to be given only once a day in the evening.

Feene, together with the children, are gathered in a large room in the basement and are arranged in a row for the meal.

Niña that was in line first was nervous and drops the distributed bread.

In haste to pick it up, the Niña who panicked bumps her head the the guy guarding them.

「This brat.」

An angry man hits the cheeks of Niña.

「Kyaa」the girl falls sideways and throws out the dinner.


When Feene saw that, she jumped out.

Despite being restrained, Feene’s movement is quick. She dives into the bosom of the man and sends a head butt to his belly.

The man faints in agony.

Another man moved to catch her, she jumps and rotates in the air and crushed him using both of her feet.

Feene’s too fast. The children were dumb struck as they see it.

「Hey, wait, I wonder what will happen to him.」

One of the guards put a knife in the neck of a child nearby.


「Nicolo-san said that you should not get injured. No food tonight.」

In the end, Feene returned to prison without being able to eat dinner.

「Uuu… stomach is empty.」

「Oneechan, please eat this.」

The cat eared girl Niña presented to Feene the dinner bread she hides.

「Thank you…nanodesu.」

「Eat this, too.」「Oneechan was amazing.」「Why are you so stubborn?」

Other children also took out the bread that they had hidden one after another.

「Thank you everyone nanodesu.」

Feene was crying while eating the bread they gave.

(When Takeru-oniichan comes, we’ll help these children together.)

On the other hand, Takeru’s party advanced to Nicolo’s tower at full speed.

「During such event, we should have prepared a horse.」

Takeru says he doesn’t know if he can ride a horse.

「Well, from now on you’ll need a mode of transportation.」

As the Eclair says, their field of activities increases as they level up so they can’t walk forever.

「There are faster rides than horses.」

「Hee, what kind of ride is that Leiria?」

「I want a Pink Raptor. They’re cute, fast, and tough.」

Pink raptor is a subspecies of dragon, and can run with its small but developed hind legs.

Raptor is difficult to train but with Tame, one will be able to ride it.

It’s much faster and has more endurance than a horse.

「Cute… is it? I’ve heard that Pink Raptor is certainly fast, but expensive and hard to get.」

「That’s right, it’s rarely on the market. Buying one with 50 gold coins is foolish.」

It seems that Felicia and Oldega also know.

「50 gold coins, then it’s hard to prepare for everyone.」

「But I want to ride on a Pink Raptor.」

Leiria gazes at Takeru as if asking.

「All right. Let’s do more quests and earn more.」


In order to distract them from their concern of Feene, Takeru’s party hurried toward the tower while holding a light conversation.


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