Feene’s Rescue Battle Arc Part 1

Chapter 46 of A Different World Scenery View From the Tower

Arc 6 Chapter 6


When Takeru swept the bandits and was delighted with the reunion with Feene, the six people, who finally started moving from the top floor of the tower, came down.

「How long are you going to take to finish them off?…… why have everyone been killed?」

Looking at their defeated subordinates, Areta raises a voice of anger.

「Even though you’re just small fries, how can you get defeated in such a short time?」

Bram is investigating the appearance of Takeru’s party without carelessness.

The six people began preparing for battle according to their individual roles.

Takeru was also cautious of their battle formation.

(There seems to be six enemies. )

This will be a six on six match.

However, the enemy has four vanguards and two rear guards.

Takeru’s party is not well-balanced since he’s the only vanguard and the other five are rear guards.

It is difficult to suppress four people alone, Takeru divert his view and looks at his companions.

(What to do? It seems that our usual way of fighting will not be very effective for this opponent. Should I try using Feene?)

「Feene, as the enemy approaches, move around and divert their attention. Can you do it?」

「Yes, I will try.」

Takeru asked Feene to play the role of bait that he was thinking from before.

He was thinking that Feene’s quick movement and magic casting will compensate for the poor balance of their party.

Feene, who has grown up in the last few days, responds well to the intentions of Takeru.

The battle has begun.

Takeru keeps Seamen and Rokyuse from the four vanguard.

Ordega faces bram and Eclair, who’s holding a sword, confronts Areta.

Leiria fights alone against the two magicians at the back.

Felicia has no means to attack so she prepares for her companion’s recovery.

Feene started running as Takeru hits two enemies.

It was Leiria started the earliest.

She was calm, even though she was going have a one-on-two battle against two magicians at the same time.

(Okay, judging from their equipments, they are fire attribute user which is incompatible with me. )

Chart and Chert, who are equipped with wand with fire orb, started casting flame barrett.

The distance between them is quite far away so their means of attack will be limited.

Leiria is also the same, at that distance, she can only use aqua shell and another magic.

Water cannonballs and fire bullets clashed in the air.

Leiria is above in terms of power but there are two enemies. Moreover, they are twins that are good with coordinated attack.

Leiria reduces the power of aqua shell and gives priority to number.

She manage to prevent flame barretts with aqua wall.

The power of her talent “the person who understands the law of magic” manifested and increase her spellcasting speed and decrease her magical power consumption. The two effects boosted Leiria to even take care of a 1 to 2 battle.

「Chart, we need to do something. 」

「That girl’s magical power will not last forever. But let’s use that one, Chert.」

After exchanging magical spells for a while, the enemy, who felt fear from Leiria’s unspeakable magical power, uses their hidden trump card, tier 3 magic, Flame whip.

Two fire whips were released at the same time to attack Leiria.

(Yes, this is the turning point of the match.)

Leiria also releases her trump card Aqua Serpent.

Two water snakes made of magic pop out and pierce the enemy’s fiery whip and bite the enemy.

Opposing a tier 4 magic, Chart and Chert collapsed at the same time.

Eclair faces Areta.

「What are you doing? I’ll scratch that beautiful face of yours. 」

Areta builds on the momentum and pierces the spear using both of her hands.

「Fufufu, that line of yours are exactly what a petty villain would say. 」

While dodging it, Eclair smiles that can even make the same sex skip a beat.

「Don’t joke around.」

Areta turns red with anger and barks.

Eclair is a spirit user, she uses magic if the opponent is out of range.

Nonetheless, she’s fighting equally with the former silver class adventurer Areta in a melee combat.

She is their party’s highest level individual (if you exclude Takeru whose level is unknown). She’s awakening another talent while playing a flexible role.

In middle and long distance battle, she uses bow and magic, in close range, she uses sword. She’s a marvelous all around fighter that can fight in any situation.

The battle of Eclair and Areta didn’t last long.

By the look of it, Areta should have the advantage as she uses a spear against Eclair who uses a slender sword.

However, Eclair lightly dodges Areta’s every attack and counters with a deep cut.

Areta already has several cuts in her body that can’t be considered a shallow damage.

「Hmmm, isn’t it time for you to surrender?」

Eclair is smiling as she parry the spear.

「This goddamn elf is fucking…」

Areta is driven by anger and uses her greatest skill Tornado Spike.

Tornado Spike is a third tier, spear only skill that generates a spiral airflow around the spear with a powerful thrust.

In response to the attack which can not be received with a sword, Eclair flipped backwards then, pierce her sword on the ground and use it as a foundation as she jumps high with all her might.

「This might hurt a bit. Air explosion!」

A powerful wind explosion occurs around the place where Eclair was before.

After using her greatest skill, Areta was completely blown away and stopped moving.


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