Chapter 6 – The First Conversation

Chapter 6 of After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


AN: There’s still no different world atmosphere.

It is more of a European Middle Ages-like feeling.

Ah, is it because only a village appear yet?


The confused girl and the two men are surprised as their injuries were cured.

And, in the distance, the last body wearing an armor danced in the sky.

It is truly a different world. It’s a fantasy scene.

However, I never thought that Eleanor will fight barehanded. Though it is certain that I directed a suitable instruction, she just tear off the men who are wearing armor and throw them bare handed….

「A, ano… 」

When I was thinking about that idly misery, the girl turned to me and calls out.

The girl doesn’t know who to look at so she opens her mouth while her gaze wanders.

I wonder whether her mental disturbance has recovered enough to answer my question.

When I look at the girl again, I noticed that the girl’s condition is somewhat strange.

「Hmm? Are you feeling ill? It doesn’t look like you got hurt, but are you injured somewhere?」

The girl’s complexion was a little bad and her fingers were trembling. No, perhaps she may be terrified by Eleanor who rages like a demon lord.

「Ah, it’s just magic exhaustion… I will recover after a while.」

The girl replied with a slight drop of eyes as if ashamed.

I open my mouth unconsciously like what I’ve always done in the game.

「Item box, Magic Potion」

As I said that, the girl lifted her face with a momentum like a spring-mounted doll.

I raised my right hand a little while I was not quite aware of what made the girl make that surprised face. Then, a red vial was being gripped in my right hand as if it had been originally there.

Although I was unconscious, I was secretly relieved because I can still use the item box just like the time of the game.

But the girl looked at me with her two eyes rounded like a dish.

I offered a nutritious drink size magic potion to the girl who stopped moving. It is a glass bottle that has a shape of a container of perfume but has red liquid instead.

「Eh, su, such….such expensive thing… I will recover in time.」

「Don’t worry. I don’t need money.」

It seems that magic potion is expensive based on the reaction of the girl. I thought I should refrain from trying to sell the magic potion to the girl. Magic potions are certainly more expensive than potions. It’s about as much as a high potion.

However, the girl shook her head and refused to accept the magic potion.

「Uu, I can’t accept that! Because my magical power will recover in half a day.」

「No, drink it.」

I said it instinctively with my eyes half-opened after I heard that it will take her half day to recover. Was the girl surprised with my strong way of saying things? She unwillingly received the potion.

For a while, the girl had a gaze between me and my magic potion. It seems that she decided to drink it, she took the small bottle cap with her trembling fingers and put the liquid in her mouth.

「Th, this is…. This is a magic potion…」

The girl who drank up the deep red, blood like magic potion look at the empty bottle with amazement as she felt her magical power recover.

Maybe Magic Potion is more expensive than I thought.

I thought of such a thing but denied it in my heart when I look at the small village that looks like a small settlement.

There is no doubt that it will be unusual for a magic potion to be here since it is a simple countryside village. The merchant who comes to peddle must be considerably raising the price to cover the freight fare.

No, she is the only one who can cast magic to the point that she challenges a group of mercenary with only two guards. No matter how you think about it, there is no demand for magic potion in this village.

I opened my mouth to the girl when I was convinced by myself.

「Now, let me hear your answer to my question.」

「Eh, ah…. that is, I would like to ask you if I could… I’m sorry, but could you come to the village once? You drove away the mercenary group….no, I want to talk with the village chief about your reward for annihilating them.」

The girl said so falteringly and looked up at my face apologetically. It is unavoidable that the color of vigilance and awe is mixed in somewhere.

Now, if I tell the girl that Eleanor is standing behind her without making a sound, she may faint.

「That’s right. The more information the better. Can you introduce me to the village chief?」

「Ye, yes! Let’s go to the village immediately. 」

The girl regained her spirit with my answer.

「Hmm? What should be done with the mercenary group? 」

「Eh? Have you kill them? 」

The girl looked at the collapsed state of the mercenary group in the meadow with a strange face.

「Did you kill them? 」

When Eleanor, who’s standing behind the girl, hears it, she shakes her head left and right.

「No, I add some tentative allowance because master instructed me to kick them off. Though I paralyze them. 」

「Hie!? 」

The girl jumped up with a sharp scream upon hearing Eleanor’s voice behind her.

I hold my chest with my hand, the girl gledges at Eleanor’s face and nodded.

「I’ll tell my men to restrain them because they seem to be alive. I leave the mercenary group to the village’s judgment.」

When I said that, the girl was just nodding many times without saying anything.


—Scene Change—

When we enter the village and rolled up the mercenary group who are bounded at the entrance of the village, several villagers appeared. Everyone is a man, except for one person.

There are only wooden houses in this village. There are no such things as shops and inn. There are only single-story houses and barns.

Unexpectedly, the villagers were not only old people. Is it not being depopulated?

When I was thinking something rude to the village, a group of men and women came out among the villagers. There is also a morbidly thin woman that is supported by a man.

Is it anger and sorrow that floats in the face of the man and woman? That is a very complicated look, no, they are looking at the magician girl.

The man was looking at the girl with a stern expression, but he suddenly opened her mouth to her gaze.

「I’ve heard from Keema. I cannot thank you enough for saving this village. And my daughter’s life… Thank you very much. I’m very sorry, but I want to talk to my daughter at once. Can I take my daughter?」

Keema might be either of the two men that is guarding the girl.

「Ah, I do not mind. Only the three of them tried to stop the mercenary group. You might have been worried.」

When I told so as I acknowledged the man’s intentions, the man caught his mouth as if to clench his teeth and lowered his head silently and deeply.

It seems to be that the men and women are the girls parents, but as far as their attitude is concerned, the girl seems to have taken such actions without their consent.

The girl also saw her parent’s feelings. She has a face that was about to cry like her parents.

「I’m sorry…. I’ll take a few seats out. I will sincerely tell your success to the village chief by all means.」

The girl stopped and said so with a face that wanted to detain her feelings, but I didn’t say anything in particular and just nodded.

For a girl who I met for the first time, it is impossible for me to mediate a father-daughter quarrel. I mean, I’ll get yelled as well.

Were feelings transmitted from my face? The girl walks heavily toward her parents.

When I was looking at the back of the girl while she’s leaving, a middle-age man stepped forward.

「…Nice to meet you. I am the village chief, Denma. Thank you so much for this time. Thanks to you, the village was saved. If your time permits, please feel free to relax at my house.」

「Ah, thank you.」


AN: Is there anyone who read this?

It seems to be able to write a comment… Is it a phantom?

Ah, it is not a dream…!

My nosebleed doesn’t stop!


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