Chapter 7 – Elementary Level Information of the Different World

Chapter 7 of After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


AN: Now, it is information of the different world.

It is time to explain the world… People who doesn’t want to read this can make it through.

The first and last lines are not related to the story!


When I was guided to the village chief’s house, I was surprised that it was a medium size, beautiful house.

The floor, the table, chairs and backrest, and the furnitures are made of woods.

I think I have made a fool of the civilization level of this village. It seems that I miscalculate because I was prepared for a rather low level house.

Though it can be said that the living environment in this world differs for each country, I guess it is safe to say that they have a tough life like the middle-ages of earth.

The quality of life is also known because nearly half of the population is less than 15 years old. It seems that the average life expectancy was about 30 years old at most.

Given that the population was gradually increasing in every country, a fortunate couple who survived until their 30s can give birth 4 to 5 children in their lifetime and about half of them survive. People other than nobles and wealthy merchants are presumed to have had such a life.

Then, although there are only relatively young villagers, the average life expectancy will be high if there are many adults who can be said to be middle-aged in small rural villages in rural areas.

No, it might be an influence of magic. Due to magic, the average life expectancy has increased and many adults with proficient work remain, and food circumstances and standard of living may be contrary to the civilization level.

「Ano, are all of you adventurer? If so, can you please say your rank? I’d like to pay with the same amount as an emergency request according to your rank as thanks….」

The village mayor seemed to be apologetic. He may be wary of being demanded by us a great amount of money.

Normally, you will not suddenly go and talk about money. I want to preach about negotiation and business talk by all means as a sales person.

However, an adventurer? Because of the existence of magic, individual power is likely to protrude. You will be more likely to be suddenly attacked by bandits tens of times more if you’re living in middle ages compared to modern times.

In a world without firearms, such a group can only be handled by tens of people, if not, it’s impossible.

I opened the mouth while feeling a difference with the history of the earth subtly in order to answer the question of the village chief.

「Ah, we are not adventurers. We came from the considerably far-off place. Because the reward is unnecessary, can you just give information in return?」

When I said so, the village chief flashed his eyes in a troubled and difficult look but he seemed to be relieved.

「Information? To be honest, there is not much goods and money in this village so I’m really grateful but I’m not sure if we can give you great information because we’re just countrymen…」

「You don’t have to worry. You just need to say what you know.」

I started the information gathering of the different world as I say that to the village chief who lowered his head to apologize.


「Hmm, so that’s it.」

When I murmured, the village chief looked at me with a face that suggested fatigue.

「Naa, are you satisfied?」

Did it take two hours from then? I heard everything that is considered a normal information and common sense from the village chief.

Country name, population, territory. Royalty, nobility, common people. Unit of money, number of days a year, unit of time.

Why are you asking such a thing? The village chief spent most of his time with such a face.

What I understand is that this Grado village is now at the western end of Rembrandt Kingdom. And, they are also at the western end of the country that borders them, the Galland Empire. There are no other neighboring countries.

In other words, although it was unclear as to the other side of the sea, for the village chief of Grado village, this place is the farthest in the world.

Therefore, although it is not said directly, it seems that it is called the farthest village by the people in other villages and towns.

Regarding Rembrandt Kingdom, population is unknown. He doesn’t know the details about the royal family either. I don’t get the exact territory but it seems that it is called the world’s greatest power.

The thing that they  are most detailed about is that this is the territory of the margrave. After that are basic things that even a child knows.

One year is 360 days. One month is thirty days. The time of the day is basically the position of the sun. Only nobles and rich people have clocks.

The unit of the currency is called a dinar.

One piece of money called the iron coin is a dinar.

One copper coin is ten dinars.

A silver coin is one hundred dinar.

A large silver coin is a thousand dinars.

A gold coin is ten thousand dinars.

A large gold coin is 100,000 dinars

A white gold coin is 1 million dinar.

With what I’ve heard, 1 dinar is about 80 to 100 yen.

The adventurer ranks from the bottom is E to A. It seems that the reward for a rank A adventurer party is about 1 large gold coin. In other words, it means that several people have to break up the reward of about 10 million yen.

Also, although an exception, it seems that adventurers of rank S also exist. They are one’s that gain an extremely excellent achievement and has a battle ability that can match a thousand. It seems that the village chief himself never seen one so he’s skeptical in saying.

It is about this world’s civilization afterwards. It seems that the capital’s civilization does not exceeds the cultural level of European middle ages. Due to the existence of magic, gun powder doesn’t exist, and of course car.

Unlike the Middle Ages of Earth, the living environment of this world has a higher standard. However, it seems that the mortality rate is not that different. The difference with earth is that children die a lot regardless of their age.

The reason is simple. The existence of monsters. It seemed that there are monsters here.

Monsters doesn’t seem to come out on the road except the big shots. There is little danger if you travel through a road with a lot of traffic.

However, there seems to be some cases where a few monsters stray and invade highways and villages.

As for food, clothing and shelter, clothes are generally used and people who use the highway wears leather and light iron armor. Shoes are mainly made of leather.

The food is surprisingly substantial, breads and noodles are the staple food, but for some countries, it is  beans, potatoes, or rice.

Shelter is a house made of cheap woods that has two or three rooms. Plaster is painted on the wall, and windows are shutter type that is not made of glass. The village chief house is also like that.

When it comes to a good house, it is one made of dry brick or a stone house. Durability and security are improved. Noble family houses build stone houses including houses of their employees and guard knights. Employees and knights houses surrounds the main building. Only the main building that the nobles live in are luxurious as it is made of special bricks with different colors.

Basically, only nobles and the royal family has glass windows. In general, things that uses glass such as mirror, are not circulated in the market.

Paper is the main parchment and it seems that there are some paper made from wood fibers in the capital.

I was very happy to hear useful information and nodded shallowly.

The village chief who was poked with a tired face opened his mouth with a fearful atmosphere.

「So, is there anything else?」

Hearing the village chief’s words,I looked at the face of the members lined up at the back to check if there was a missing information.

At that time, the sound of a hastily opened door resounded in the room.

「Ple, please help!」

The magician girl appeared.


Even if I tried to write it clearly, there is neither moisture nor moist.

This is the real ability of lactic acid bacteria!

***TN: Author’s name is Nyūsankin which means lactic acid bacteria.***

Fermenting literature is the talent!


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