Prologue 3

Last teaser chapter of Isekai Cheat Magician

AN: This is the last prologue.

The magic formation on the floor shines brightly like a polished mirror.

It is necessary to to keep chanting as much as possible without sleeping for three nights. It needs both knowledge and effort. If you have a little knowledge in magic, you will see how advanced this magic is.


The long preparation period finally reached its end.

The magic formation seems to be looking forward to the time to start as the divine silver light twinkles.

「It was finally completed, Your Highness.」


During prayers, the great temple usually uses lights.

Although it’s always dark in this place even in daytime, the magic formation lights it up like it was under the sunlight.

The one that being called “your highness” is a girl. Her platinum blond hair that extends until her waist is slightly shaking with the aftereffect of the magic overflow of the magic formation. Together with her aromatic look and fantastic atmosphere, she can be called a paragon of beauty. Though her tiredness cannot be concealed because she has been working non-stop for 3 days and 3 nights, such thing is trivial.

She’s wearing a thin robe which is the official formal ceremonial dress in performing magic. It is mysterious how her bewitching body line of a mature woman unintentionally emerge from it. It is to the extent that you cannot blame a man if he lust for her.

However, her face has a childish atmosphere. She’s a little older to be called a girl but a little young to be called a woman. She, who has such exquisite beauty, is a high-ranking magician who spun this advanced magic formation alone.

Tesuran looks at her with eyes of appreciation like looking his beloved daughter. He still has an abundant black hair although there are a little gray hair. A man with a fearless face and armor of a zwei soldier.

「Tesuran, this room should have no other person…」

「Of course it has been taken care of. The only person here is Her Highness and I.」

「I understand. So let’s get started.」

The girl turns from Teslan to the magic formation. She held her hand slightly apart to the magic formation.


Although the way of speaking is calm, the chant is so fast that it is unimaginable.

Tesuran who’s looking at the situation from behind gulp to smoothen his throat.

The magic formation glows stronger.

Tesuran can use swords but his knowledge in magic is of a common knight. While she’s still an adorable young maiden, he respects her for being a great magician who’s already equal to the great sages in history.

It is a story which he heard from the chief of the court magician,he said that all of the court magician will need at least seven days and seven nights to finally make a magic formation. But this one girl was able to make one in less than half of the time, it is obvious that she’s a non-standard.

He was able to serve the girl who was said to be sure to leave her name in history. Tesuran was encompassed by the deep emotion that cannot be put into words.

That’s why he is a bit disappointed in himself because he can only stand there to not get in the way.


The strange voice echoes.

Tesuran grasped the handle of the sword carried on his back as a shadow unexpectedly appeared from behind a pillar.

This is foolish, this room should have been cleared of other people!

After letting an intruder in, it’s a wasteful thought.

That made things worse.

To be more specific, it is irreversible.

Three days and three nights’ efforts, an moment of idleness.

The intruder has a cane in his hand and heads to the mage’s girl at a tremendous speed. It is not a speed of human beings. Perhaps, physical strengthening with magic.

There is no way to stop him. To begin with, there is no magic that makes you control others.

「I won’t let you do what you want!」

As he came back from hardening due to surprise, Tesuran heads to the intruder.

It was almost at the same time that the sword of Tesuran was to truncate the intruder, the tip of the wand was able to touch the magic formation.

The unfortunate incident that was carried out in front of the girl.

Although the worst end was prevented, they are at the situation wherein it cannot be saved.

The magic formation is so detailed that it is unthinkable in common sense. You may splendidly praise the willpower of the girl who did not stop the operation even with an unexpected event occurred.

However, the magic formation has sulked.

The magic formation, that can overwhelm its beholder with its fantastic silver light, blinks.

The glow turned instantaneously into a dull, muted color.

「……! Please! Wait!」

The heartbreaking appeal did not reach it. The magic formation loses light. Its role is done.

「Lie…… That kind of…… That’s…」

There will be no person who can criticize the tear which blots to the edge of her eyes.

The ceremony is obstructed…

The intruder who had reached its sordid purpose had already left this world with the smile that can rub a nerve of a person.

AN: Next part will be the main story.

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