Feene’s Rescue Confluence

Chapter 44 of A Different World Scenery View From the Tower

Arc 6 Chapter 4


Nicolo’s tower is a rough structure that looks like it is build by piling rocks.

It is quite different from Takeru’s tower which grows and is beautifully covered with smooth marbles.

「It is different from what I imagined. It looks like a tower that was built normally. 」

「I’m sure he’s not interested in the growth of the tower.  I guess he just wanted a hideout. 」

「There are a lot of huts around the tower, but for what? 」

「Thieves gathered by Nicolo. It seems that Nicolo is giving jobs to former adventurers and former soldiers who made an evil deed. They are protecting each other by living around the tower. 」

「What shall we do? First, we need to find where Feene is. 」

「Takeru, Nicolo is hiding a lot of children. But there is no space for people to live in the tower. 」

Leiria says while observing the tower.

Certainly, the tower is stretched in a thin line, and there might be a small room on the top floor at most.

「She might be stuck in a different place.」

「Takeru-san, next to the tower, there is a person standing guard in a place where there is nothing. That’s…」

As Felicia says, two thieves seem to be guarding something.

「It’s a basement. Perhaps there is an entrance to the dungeon. 」

「However, it seems impossible to approach without being found. What should we do Takeru? Wait till night?」

There are many huts and tents to the entrance, each with a lookout.

You’ll be found out soon if you approached.

When Takeru was thinking, it suddenly becomes noisy around the tower.

Thieves gathered one after another with weapons and began to surround the underground entrance.

「It looks like there was something … No way, Feene.」

「Everybody let’s go. This is a forced breakthrough. 」

Everyone started charging at the same time Takeru gave the signal.

The thieves who were enclosing the entrance of the underground jail suddenly suffered a raid from behind and went into havoc.

Takeru is charging as vanguard while Eclair and Leiria shoots magic in succession.

Thieves are falling down one after another with magic.

「It is those fellows. The enemies are few, catch them everyone.」

The thieves faces Takeru with weapons in their hands.

(I will not hold back to the guys who kidnapped Feene.)

「Three Slash Snow Flower」

He releases a Ray Caelum Sword Technique that he learned.

Three sword slash instantly killed three thieves that were about to surround Takeru.

「Rock Drop 」

The enemies that are hiding behind their shield was exposed to the sword skill that their shield can’t stop. They kneeled down from the shock of the blow that reaches their abdomen.

As Takeru defeats enemies one after another, Ordega follows.

Ordega changed his equipment from a sword to a spear as a result of the level up.

A one-handed spear and a round shield, this is the new battle form of Ordega.

「Triple strike」

He showered the enemy in front of him 3 stabs. The enemy who receives it collapses.

「Shield buster」

The enemies was blown off as their shield clashes.

(You’re a great opponent to try my new fighting style.)

While Takeru and Ordega are holding down the enemy, the rear guards use magic freely.

「Air Storm」

Eclairs tornado throws 4 – 5 thieves in the sky.

「Aqua Serpent」

Leiria’s water snake magic divided into six and each bite a thief.

30 thieves were defeated in no time.

When the thieves were annihilated, the door of the dungeon on the ground opened and Feene popped out from inside.

She seemed to have removed the shackles and behaved violently in the underground jail.

So that is the reason of the earlier commotion.



Feene hugs Takeru.

「Feene, were you injured?」

「I’m alright. The bad guys in the basement were fought by Feene nanodesu. 」

Feene seems to have become strong as she looks out for the kidnapped children these last few days.

(Feene, it looks like she’s grown.)

「Takeru, let’s postpone the celebration for now. 」

Eclair points out the six adventurer-like men and women that appeared from the entrance of the tower.

「Is it the appearance of bosses? They seem to be different from the guys earlier so be careful. 」

With Takeru’s warning, his party reorganized their formation and set their weapon.


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