Tower of Babel

Chapter 50  of A Different World Scenery View From the Tower

Arc 6 Chapter10


We will take the children back to the tower but there is one problem.

How to transport them.

Only Takeru’s party can move with considerable speed on foot without taking a break.

However, the children can’t do that.

(It will take a week to get to the tower if we walk together.)

「Takeru, there is a carriage that the thieves used there. Let’s use that.」

Leiria points to the big wagon that was used to transport slaves.

As there are only a few small children, there is enough space.

「Ah, it’s just right, everyone will be able to ride.」

Takeru decided to take the wagon.

「Subsequently, let’s get the remaining horses.」

Leiria also pulled all the horses that had been connected to the stable.

(Although we’re taking them from the thieves, Leiria doesn’t show mercy.)

When all the children are riding the wagon, Takeru also tries to straddle a horse that they took away.

「All right everyone. Let’s depart. What?」

Sure enough, Takeru can’t ride a horse.

Although he’s reluctant, he had no choice but to sit in the wagon.

(This is awkward)

Felicia volunteered to be the driver unexpectedly.

She seems to be confident on horseback riding because use to go out with Princess Sheila and Alice.

「Fufufu, I’ll start the carriage so please sit next to me Takeru-san.」

Felicia holds the reins while smiling.

The other companions take one horses each.

Feene decided to ride in the carriage with the other children.

Thus, Takeru and the others returned to the tower with the children.

「Master, welcome back.」

Tifa welcomes them as usual.

「This time I brought back a lot of people.」

It seems that she got used to it as Takeru brought someone every time he returned from an adventure.

Seeing a lot of children was brought backed, she feels like a wife who have her husband invited by someone and was forced to be drunk. But in the surface, she’s smiling.

(It looks like Tifa is in a good mood this time.)

Takeru demonstrates insensibility for the first time, he hasn’t notice Tifa’s inner heart.

「Feene was recovered and I also brought the children that were caught together with her.」

「I’m glad that Feene-san is safe but what are we going to do about the children?」

「Well, for the time being, let’s take care of them in the tower.」

「It can’t be helped because it was decided by master.」

Tifa shooks her head a little but she easily accepts it.

「Then, I took this as you said.」

Takeru takes out the orb that was in Nicolo’s tower and hands it to Tifa.

In fact, Tifa also ask him to collect treasures from Nicolo’s tower if possible.

「This is a little small, but it looks like the orb in this tower.」

「Yes, master. This orb is similar to the one in this tower.」

Tifa examines the jewel after she receives it.

「So, how do you use it?」

「Master, this orb and the orb in the tower are the same thing, so you can fuse the two. Because the orb of this tower grows up greatly, it will be more likely that it will absorb this.」

「Can we use it to level up the tower like a monster core?」

「Yes, master.」

「That’s great, let’s do it immediately.」

Takeru starts opening the door of the furnace with pleasure.

「However, there is a thing that I must say before that, master.」

Tifa looks towards Takeru with a serious face.

「What is it?」

「Yes, by absorbing this orb, the tower will grow more than ever. It is in the scale wherein we can stay hidden in the forest like before. If that happens, you will no longer be able to hide the presence of the tower.」

This tower has been leveling up rapidly but it is still only known to some people.

If the tower grows higher than the trees of the forest this time, it will surely attract big attention as Tifa says.

The environment that surrounds the tower is sure to become severe too like what happened to Felicia.

(That’s why I can’t hide in the forest forever.)

「I understand Tifa. I’ll take it in my heart so do it.」

Takeru stared at Tifa’s eyes and ordered it clearly.

「Yes, master. Then I’ll fuse the orbs.」

Tifa also stares at Takeru and nods heavily. She brought the gem in her hand closer to the orb in the furnace.

As soon as the two orbs come into contact, an intense red flash illuminates the room.

He can hardly open his eyes.

Immediately after that, it trembles stronger than the trembling during the first improvement.

「Kyaa」「Hii, it’s scary」「This is… big.」「Taa, I’m falling」

All the girls cling to Takeru.

Takeru managed to support the body of four people and keep standing in a swaying tower.

「It is over. The tower level up is complete.」

Tifa reports while wiping her forehead sweat.

Seeing the appearance of the tower in Tifa’s projection, everyone raise a shout of joy.

The top floor of the tower is completely popping out of the forest. You can see it even from a very far distance.

The lower part doubled at a stretch to 10 levels. It also spreads sideways and the volume for each floor has also increased.

The middle layer stretched to 20 levels on the slender side.

The top floor room that controls the center of the tower remains the same size, but it seems that various functions have been added.

And the biggest change in this growth is a slightly stretched protrusion from the center of the top floor.

Previously it was just a protrusion but now, there is a big red jewel shining there.

The orb that was in the furnace of the tower moved to the top.

The light that shines red around the tower is visible from far away.

With this growth, the tower, Takeru and his colleagues have taken a big step.

「It has made its debut at last. Now that it’s going to stand out, it needs a better name.」

Eclair proposes it with shining eyes.

「Like Nicolo’s Tower?」

「Yes, I wonder if it will be “Takeru’s Tower”.」

「But this tower is practically controlled by Tifa-san, is “Tifa’s Tower” not good?」

「Oh, my name is beyond that but…. “Takeru and Tifa’s Tower”.」

Tifa whispers it while her cheek is turning red. Or rather, that’s not a good name.

「”Tower of the Invincible Fortress Goddess Wenusura” is good.」

(Leiria… What is that double meaning name? I don’t need an invincible fortress.)

「Feene thinks “Everyone’s Tower” is good.」

Feene’s suggestion is quite common.

「Since it is located in here, “Tower  of the Forest of Darkness”.」

(Ordega is pretty much like Feene.)

Everyone seems to have a variety of opinions, but Takeru already had a long-standing idea.

「What are you talking about? Have you forgotten our party’s name?」

「Yeah, that’s it.」

「Ah, the name of this tower is….. Tower of Babel!」

The rumor of the huge tower “Tower of Babel” suddenly appeared in the forest of darkness spread quickly to other countries as well.

「There are various races coexisting in the tower.」「Troubled people are accepted in the tower.」are the rumors.


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