Chapter 51 – To Get Old in a Different World


「Sharon, a luxurious horse-drawn carriage is chasing us from the rear.」

「It won’t catch up.」

「Something strange is falling from the sky.」

「Master, you think too much……」

No, I’m not.

Being a hero of this world is always troublesome.

Hey, the war is over. Peace is back!

Why has it become the most dangerous moment?

—Scene Change—

After all, my imaginary fears are needless, and we returned safely to the territory of the Kingdom of Silesie.

On the way home, we went straight through the battlefield. The territory of Transylvania Dukedom is rough. It is in the state where they can’t do anything because of the war.

The Knights calmly plunder the enemy villages as they march.

This is a harsh time in a “Real Fantasy” so it can’t be helped. I don’t know if they are more atrocious than monsters because they are both brutal.

「Earl Brynie, you did something considerably showy.」

「I’ve hit the nail, but it’s a pretty reckless attack. If the Demon’s Gate seal was not removed, we should have counterattacked.」

In the end of the war, Transylvania Dukedom’s territory was scraped off to the Lauren territory.

Lyle-sensei is wary of the strengthened Brynie who comes from a distinguished aristocrat family.

Though he himself signed the end of war treaty that is advantageous to the Kingdom of Silesie.

Better yet, sensei says that it would have been better if he lost.

As for me, it is regrettable that the delicious place were brought to that noble.

It is good that the war ended before any catastrophic collapse, since it is the soldier of the kingdom that will die in the planned counterattack.

That guy is certainly growing impudent but I hope that it won’t cause any problems.

While thinking so, because I didn’t want to see his face, we passed by the City of Lauren.

On the other hand, I dropped by in the city of Spike of Viscount Oracle’s territory.

The stone wall that was crumbling was fully repaired with the support of the Sawatari Commercial Firm. The city’s market is also full of vigor.

In order to increase the defense capability, small turrets were also built.

I told Viscount Ortholet to make the interior clean and beautiful but he only repaired the castle. It seems that the viscount who assumes frugality a golden rule didn’t listen much.

「Oh, Hero Takeru-sama. Welcome to my squalid castle. 」

「I just happened to pass by so I thought of disturbing you a little. 」

Viscount, if you know that its squalid, at least hire a maid.

While thinking if I have to give fund, I listened to the viscount’s story while sipping the bitter tea which a soldier carried.

「Takeru-sama, I heard that you subdued the Demon’s Gate in Transylvania Dukedom this time.」

「Aa, we were just returning after that. By the way, how is the security of the territory?」

I don’t want to repeat the story of the Hell’s Gate that much.

Even if I am looked at with respect, I’m really heartbroken because it’s self-made.

「Thanks to Hero Takeru-sama for subjugating the Oracle’s Great Cave, the territory has peace and tranquility and the reconstruction is proceeding.」

「Well, that’s good…」

「Although my ability is poor, please ask anything of this Ortholet so I can repay your kindness.」

Viscount Ortholet is completely in my faction.

Well, it’s natural because I also support him financially.

Lyle-sensei gives the viscount an instruction.

「Viscount Ortholet, in order for Earl Brynie, who becomes impudent, not to do excessive things, please be the one who hold him down. Also, it will be helpful if you put the Lauren knights of the neighboring territory on your side as well.」

「If it’s the Lauren knights, I have a lot of former colleagues there. I will do everything to increase the number of people who will contribute to the will of hero-sama.」

To the viscount who sat up straight, the Lyle-sensei nodded satisfiedly.

「Takeru-dono, I must return to the capital.」

「Eh? Must I part with you again, sensei?」

If Lyle-sensei goes, I would like to follow him to the capital too.

「There is work.」

「Eh, the war has ended with great pains.」

「Rather, the end of the war with the dukedom is the start. Diplomacy will be busy so that the Germania empire will not intervene with our kingdom that was exhausted by war.」

「Is that so?」

Well, I guess we don’t have any other human resources that can move as much as sensei.

Moreover, I’m sorry that it will be war again.

「Takeru-dono, please stay in a place close to the capital. If possible, please stay in the city of Ox or any area on your own territory. There may be a Royal envoy coming from another country. If that happens, Takeru-dono and the princess must come.」

「If there is such courtesy, it’s inevitable.」

As much as possible, I don’t want to stay in the capital. Sensei probably considered my feeling and just let me stay in an area nearby.

Well, if sensei is busy with his job, I probably shouldn’t force him to accompany me. Should I just shut myself in my castle?

「There are more bad news. In fact, the Germania Empire reported that there is a confirmed abnormal monster outbreak.」

「Eh, did you do that Kaara?」

If there is an abnormal monster outbreak, it means that there is a miasma reservoir.

Because the Empire’s area is vast, it wouldn’t be strange that there are sealed ruins somewhere.

「No, I’m not involved. I am not sure of the location of the empire’s miasma reservoir 『Hotbed of Corruption and Delusion』《Den of Fukuma’s Delusion》.」

Kaara says it’s not her doing.

Well, there are many other demons lurking in human society, so it might be another guy’s conspiracy, but it’s a bit worrisome.

「Hey Kaara. You targeted the Miasma Hole of Doom, and Hell’s Gate but why not also the Hotbed of Corruption and Delusion?」

「It’s a simple logic. The Hotbed of Corruption and Delusion was sealed by the hero of Germania empire just 50 years ago. It was heavily guarded by the soldiers of the empire and the church so I did not aim for it.」

「I see, so that is the reason.」

「I could have aimed for it if I wanted to. Because the Hotbed of Corruption and Delusion is large, it can be said that it is suitable for the demon king’s revival,  but the miasma reservoir of the Kingdom of Silesie is already in halfway of being forgotten which was convenient for me.」

「Then, it is strange that the heavily guarded Hotbed of Corruption and Delusion seal was broken.」

「It is impossible to for another genius demonkin like me to exist. It is natural to think that the one who released the seal is a human being that is on the managing side. I wonder how that human knew how to undo the seal but he probably heard it from the person I taught.」

Indeed, there are a lot of troublesome stuff everywhere.

There will be no dust if you left your plot to another party.

「Sensei, do I have to go seal the miasma reservoir as a hero?」

「It is favourable for us if the Germania empire is in a mess.」

Having said that, sensei hides a smile that can kill an insect.


Or rather, it is unscrupulous to treat the unsealing of a miasma reservoir a good news.

Even if I say that to sensei, it’s too late now.

I don’t even care about the the empire’s Hotbed of Corruption.

The Germania Empire is said to be strong, if so, then they can protect their own country. Their country is big so there might be a hero somewhere to seal it.

「Then, I’ll soon return to the castle of Ox.」

Viscount Ortholet wants me to stay overnight by all means.

The bed here is stiff.

I would like to tell him to prepare more luxurious bed and bath.

Of course, I want him to ask my firm to construct it.

「Then, I will work in the capital so you should take your time to relax, Takeru-dono.」

「Yes, I appreciate it.」

I feel bad for sensei who’ll work again but I’d like to rest for a while too.

—Scene Change—

「Welcome home, Hero-sama…」

When I came to the entrance of the fortress city of Ox, Princess Silhouette and Jill-san welcomed me.

「Jill-san, I got a lot of black dragon wyvern scales so I’ll make an armor for you later.」

Because she has an important role of being the princess’ escort, strengthening her equipment would be necessary.

「Thank you, hero-dono.」

「Ara, Jill has a souvenir but there is nothing for this concubine?」

That said, I’m in trouble.

I cannot make equipments for Princess Silhouette who is a non-combatant.

Speaking of which, I ask the princess to stay in my residence to be safe.

It was necessary to buy the girl who looks after the house a souvenir.

Well, I guess I’m not considerate.

It can’t be helped since I don’t have any experience with girls.

「It isn’t like that, hero-sama. It’s a joke. This concubine can’s say such a luxury.」

No, you’re a princess so you should be luxurious.

To say a joke, it seems that the negative princess is getting better.

「Well, I’ll prepare some compensation, princess.」

「Well, since this concubine turned 16 you could give me something to celebrate my birthday…」

Oh, is that so?

Seeing that I was a little stunned, the princess might have misunderstood and quickly darkened her expression.

「Is it bad for the concubine to become 16? Perhaps it means that as I grow old, I deviate from the liking of hero-sama.」

「No, please stop. I like mature women. 」

Because I employed slave girls, I probably have some strange reputations.

Please stop spreading that rumor.

「I see, matured…」

Princess Silhouette touches the chest part of her pure white dress, which is not very rich, and had a quite subtle face.

Speaking of maturity, the princess has a difficult mental management as she was depressed by that.

「Princess, each person has a charm. I think the princess is very beautiful.」

「Really!? Then this concubine is looking forward to hero-sama’s present. 」

Mmm, a present.

I’m not good at choosing that kind of thing.

—Scene Change—

I was lost in thought while lying slovenly in my room in my castle and healing my fatigue from the trip.

When I heard that the princess turned 16 years old.

I was shocked that even in this world, people would get old.

If you think about it, it is a matter of course.

「I am probably already 18 years old too…」

Coming to this world, the season has already cycled.

I am not conscious of it since Silesie is dry and warm. It was comparatively easy to spend summer and winter.

How old am I now? Maybe I’m old enough to graduate high school already.

Time passes without me noticing.

「Master, are you troubled?」

Sharon came with a big box.

「Yeah … that’s right. I’m a little worried about what present should I give the princess.

Even if I tell Sharon about my worries now, she probably won’t understand.

I don’t know why I’m so worried about getting old in this world.

「Then, I was gathering them exactly.」

When I thought about what she had gathered, it is a box full of magical ornament.

I see. Did you heard about my talk with the princess and prepared it?

Sharon is really too good.

「But, isn’t a gift something that you chose as you go around shopping yourself?」

「Master, you said going around and shopping but the shops in this city…」

That’s right, because this town is my territory, ninety – nine percent of the market is dominated by my company.

What am I going to shop around my own shop?

「Somehow, my feeling to shop has decreased.」

I never thought that I’ll be having a rich man-like problem.

「I brought accessories for the time being, but we can also prepare various dresses suitable for the princess.」

「Well, then. Let’s do this.」

What I chose from the box was a blue sapphire ring which I thought would suit the  Princess Silhouette.

Sharon stares at me while holding her breath.

「Yu, are you going to present a ring to the princess!?」

「No, Sharon, that’s not what I meant.」

「Then, what do you mean, master? It’s me who brought it but I can’t overlook the ring.」

「I also gave Ria the Ring of Prayer so what’s the difference?」

「Ah, that’s right. That sister persistently boast it every time!」

「That’s right. She made that ring a jiving material whenever possible. Giving the princess a ring will make her think that there is no special meaning behind it.」

When I said that, Sharon folds her hand and started fidgeting.

What’s that reaction? I don’t know.

「Well then, if I ask master, will he give me a ring too?」

「Sharon will be able to procure a ring from the store without asking me.」

Sharon’s amber eyes blazed as she glares.


「Master, if you do such cruelty, even I will become angry!」

「After all, I’ll choose this amber ring for you….」

I can’t really take Sharon’s anger.

—Scene Change—

Although it is a birthday gift, I’m nervous  to give a ring to a woman.

I thought about the atmosphere so I invited Princess Silhouette to the balcony of the castle. I presented the ring packed in a beautiful box.

「Oh, a ring, this concubine is fine with a new collar….」

The negative princess’ reply is expected already.

She misunderstood that I like collar, please throw it away already.

「Are you not pleased with the ring?」

「That’s not it! This beautiful ring will be cherished as an heirloom and will be treasured for life!」

No, please wear it.

Alright, I’ll put it on her finger.

The princess took off her white hood that hides her elf ears.

I put the ring on her right hand’s finger.

「Good, I was wondering if the size fits, but it is perfect.」

「Takeru-sama…..that is not the correct finger.」

I remove the blue ring that I put on her right hand. The princess holds out her left hand ring finger and prompt me to put it in there.

I was surprised a little.

Well, if you want me to put it in then I’ll put it in.

Is the left hand’s ring finger also has meaning in this world?

「Even Princess Silhouette makes such an appeal.」

「I’m just doing what Takeru-sama told me to do.」

「No, I don’t want to get married…..」

「Not that! Didn’t you told this concubine before to do what I wanted to do?」

The princess’s pink shining hair shooks with the wind.

The blue eyes of the small girl in front of me shines as it was illuminated by the sinking sun.

The eyes of the princess are much more beautiful than the sapphire I gave her.

The glow of her luscious eyes makes me feel the will of the girl who began to live by oneself.

Marriage with a beautiful half elf princess may be a little hard but it will be nothing but a good fortune.

Her precious strawberry blonde hair looks a little similar to the Lady-in-Waiting, Vallière.

TN:Louise de La Vallière of Zero no Tsukaima


「Certainly, I said so.」

「This concubine has a cramped life so I cannot follow Takeru-sama forever. Therefore, I thought that it won’t possible to convey it as long as I did not convey it in such a way.」

The princess tells me this far, even I who was ignorant of the subtleties of a woman’s heart can understand that she favors me.

If I accept the princess’ favor here, we might get married soon.

Lyle-sensei has already become frantic and is preparing for the marriage though it still depends on me….

「Oh, but, of course, I don’t want to be hero-sama’s luggage! 」

「No, it’s okay. I am very happy.」

If I’m not careful, the negative switch of the princess will turn.

The princess panicked and is embarrassed. I am thankful that she’s not upset but it is rather difficult for me to do this.

「That’s not the case. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. This half elf garbage said a cheeky thing. After all, this is not a ring, it’s a collar, no, this concubine is satisfied with this nose ring!」

「Princess, please calm down for the time being.」

Though I still understand a collar but nose ring?

Who’s the pervert who has that kind of taste…..

…..oh yeah, there’s Ria!

She’s saying funny things like the warning “Don’t play with the princess.”….

「Because I heard from saint-sama that Takeru-sama has such a hobby?」

「As expected! Ria is lying!」

「You’re a man so this concubine understands. There is nothing to be shy about. If master wished me to do so, I will happily kneel down this place and cry BUHIBUHI!」

TN: Buhi is japanese pigs saying oink

「No, I’m not that kind of terrible hero! I don’t have such a hobby! Princess, you’ve been deceived by Ria!」

Wow, she really got on her knees.

The princess is rubbing her strawberry blond hair on my foot.

This is lovely….no, this is not the time to say foolish things.

This direction is bad and it is necessary to stop it before I learn strange thing.

「Princess, it’s getting a little cold, so let’s stop imitating pigs and go inside.」

「Buhi-desu, buhin!」

After all, this negative princess is a little troubled.

Princess Silhouette is an innocent person that is easy to be deceived which makes her an easy target for Ria.

When I took off my coat and put it on the princess’ shoulder, she, who’s been kneeling and crying like an adorable pig, stands up.

Please, return on being human, princess.


Argh, that Ria….. the good atmosphere was ruined.

As soon as I find her, she’ll absolutely get it from me without fail!




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