Chapter 4 – The First Villager Discovery

Chapter 4 of After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week

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Though I could hear the sound of a pretty strong wind, I looked down at the earth without even shaking my hair.

At my foot is a black dragon about 10 meters wide if it outstretched its wings. It is the dragonkin Lagreat which is the strongest race among beastkins. It is a race that can be in a dragon form. If Lagreat is in a human form, he looks like a thin good looking boy from junior high school.

Lagreat uses magic that obstructs the wind but only for us who are riding on his back while flying.

From the top of Lagreat, who is flying as if cutting the sky, I confirmed that we will be at the other side of the forest below.

「….There is a meadow but we haven’t found a human dwelling yet. 」

When I talked so to myself, one of the members who had searched and looked around the area approached.

「There’s nothing here, boss.」

***TN: He was called 大将 (taishō) which can also mean; general, admiral, leader, local kingpin***

The one who said it in a slightly mild atmosphere is a pretty tall woman. It is the dark elf Sedeia who boast a height higher than me and also has a considerable volume of chest. Although she’s supposed to be an elf, she’s wearing a black base big clothes that has variety of gaps for her metallic light armor.

「You can’t find one even with your eyes….」

I muttered with a sigh and raised my face.

「Well, do not be discouraged, boss. We’re probably only about 10 kilometers, right?」

Sedeia  smiled at me and hit me on my back.

Oh, wasn’t she supposed to be the most timid character? My back hurts a bit but it seems that I’m saved by Sedeia’s character which is not modest,

「Are, is that so? We are in the middle of meadow that doesn’t have lumber so if there is a village here, they are probably hunters who uses horse. If there is a water source nearby, there will be a farm village.」

When I say so, Sedeia nods several times while touching her jaw with her finger.

「Oh, as expected of boss. I was able to see a village as soon as you said it.」


Sedeia raised a voice of admiration. I was surprised and turned my eyes to the earth.

In the meadow, there are about 20 to 30 private houses and a wooden fence that surrounds those.

The problem is that there are dozens of people wearing armor in the back of the village.

「Don’t you think something is strange?」

Eleanor said that while I’m observing the state of the village diagonally from Sedeia.

「For the time being, let’s get down and scout before we are noticed. Lagreat, get down.」

As I said so, the black dragon groaned and began descending immediately. It is quite far to the village.

When we landed on the ground and we got off the back of Lagreat. Lagreat’s body glowed faintly and gradually became smaller.

The figure of the dragon disappeared in a moment and a figure of a boy wrapped in leather clothes with blonde hair and red eyes appeared there.

「Fuu, after all, there is a sense of incongruity because I’ve only seen that body lately.」

「Lagreat is tired.」

When I said that, when Lagreat was stretching out, a little girl shaking her short blond hair, which looks like a junior high school student, approached and tried to console Lagreat.

Depending on a viewpoint, they can be called siblings but the girl is an elf. It is the high elf Sunny that has her body wrapped in a white robe.

「Thank you, Lagreat. It is bad since we just get off but let’s walk to that village. All right?」

When I turned to the two of them, they bowed gracefully and thanked me.

「Of course, my lord. Rather, I will brag to everyone that I fly to the sky with my lord on my back.」

Lagreat said so and I give him a self-conscious smile. Sunny beside him stared at me with a look of envy.

「Master, I want to carry master too.」

What are you talking about?

「What are you talking about?」

***TN: It is really written like that.***

「Hau…I’m sorry. I got off track….」

Sunny unintentionally voiced out what is on her mind. Her cheeks blushed as she looks down.

Lagreat looks at Sunny on his side as if looking an idiot.

「Ah… for now, follow me while being vigilant on our surrounding.」

When I told all of them, I walked in the direction of the village.

There is still quite a distance to the village, should I run?

When I thought of such a thing, a red haired woman that is diagonally at my back makes a sound of rubbing metal.

It is the human Verossa who’s wearing a white gilet with transparent frills and a red tutu shape like spread out skirt.

「Boss, do you mind if I dance?」

***TN: This time Verossa called him Boss in english***

Verossa’s job is a dancer who has a variety of supplementary skills. I remembered that she has a buff that increases physical strength as well as movement speed.

「That’s right. However, I want to move as unnoticeable as possible. I want to avoid battle against monsters as much as possible unless we bump into them directly.」

When I said so and stopped walking, Verossa shook her hands and feet on the spot immediately, turned her body sideways and bowed her head gently.

A dancer has a great deal of skill that does not need magical power but its disadvantage is it takes time to dance. It takes at least a few seconds during combat.

Suddenly, I felt my body lightening as if floating. In reality, the world of fantasy has an uplifting feeling, but it was also this feeling that I had learnt again that this was not a dream.

「All right, let’s go.」

When I switched my mind, I kicked the ground and began running to the village.

I accelerate rapidly as if I am totally riding a car or a motorcycle just by kicking the ground twice. The short grass of the meadow flows to the back between rapidly.

When I check the back while running, the figure of the members that are following me has their eyes checking the surroundings.

Thanks to body strengthening, we were able to queue up in front of the fence that encloses the village without even taking a minute.

I looked around the fence that is made of logs, apparently it seems that there is no entrance.

I thought of jumping over the fence to enter the village that we will definitely judged as an enemy. We went around the village and decided to go to the other side which seemed to be the front of the village.

We hid ourselves to the shadow of the fence and watched the state of the group that wore armor that are occupying the front of the village.

「I wish they would come out early.」

「Yes, no matter how you look at it, they can’t win if no help will come.」

「There is no difference!  Hahaha!」

Men who were armed with swords and spears in their hands and are wearing worn-out armor were laughing.

After all, they seem to be not a good thing for the village.

Can we build a good relationship with the village residents if we get these guys?

When I was plotting such a thing, a number of people appeared from the village.

There are two big men and a little girl.

Both men have an armor, a shield, and a double-edged sword.

The girl has a clear features but looks slightly young, probably around 16 or 17. She had a dark blue hair and is wearing a black robe on top of her leather clothes. She also has a metal wand in her hand.

When the girl stood between the men, she raised a voice toward the group that are wearing armor.

「This village will not offer anything to you! Please give up and go home!」

When the girl cried out in a loud voice, she heard a laughter from a group that are wearing armor in return.

「I thought you came out to present the young lady!」

「Buhahaha! That’s good! That will be the order!」

「Indeed, we won’t accept a woman alone! We did not wait here for one day just for a little girl!」

Such foolish words were thrown by the group that are wearing armor. The girl and the men on her left and right stiffened their body.

When the girl decided to step forward, she moved her small mouth and hung up her wand.

「What! Don’t allow her to chant!」

Such a voice rose among the group that are wearing armor as they panicked with the girls action. Some men began to run toward the girl. In addition, arrows and stones also fly to the girl continuously.

「I’ll stop you!」


The girl did not try to avoid the projectiles, instead the men in her left and right that were holding shields are protecting her.

The metallic sound and dull blows sounded consecutively, and one of the two men got his knees on the ground.

「Now! Yaree!」

Immediately, the men that are wearing armor become excited.

However, the girl’s movement is slightly faster than the hands of the group wearing armor that are approaching the girl.

「Water! Flow together!」

When the girl shouted, something like a semitransparent blue wall appeared in front of the girl. The two men who were protecting the girl are also moving away from the front of the girl.
The next moment, three men who are wearing armor who had come to the immediate side of the girl were swept away by the tsunami-like currents.

The tsunami that the girl casted approached the center of the group that are wearing armor in no time. Nearly half of the men who are wearing armor were swept away.

「Well, is that the magic of this world? It’s quite good. How much power do you feel from it?」

This is the first time I witnessed the magic of this other world so I asked everyone.

「Yes. It took a long time to cast but I think the power and the scale is comparable to intermediate level water magic, Flood Rain.」

「A magic of that extent is incapable of always breaking barrier.」

「No no no, if that girl is still learning magic, she’ll be good in a year or two.」

「However, she’s the only magician in this village. She’s on a business trip, right?」

「She’s great even though she’s small.」

「That’s not what I’m talking about.」

I wanted to hear their opinion and everyone expressed their thoughts.

I turned to the girl after seeing that my companions don’t feel any tension at all.

Although the number of the group that are wearing armor is greatly reduced, their fighting spirit still remains as they yell their war cry towards the girl.

The girl is sitting on the ground while her shoulder go up and down intensely. The two men who are supposed to be her guards still can’t stand.

When I sigh to the sight, I called out to my subordinates behind me.

「It would be no problem if it was that much. Eleanor, kick them off. Lagreat and Sunny, protect the girl then treat the bodyguards afterwards. The rest will come with me.」

As I ordered everyone, I stepped in the dogfight site.

In the next moment, the men wearing the armor that would be quite weight were being flipped like bowling pins.


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