Feene’s Rescue Battle Arc Part 2

Chapter 47 of A Different World Scenery View From the Tower

Arc6 Chapter 7


The movement of Bram was clearly visible to Ordega.

He switch his sword to a spear, his hands are now equipped with a shield and a one handed spear. His enemy is holding a sword and a shield on each hands like his former self.

However, even if the enemy’s equipment is different from his, it is not a problem.

Since he did not take much quest, Ordega’s still at copper class but his power already reached silver class.

Bram was competent so Ordega will not win the match in a hurry.

If he is to be defeated, the front line will collapse.

Ordega fight prioritizing defence rather than offence.

Bram had seen through Ordega’s intentions, but was fighting calmly.

Like Ordega, Bram was also a soldier of his home country.

Therefore, Oldega’s spear is prevented by his shield and strikes back with a sword. They are fighting in an orthodox way wherein one can’t think of him as a thief.

Both sides have higher defensive power than attack power. The battle will not conclude easily.

(This battle is going to be a long one.)

Bram prepared for an endurance match.

Ordega’s chest warm up as he noticed that Leiria’s battle was over despite of being a 1 on 2 battle.

(Hime-sama, you really became strong.)

The growth of Leiria after having taken action with Takeru is something to watch for.

She has strong magic power in addition of having two talents. Although it is a result of borrowing the function of the tower, it is not ordinary.

It is not only fighting power. When they were hiding int the hunter’s village, her expression was hard and she only converse a little.

However, after moving to the tower, she often laughs.

They might be new companions but more than that, they made a big impact on Leiria.

Oldega had guessed the reason to some extent.

(Hime-sama always talks about Takeru-dono…)

He feels complicated about Leiria’s change cause he watched her like his own little sister but he’s only her escort.

Ordega’s fighting style is changing too as he is pulled with the fight of Leiria.

Ordega’s spears are getting sharper.


Bram was puzzled by the sudden change.

(Aren’t you buying time?)

However, he also attached immediately.

Spear and sword hit each other’s opponents shield and scatters sparks.

Formally trained combat style exerts more power in defense than attack.

It was not effective in hammering each other so no breakthrough was found.

Then, Ordega makes a strange movement.

He steps forward with a shield in front.

「Shield Buster!」

Shield and shield clashed making a loud noise.

The shields were repelled and the posture of the two collapse.

「Triple strike!」

Ordega release 3 consecutive blows with his spear.

「Argh, Triple strike!」

Bram also uses the same skill but with a sword.



Each other ‘s skills hit and damage each other.

( to fight like a thief )

Bram, who thought Ordega was an orthodox warrior like himself, was puzzled even if he did not put it on his face.

On the other hand, Ordega did not hurry up to win.

As he witnessed the growth of Leiria and he also seen the battle of Takeru, he began to think that he would also like to fight freely as a warrior.

Even taking risks, he pursue fighting in a new style.

Ordega himself has a plenty of room for growth.

They take distance and had an exchange several times.

Again, Ordega steps forward holding a shield in front.

「Shield Buster」

Again, two shields are flipped heavily.

(Are you going to do the same thing again?)

Bram immediately pulled his shield back as he tries to prepare for the next attack after his posture breaks.

On the other hand, Ordega returned to his posture faster than the enemy.

「Critical Strike!」

The sword technique is emitted instantaneously to Bram.


Receiving a powerful blow, Bram fell down.

Feene, for the first time, was assigned to a role of guerrilla warfare at the start of the battle.

She runs around the battlefield trying to find opening on the enemy.

As far as the battle was concerned, Feene didn’t do much.

Leiria battle in a 1 to 2 fight in five minutes and there are sufficient room in Eclair and Ordega’s battle.

(Well, it’s hard to get involve on it nanodesu.)

If that is the case, after all, she is anxious in the state of her favourite Takeru.

Even in a one to two battle, Takeru has been investigating his enemies movement for 5 minutes.

(Takeru-oniichan can’t lose. However, I’m disturb a little nanodesu.)

Feene goes behind Seamen and Rokyuse who are fighting with Takeru and roll an flame bomb when she found a chance.


The rolled bomb explodes around the enemy and disrupts the enemy’s concentration.

Feene has carried out her function as a guerrilla warfare attacker.


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