Nicolo and the Six People

Chapter 45 of A Different World Scenery View From the Tower

Arc 6 Chapter 5


When Takeru’s party were rampaging on the ground, seven men and women are facing each other from the top floor of Nicolo’s tower.

They are the leader of the tower, Nicolo and the six people.

It is clear from the name, but the tower is under the control of Nicolo.

But Nicolo himself doesn’t have any combat power.

He is buying talent as a slave merchant while managing the tower.

On the other hand, the six others are all former adventurers. They are all silver class too.

They had both skills and achievements but they had lost it by being drowned by greed. They caused a lot of troubles and were kicked out of the guild.

If you are expelled from the Guild, you will not be able to receive status updates or skills support.

The former adventurer who entered the underworld gathered one by one again, and six people were formed.

There is no hierarchical relationship between them and they also don’t trust each other.

It was only a group of interested parties, only 6 people, and the only thing uniting them is the point of using the function of the tower.

「 So, how are we going to deal with the foxkin girl that we captured? 」

A man who wore full armor, Bram asked.

He was originally a soldier of a certain kingdom but escaped from the country due to murdering someone over a trivial thing.

However, his training as a warrior has been sufficiently carried out and he repeatedly abused his power by doing evil things every now and then.

「It’s worth one thousand gold coins right? I want to luxuriously sell it quickly. 」

It is the female knight Aretta who’s moving her body restlessly as if can’t wait any longer.

Although she has no ability with swordsmanship, her high physical ability makes her succeeded becoming a knight.

However, she’s a woman who was exiled not only from the guild but also from the country. She’s repeatedly doing misconducts such as embezzlement, intimidation, assault, and abusing her position.

「Kukuku, after a long time, it seems that I’ll be able to get a good sake… 」

The elderly warrior, Seamen, grinned widely. He was a well known swordsman in his homeland, but when he was escorting a Lord, they had a quarrel and got him injured.

Although he managed to escape from the followers, he settled in the tower of Nicolo to hide himself.

He is a sword master which is unusual in this continent.

「Keeping a woman costs money. I need money soon.」

Rokyuse is a light warrior. Technically speaking, there is no such thing as a light warrior, but his style of making use of the speed by using the bare minimum equipments. Even if it looks like it, there is no sense of incompatibility.

With his sadistic nature, he continued to cause problems at the brothels.

One time, he inflicts a severe injury to a familiar prostitute.

It was reported to the guild and he was removed.

「It will be fine if we get an even share. 」

「Yes, that’s right.」

The troublesome things do not matter so give us money. The opinions of the two are the same.

Chart and Chert are twin magicians. They look the same so do their magic skill structure.

Both are magicians who mainly use fire attributes.

They were expelled for betraying, and annihilating their former party for money. After that, they moved to Nicolo’s Tower.

「Okay, okay. Well, it’s a bit regrettable but that girl Feene, let’s sell her soon. Fortunately, I already have an idea for a buyer. If I tell him that it is a foxkin girl that has four tails, that noble will put out any amount. 」

Nicolo calmly uses his abacus while having an erotic smile.

「Fufufu, so she’s going to be a plaything of a pervert noble. Pitiful.」

Aretta laughs and grin while imagining the gold they get.

To them, who are slave traders, Feene is only a commodity.

When they are talking about how to handle Feene, Takeru’s party began their battle against the thieves of the ground.

「Mu, there seems to be an uproar below.」

Seamen noticed the riot below the tower but the tower has no window so they can’t see the situation on the ground.

「The guys who came to rescue the girl might have come. We should go and see how things are. 」

Nicolo who was worried about their commodity, Feene, urge the six people to move.

「Well, let’s just leave it to the people downstairs.」

Bram, like the others, didn’t want to do unnecessary labor.


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