Chapter 5 – Astonishment of a Certain Girl

Chapter 5 of After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week

mahou shoujo from the previous chapter’s POV

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AN: POV of the girl from another world

It has become unusually long, I hope you’ll read it.


The farthest village. Grado is a remote village located just between the Rembrandt Kingdom and the Galland Empire.

That is my hometown.

By chance, it seems that I have a talent as a magician. I far as I remember, I can somehow manipulate mana.

My parents were pleased with it so they asked the only magician in our village,an old man, to teach me basic knowledge and practices of magic.

I surpassed the power of the old man on my 11th birthday so my parents decided to enroll me in a prestigious school of magic.

The Grado is within the territory of the Rembrandt kingdom for the time being. That’s why it has been decided that I’m going to the Rembrandt Kingdom’s National Academy of Magic in the capital of the Rembrandt Kingdom.

In terms of magic, Rembrandt Kingdom is a bit inferior to other countries. Because of that, the magic academy’s gate is open to everyone to be able to secure talented persons as much as possible.

And, if you enroll at the academy and was able to be at the top 100, admission is free.

In addition, the top 50 students, recognized as someone having high rank ability, are directly employed by the Rembrandt Kingdom.

At the academy, I somehow manage to raise my rank up to the 50th place. Those who are ranked at the 50th to the 60th place are being recruited by nobles.

I participated in a ball for noble that students from the academy can participate in last year. There, I met the Earl of my hometown, Margrave Villiers St. Warms Fitzyi, face to face.

***TN: As far as I know, a margrave is equal to a marquis. This kingdom is probably one of those that gives margrave title to the feudal lord whose territory borders another country.***

When I tell the margrave that I want to work under him, Margrave Villiers gladly approved it. I was forced to dance for one song on the spot.

I was embarrassed because I gathered everyone’s attention, but I remember that I felt like a heroine of a story.

After graduating from school, I aimed towards my hometown to be able to report it to my parents.

We have always exchanged letters but haven’t seen the face of my parents for five years.

During the return journey, my heart throbbed that makes my 2 week long carriage journey bearable. By the way, I negotiated with the peddler to hire me as a guard which makes my travel cost free and I will even earn 1 gold coin.

Speaking of gold coin, one is enough for a family to live sufficiently for three months.

When I arrived at the village, I went to see my parents in a triumphant way.

However, reunions with my parents were not as bright as I had imagined.

「Welcome back, you have grown. 」

My mother who smiled while saying so is so thin that it looks like her meat was scraped off. She raised her upper body on the bed with her back rolled like an old woman.

「Wha, what happened mother!? 」

I made a screaming voice and headed down to my mother. Then, whether my loud voice had offended her body, mother laughed and cough as if having been troubled.

「I’ve been getting worse since two years ago…. I didn’t write it in the letter so that I wouldn’t worry you who’s doing your best alone. I’m sorry.」

My father had a painful look and lightly rubbed my mother’s back.

Looking at it, my father seems to be thinner than before and his body has become smaller. He worked desperately in order to find a cure for mother.

「I kept it a secret because I thought that my condition will improve before you go home. You studied properly and graduated quickly. You could have tried to learn a little more slowly. 」

My mother said a joke and laughed happily.

I could not bear it. I sat down beside my mother, talked a lot about the memories that I wanted to tell my parents, such as things about school, magic, life in the kingdom.

「Therefore, Mother. I’ll be working for the Earl from now on. Anyway, because I was ranked as the 56th.」

「Oh, that’s amazing!」

「If you’re going back to the capital, do you have travel expenses?」

「I was a guard to the peddler so he gave me one gold coin.」

「Arara, you have become a person who can stand on her own. When you were in this village, you were an awfully shy person to the extent that it makes me worry.」

When I tried hard to tell the recent situation with a smile, my mother finds it very funny and sometimes she smiles as if very amused.

This was the conversation that I had envisioned. To me who is in the capital that is missing her hometown, this is the conversation with my mother that I have dreamt of.

But I’m not happy at all.

「Mother, I did my best… So, get well soon… this…」

The limit of patience has come. My nose is painful, my tears overflow from my eyes.

I do not want to show such a figure.

I do not want to bother my parents.

But I was not able to suppress it.

My father gently stroked my head who’s crying like a child.

At that time, noisy footsteps and voices rang out from outside the house.

「I’ll take a look.」

When father said that, he opened the door of our house and put his face out.

I saw the back of my father talking to our neighbor outside our house. I could say that anxiety sprang up in my chest.

Due to my father ‘s opening the door, the outside bustle hit my earlobe like a clear alarm bell.

「Apparently, there seems to be fellows that are claiming to be a mercenary group that is trying to break into the village. Now, the village chief seems to be earning time by saying that he is going to gather money and foods.」

My father tells us that while looking at us with a stern expression.

「Buying time…. what are you going to do with the time you earn? Even the knight group will not go to such a place and going to a nearby village to call for help will not make it in time.」

When I say so, my father who is watching my mother dropped a glance at me.

「…in other words, while the mercenary group have forcibly occupied the village, they will take whatever they can take and we will flee from the back. Although the possibility is low, they might withdraw after taking only the goods and money. For the time being, you must head for the other side of the village with the luggage you have earlier.」

「Wait a minute, what will father and mother do!? If father carries mother and moves, you’ll definitely be caught!」

Father was amazed with what I said as I objected. However, father swings his head without taking my objection.

「There is a high possibility that there are mercenaries on the other side of the village. Maybe something will happen if you’re alone. Don’t worry about us.」

「It’s okay. If that happens, I’ll run.」

The two of them said so and gave me my luggage. There were no fluctuation in their pupils and their resolution is absolute.

I, no, I also… I decided to prepare.

「… I understand. I’ll go ahead and wait in the back of the village.」

As I said so, they nodded with a smile as if they were relieved.

I reconfirmed the two of them, take my luggage and left the house first.

And I ran looking for the village chief.

「…  However, is it really good? If you can do it for sure… No, either way, the result will be good for the village regardless of the success or failure.」

The village chief showed a complex expression, but in the end he listened to my proposal.



I desperately carried my fidgety legs as if it has been in heat. I headed to the place where the mercenary group is in with two villager that were in charge of hunting.

「Muu, my trembling from excitement doesn’t stop.」

「Your bluff is….well, in this small village, it is probably foolish to show it before the eyes of the people.」

While listening to such a conversation between the two, I opened my mouth in front of the mercenary group.

I probably should have think of what to say in advance.

When I realized it, I was already kneading magical power desperately.

It is a magic that boast as the second most powerful anti army spell of the water system. I take pride in this magic that is even a top class spell in the academy.

However, it is regrettable that it has a very long casting time, will I be able to use it in time? I think this is the reason why I couldn’t break the 50th place barrier.

However, this has given the mercenary group a big setback and should have earned enough time for everyone to escape.

When I thought so, I saw the mercenary guys approaching from here at a distance of about 20 meters.

The power of the glares from the mercenary group is abnormal. It has an overwhelming hatred against me who has exhausted her magical powers.

However, if they break through here, my mother…

I found myself standing up while clenching my teeth.

There is no winning. The two people who escorted me were wounded.

But I have to do something!

As I was determined to do so, the men who wore armor in front of me danced in the sky.

「Are you alright?」

When I was broken off with the spectacle before my eyes, I heard a cute voice of a girl.


When I tried to look for it, there was a blond girl in a white robe that looks younger than me.

「There seems to be no injury. The men over there will be taken care of so be relieved.」

When the girl says only that in a flat voice without the tension, I looked at men wearing armor which dances the in the sky.

Looking at it, there is a blond girl that is putting her hand on the wounds of the two guys that escorted me.

Turning my eyes to the mercenary group again, I understood what is happening to them as I look as they scatter.

It’s unbelievable. A woman with long blonde hair wearing a beautiful dress was beating the men in armor with her bare hands.

Moreover, the woman is surprisingly beautiful. I wonder if she is a sister of these girls.

「Wha, what? What’s going on? Ah, what is that person doing?」

The girl tilted her head in confusion as if she didn’t understand what I’m saying.

「…She’s hitting them.」

I was speechless and hardened to the answer that came from the strangely pretty girl.

How does a large adult fly in the air with just getting hit?

Voices of men, that were losing consciousness multiplied from a distance, petrified me.

「Hmm, are you okay? This was a dangerous place. By the way, may I ask you for direction a little? Ah, please let me know the name of the country and the name of this place.」

When I looked at the direction of the voice, as I doubt my ear from the out-of-place question, there were seven or eight men and women walking towards me.


AN: Thank you for reading.

I am likely to cry as I think that you were able to read this.

I’ll also get a runny nose.

Damn it, fellow house dust.

The two escorts were poorly treated.

Well, they are such a fellow.


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