Chapter 53 – Transylvania’s Princess



From the window of Ox ‘s castle, I just stare at the big white clouds flowing into the mountain over there.

It was just when I thought that a peaceful day would start today.

「Master, the Transylvania’s princess is seeking for an audience.」

「Really? Let her through.」

Suzanne, who just became my knight, brings me a report with an embarrassed face.

To get into the trouble of coming here, I prepared myself for an event(trouble).

I’m glad I got a lot of rest.

I awaited for the Transylvania’s princess on the modest audience of the Ox’s castle.

「Welcome to my castle, Your Highness Princess.」

I stand up and greet the princess.

She’s wearing  a regal blue dress with long hem under her blue robe. The princess gracefully advance on the red carpet and kneel in front of me.

The two young knights who seem to be her escort also follow.

「I am the only child of the duke of Transylvania, Caroline Transylvania Orania. I’ve only seen Hero Takeru-sama’s face once, it is from the time you seal the Demon’s Gate…」

「Yes, I also remember you, Princess Caroline.」

After all, she’s a glasses girl.

Well, should I stand up, or should I leave this as it is?

「Today, I have a request for you. It is a very rude request and can be called really shameful but I can only ask for hero-sama’s help.」

「I don’t mind, what happened?」

The princess, who has her long yellowish-brown hair tied with a blue ribbon, looks up at me.

Her pale brown eyes in the back of her glasses seemed to be strong like her father.

「Our country is now being partly threatened by Earl Brynie Lauren Blanc. He says that they will conquer our country if I will not be sent to him…. If I, the only child of the Duke is taken by Brynie, it will not be different from being robbed of the country.」

「That maro noble….」

TN: Maro is a word of endearment for young boy/baby or pet. It can also mean “myself”. I changed it a little(I translated it as I, me, myself) in chapter 47 but Earl Brynie usually refers to himself as maro.

That Brynie guy without even informing the Silesie government.

I mean, even without asking sensei, this guy just do anything he wants.

「The Dukedom’s national power was greatly weaken, there is no way to resist the threat of Brynie anymore. My father embarrassingly sent me out to seek asylum(protection) from hero-sama. I understand that I’m doing such a selfish thing…」

「Ah, please raise your head. The bad one is Earl Brynie. Of course I will help you.」

Because the princess, who’s the only child of the duke, shifts her kneeling posture to dogeza, I made her stand up.

I don’t have the hobby of being pleased when a person dogeza in front of me.

「Thank you.」

「For the time being, Princess Caroline will take shelter in my castle. I will make a formal protest for Brynie’s selfish act. Is that agreeable to you?」

「Yes, I can be relieved if I am under the protection of Hero-sama. Thank you for your kindness, we wish to express our gratitude repeatedly.」

「Then we will guide you to your room. Your escort too.」

However, it became a troublesome thing.

Marrying the Dukedom’s princess would have been much easier in this case.

I need to send a fast horse to Lyle-sensei in the capital…

No, that alone is not enough.


「Yes, true ancestor-sama.」

What? True ancestor…. Am I a vampire? Don’t joke around.

Kaara is really a hidden magician. She can hide in the nearby darkness without even a sign.

「Please investigate Earl Brynie’s surrounding. Kaara originally knows the details for that but can you include the diplomatic relationship in that area?」

「It means that there is a possibility of being in contact with the Germania empire.」

As expected of the demonkin strategist.

I want to know the reason why a regional lord like Brynie is so bullish.

「If so, grab the evidence if you can. It may be useful to sensei.」

「As your will….」

Kaara vanished into the darkness without a sound.

I’m counting on you.

—Scene Change—

「Master, Earl Brynie Lauren Blanc is seeking for an audience but….」


I just sent a confirmation letter to my sensei earlier.

Why did he suddenly come to my residence?

Ah, I see. Perhaps Earl Brynie chased Princess Caroline immediately.

Inspite of being a noble, Earl Brynie moves fast.

「All right, let’s go!」

His move is unexpected. Does his soldier have divine protection for speed? We haven’t even done a factual investigation yet.

That Brynie bastard can conduct power this much. Perhaps I underestimated him because he’s a maro noble.

「Nohohoho, are you feeling alright, hero-dono?」

The Earl is dressed in an impractical regal black armor and is even wearing a beret indoor today.

For a man who chases a woman’s ass, he seems to be in a good mood.

Earl Brynie is also being accompanied by a stream of his vassal that are wearing fine clothes.

Some would have probably thought that it is a feudal lord’s procession. Is this kind of accompaniment natural because he’s from a rich noble family?

「My mood has gotten worse as soon as I saw your face in my castle.」

I replied his nerve-wracking laugh with sarcasm.

「I wonder if the princess of the defeated country escapes here.」

「What did you mean by escape? 」

「Maro’s purpose is Princess Caroline, I would like you to hand her over ojaruyo. 」

「I refuse. Her Highness Princess Caroline is under my protection so I’m not going to hand her to you. 」

「Nuu, what right do you have ojaru? To interfere with maro?! 」

「Using your own logic, what authority do you have to make me hand over the princess to you? 」

What, this extremely dense  guy didn’t think that he’ll leave karate in this room.

TN: Karate means empty handed. Yup, somewhere in that line, there is a joke.

Did he really think that he will be able to take the princess with just intimidation?

If so, this is a bewildering experience.

Even I have some noble and royal family member backing me up, don’t think that I’m just a pushover youngster.

「Maro, as the victorious general, has the right to demand the defeated nation.」

「Have you got permission from the government of the Silesie kingdom?」

「Maro, as the front line commander, has the full authority over the war with Transylvania Dukedom ojaru.」

「The war is over! I’m asking you if you’ve got permission from the Silesie Kingdom Government!」

「Nuu, that is…」

「After all, do you think that a local lord can pressure other countries without going through the diplomatic routes of the country?」

Even I, a different world person, will think it is amusing.

「Silence! Maro is the present head of the Blanc Household who draws the blood of Founding King Renz. Someone with an unknown origin should know his place.」

I’m sick of hearing that kind of intimidation.

Nobles or royal family in this world doesn’t mean a thing to me.

「Well then, let me ask you. Which one is greater? You who is of the Blanc family that is a distant relative or Renz, or me, the Silesie Kingdom Regent?」


Brynie puts his hand on the handle of the treasure sword(Grass mowing sword) on his hips.

I don’t feel any sword pressure. Even if I’ll take him together with a good knight, I don’t think that I’ll be defeated.

「It will be good if you’re going pull it out. You are a noble and a kingdom’s knight, let’s have a fair match. Although I don’t know if you’ll survive…」

I worked my mind out to be able to take out the sword of light anytime.

I’m not wearing my Mithril Armor now but I’m not dull enough to be hit with Brynie’s sword.

「Hero is a coward ojaru! You want to monopolize the princess of the Kingdom of Silesie and the princess of the Transylvania Dukedom ojaru. At least give the half to maro.」

「I don’t have that kind of intention.」

I say it again and again, Brynie has no right to say it.

You want me to give you the princess of your own country or the princess of the neighboring country? What are you trying to achieve?

If I consider that all nobles of the Kingdom of Silesie are like him, I pretty much understood why Princess Silhouette says “I’ve always receive treatment which is equal to a slave.”.

I understood it clearly now. I hate these nobles.

「Kuh, I’ll remember this…. The arrogance and greed that I received ojaru.」

Saying a typical villain dialog, Earl Brynie was taken home.

What should I do after this?

「Claudia, call Neneka of the Thieves Guild immediately.」

「Yes, master!」

I decided to move the spy unit.

I will not neglect monitoring Brynie in my territory.

—Scene Change—

「I’m sorry Lyle-sensei, I know you’re busy.」

「No, I’m sorry too. The foolishness of Earl Brynie is beyond the range of expectation.」

After the visit of Earl Brynie and Princess Caroline, Lyle-sensei ride the fast horse from the capital in a panic.

For the first time in a while, I saw Lyle-sensei’s impatient face. I guess it was truly unexpected.

「Earl Brynie, what is he planning?」

「No, he’s not planning anything. He just move on instinct without thinking anything.」

It is the type that he finds hard to deal with…of Lyle-sensei with a precocious shaped eyebrow.

A true fool is a natural enemy of a strategist.

「Well, it is hard to say…」

「Yes, the worst man in the camp is in the most painful place.」

Sensei has been very busy with the diplomatic negotiation with the Germania Empire.

When that maro(fool) makes a stupid step, it will be obstructive.

It is probably better to attack him in the dark.

When we were discussing such a thing, Kaara literally flew back.

「True ancestor Takeru-sama, it seems that Germania Empire seduced Earl Brynie with the Transylvania Dukedom.」

「Did you get any evidence?」

Kaara shakes her head.

「I found it out with the the Germania government as a source but I cannot haul more than that.」

「At least now we know that, that maro(fool), is the agent of provocation of the empire. You did well.」

There will be only indirect suggestion coming from the empire.

It is difficult to dispose of Earl Brynie because there is no evidence that leads to enemy country.

「The Empire is now looking for a just cause to start a war. If we do it poorly, eliminating Earl Brynie might become their reason for intervention.」

Lyle-sensei explained the international situation in a simple way.

The Germania Empire did not immediately attack the weakened Silesie because they are on the lookout with the friendly Roland Kingdom and Britannia Coalition that are keeping a close watch on the Silesie Kingdom.

In the savanna world, the most dangerous time is when one is trying to eat its prey.

There is a time when a lion, king of beasts, is surrounded by a group of hyenas and has to retreat even though the delicious meat is before him.

Even with the most powerful country in the Eura continent, an unscrupulous invasion war is not possible.

On the contrary, if they find a just cause, they can persuade foreign countries to prevent intervention in the war.

And because of that, Lyle-sensei should hurry the roll out of the rifling gun.

「For that reason, Earl Brynie’s immediate death will just stimulate the empire.」

「It’s a difficult situation.」

The Blanc family is a prestigious noble house who draws blood from the founding King Renz.

If Princess Silhouette, who is the only direct descendant of the royal family, disappears, it is possible for the distant relative Earl Brynie and Princess Caroline to inherit the Silesie Kingdom.

That Earl Brynie is a useful piece for the Germania Empire.

Even if we say that Brynie is obstructive, if we kill him, the nobles of the Silesie kingdom will be shaken. The border territory of Lauren will also be unstable as it will lose its lord.

The key to whether or not we will be a war is in the hands of the maro(fool). A mysterious composition stands out in relief.

「Please give me a little time now. We have been negotiating to avert war.」

「Of course, because there should be no war.」

I would like to quickly kick off that Brynie.

But for now, we have to swim.

「Well, even if the Germania Empire wage war, I will take it in a way that we’ll not be defeated.」

「Is that true, sensei?」

No, isn’t it rude to ask back?

Lyle-sensei is not a Riar.

「The other party is an empire, this time, I will not choose the means. I think you already know it, but I’m continuing to prepare for it.」

「Then, its okay.」

If the sensei has a plan, it’s okay.

Kaara says “No, if you’re estimating the national strength of the empire ten times more powerful, you’re taking them lightly. Isn’t that impossible?”. Though she says it, I can say that sensei can.

Kaara again says “The number of soldiers probably coming out of the empire is at least a million. Do you know the scale?”. Though she says it, I can say that sensei can!

「Okay, sensei, in the meantime, that annoying Brynie is in our territory.」

After being refused with the marriage with the princess, his vassal strolled around the neighborhood near my castle.

Therefore, I cannot let the princess to get out of the castle.

「Is that so? For the time being, let’s not kill the earl as he leaves the city. Though I already thought of seven ways to kills him while travelling from the capital.」

「Indeed sensei. Brynie is the most damaging thing, please do it.」

「Then, let me borrow your ear.」

「…..I see, it’s black.」

If it’s sensei’s strategy, we will be able to punish Brynie without making noise.

Kaara says “Brynie is an idiot so you better utilize it well.”  I’m telling you, be quiet!

Kicking the stupid Brynie, an ingenious stratagem clever scheme that even the germania empire can’t break, is being conceived in the head of sensei now.

Because, until now, sensei was “choosing the means”.

I don’t think that the world’s largest imperial army can beat the cheat Lyle-sensei who threw away hesitation.

「I am very thankful for the confidence Takeru-dono has for me but sometimes I feel a lot of pressure.」

「If it’s sensei, even if you antagonize the whole world, it’s okay.」

Kaara seems to have something to say but eventually he sighed without saying anything.

After all, that demonkin still has no faith with sensei.




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