Feene’s Rescue Battle Arc Part 3

Chapter 48 of A Different World Scenery View From the Tower

Arc 6 Chapter 8 



Finally, it is the time for Takeru’s match.

Like Ordega, Takeru prioritize holding the enemy and he also has room to spare.

Both Seamen and Rokyuse are warriors with superior skill and speed rather than power.

Takeru is on the receiving end as he is trying to ascertain the sword skill of the enemy.

(This light-dressed warrior doesn’t seem to be a big deal but the old man is a considerable master.)

He raised his vigilance against the elderly swordsman, Seamen.

Shit, Shit.

Rokyuse  got impatient. They are fighting two against 1 but they cannot land an attack.

The enemy in front of him is obviously earning time as he watch the battle situation but he cannot find a way to breakthrough.

Furthermore, the foxkin girl that was supposed to be a product is running around and is getting in the way by using magic.

Eeee, this is stupid.

Rokyuse, don’t be hasty. Concentrate on the enemy in front of you.

Seamen looks and calls out the impatient Rokyuse.

However, Rokyuse didn’t stop.

He tried to rushed the match by using a third tier sword technique.

Extend strike

A large-stretched thrust attacks Takeru, but Takeru that has already see through it easily parry by the sword.

Damn! Triple strike

In addition, he also releases three consecutive sword attacks but all were parried.

It’s my turn. Ray Caelum Sword Technique, Three Slash Snow Flower!

Three slashes that are much faster than Triple Strike hit Rokyuse.

His movements was dull after using sword skills so there is no way for him to avoid it.

(I told you not to be hasty, a greenhorn)

Watching Rokyuse fall down, Seamen makes a wary face.

(However, Ray Caelum Sword Technique.)

Boy, where did you get such a sword trick.

Do you know it old man? I had it made exclusively for me.

It’s a special skill….

If you create a series of sword skills with special skills from a school, it will cost a huge amount.

It is not possible for a mere adventurer.

(Is he a noble? He doesn’t look like one.)

The quality of the swords and armor equipped with Takel is not bad, but it is not necessarily a high class armor.

He doesn’t seem that he can make an exclusive skill.

Seamen is pretending to be calm but he is confused.

Even after Rokyuse’s fall, Takeru and Seamen seems to be equal in both defence and offence.

All six people were former Silver Class and has an equal position but their actual combat strength is not equal.

Even if he’s a member of six people, Seamen excelled more than the other members.

In his home country, Seamen, who had been active as a famous swordsman, had the capability that is comparable to a gold class.

(It seems that I can’t afford to be in this situation forever.)

Seamen looked at the odds and perceived that they are in a disadvantageous situation.

Rupture flow, Okune-six-Arc sword

Six flashes of light were emitted by the sword as it targets Takeru’s upper, middle and lower part in a circular motion.

Even Takeru can’t defend against all of those.

A slash attack hits Takeru ‘s shoulder armor.



Feene who seen it up close screams.

She wanted to help but the movement of these two are to fast to carelessly put her hand on.

It’s all right, Feene. You don’t need to get involved.

Takeru forbids Feene to interfere his one on one match.

(After all, this old man is not an ordinary person.)

Takeru is happy to found a strong enemy and smiles naturally.

After receiving his own secret technique, instead of being disheartened, his enemy Takeru raises his fighting spirit more. Seamen lifts the edge of his mouth.

Boy, you are wonderful. May I know your name?

Leader of Babel…Takeru.

Babel? It’s a party I’ve never heard of, but you’re good. Because strong people like you are coming out, the world is still not bad yet. My name is Seamen, Sarkia’s greatest swordsman. Former…

Takeru does not know, but Sarkia is a kingdom that faces the southern desert.

Although it is a small country, it’s swordsman corps is feared by the neighboring country with its high combat power.

Seamen’s name was once known as the leading swordsman of the country.

Hearing each other’s names, Takeru and Seamen clashed with all their power.

Takeru dodges the sword of the enemy, receives it, and counterattacks.

Seamen also parry Takeru’s sword and conter attack.

For a while, the sound of their swords collision resounded in the battlefield.

Seamen’s skill is slightly above Takeru and Takeru makes up for it with his high physical activity.

The battle between the two was quite equal.

What’s wrong, Takeru? Come on.

Seamen provokes Takeru.

Okay, let’s go. Three Slash Snow Flower!

Takeru daringly challenges the provocation with a sword skill head on.

Six-Arc sword

Each other’s swords clash head on.

The three and six sword skills collide and disappear with a sonic boom.


Seamen was astonished that Takeru’s sword skill is equal from the sword skill from Okune school.

I will keep going on, Rock Drop!

He attacks with an elementary secret art that destroys the opponent but it is warded off.

Three Slash Snow Flower!

Takeru uses an intermediate skill in a moment.

(It’s like he plan to continuously release sword skills….)

Seamen also receives all of it but his posture collapses with the impact.

Still, Moonlight in the Water!

Takeru repeatedly fires swordskills amazingly fast.

The sword attack which extends to the length that is many times of the blade from the bottom, attacks the foot of Seamen.

Eei, Fallen blossoms anti-sword!

Seamen also use another sword technique, the Okune Fallen blossoms anti-sword.

The sword which is swung down from the top called several impacts.

Swords collide from above and below.

Another one, Three Slash Snow Flower!

(What’s this, it’s too fast!)


At last, Seamen kneel with the impossible pounding of sword techniques.

It’s my win, old man.

Takeru says it as he thrust his sword in front of Seamen’s eyes.

Seamen tried to stand up but when he looked around, all other member of six people had already been defeated.

Our defeat, is inevitable.

Seamen puts down his sword and raised his hands as a declaration of surrender.


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