To the Kingdom’s Capital Again

Chapter 51 of A Different World Scenery View From the Tower

Arc 7 Chapter 1


When the rumors of the Tower of Babel were spreading to the country, Takeru were considering what to do with the children who were kidnapped.

「The children you brought, where should we let them stay?」

「First of all, they need a place to sleep.」

There is considerable space in the lower part of the enlarged tower, but there is nothing there, not even a bed.

「Would you like them to have futons and blanket for the time being? Or do you want to buy bunk beds for them?」

「Double deck bunk beds are available if you go to the town. However, such amount is impossible.」

「Oh yeah, would you like to order it in bulk?」

「That would be okay but it will take a little time.」

「It can not be helped. Then Leiria, can you ask someone from the village to order for us in town?」

「Yes, got it.」

「And we have to get in touch with the children’s guardians.」

As Ordega says, some parents are looking for their child that was suddenly kidnapped.

「It will be hard with so many of them.」

「Feene’s going to ask everyone.」

「Is that so? Then, Eclair, please help Feene.」

「Takeru-san, please let me help too.」

Felicia’s cleric blood makes a fuss and also offers help.

The children’s identity investigation was left to Eclair, Feene and Felicia.

The next day, when Takeru was still sleeping on his bed, he heard a rustling sound and something covers his face.

「Uwa, what’s that?」

Takeru jumps out of bed in surprised. It is a small creature raising a cry “pigiiii” as it spread its wings.

It has small face is similar to carnivorous dinosaur and has a pointed mouth. Its torso is rounded and there are small wings in its back.


(This is… did the monster egg that we give to Tifa hatched? She said that it’s a wyvern’s egg. However, this looks like a penguin rather than a bird, well, penguins are birds too.)

When Takeru pats the belly and the head of the baby monster whose identity is unknown, it has a happy look in its cheeks.

「Master, master, this is serious.」

Tifa rushed into the room.

「The monster’s egg, when I check at it this morning… That is, the child born from the egg.」

「It’s different from what I was imagining. I thought that a wyvern is more like an eagle with bigger wings.」

「Ma, master, that child is not a wyvern. It’s a dragon!」

「Dragons are pretty cute.」

Tifa who was in a hurry earlier is leering at Takeru while Takeru was playing with the wings of the baby dragon.

「The dragon was safely born.」

「I set the tower for the dragon to be able to absorb mana but it’s absorbing a considerable amount. It is likely to have hatched because of that.」

「How much is a considerable amount?」

「About 100 times more than what was predicted.」

「100 times! Didn’t you notice that it was getting so much?」

「Recently, I was busy with the level up of the tower.」

Tifa murmures while being shyly red.

(In other words, she was neglecting it.)

「Takeru, is it true that the baby monster was born?」

Leiria comes running into the room this time.

「Ah, here it is.」

Takeru lifts the baby in front of Leiria.

「Amazing! Cute! However, this is not a wyvern, this is…」

「It’s a baby dragon.」

「Dragon!! Incredible!… this is a dragon’s baby.」

This is different than usual, Leiria who is not expressing much emotion becomes crazy and flushed her cheeks.

(She’s cute like a highschool girl playing with a cat.)

「There are dragons on this continent too?」

「Yes master. There are few dragons but its existence has been confirmed in Eurasia Continent.」

「So, are they stronger than wyvern?」

「Of course, a dragon is in a different league compare to wyvern. Wyvern is a B class monster while a dragon is S class.」

「Is S class the highest or are there more class?」

「No, S class is the highest but it was the humans that decided it. Naturally, S class has inferior and superior.」

「Hee, then why not make another class like SS class?」

「It is meaningless. An S class is impossible for humans to beat.」

Indeed, if humans can win against S class, there is no meaning in adding another one.

If this cute baby dragon grows, will it become a terrible monster?

「Master, I’ll change the topic but I thought about on how to use the dungeon orb that you collected previously. I will use it to create an Earth Golem that will defend the tower.」

「Earth Golem?」

「Yes, master. I can create as much as three bodies with the current power of the tower.」

Earth · golem has the same power as a B class monster. It is perfect to be a gatekeeper because it has high attack power and overwhelming endurance although it lacks agility.

If there are three, thieves won’t be able to break through easily and even an army.

Moreover, even if it is knocked down, it is possible to revive it given the time.

It has a good cost performance.

「Takeru-san, this is serious kyaaaa.」

Felicia also runs into the room.

As she entered my room, she saw the baby dragon that was flying in front of the door. She gave a cute scream.

「What is this flying creature?」

「It is the baby dragon that just hatched from the egg.」


Felicia looked at the dragon and froze.

「More than that, Felicia, what’s wrong? Why are you in such a hurry?」

「Ha, Takeru-san, please look at this. A letter came from Sheila.」

Sheila is regularly sending letters to Felicia to inform the state of the capital.

Of course, the inhabitants of the tower are the middleman so it will not be conspicuous.

According to the letter, Alice seems to be in trouble.

「Alice was under suspicion of letting me escape. It seems that the “Question of Judgment” will be done publicly.」

It would be difficult to hide the tower and Felicia if she were to be judged.

Felicia burst into tears while saying “Ah, Alice, for me.”

「Takeru-san, I will go to the capital. I can’t leave Alice alone.」

She seems to be determined as her eyes are  unwavering.

「Wait a minute, Felicia, what’s your plan?」

「Th, that is…」

As expected, she was going to head to the capital without plan.

「Felicia, you are already our companion. And we, Babel, never abandon our comrades.」

「Takeru-san, then」

「Ah, let’s all go to the capital and help Alice.」


Felicia embraces Takeru because of too much happiness. She’s the type that gets carried away by her emotion.

(No way, how can she hide these huge breasts?)

Tifa’s glare was scary so Takeru hastily feigned his calmness.

Felicia pulls herself together and says “I got carried away” as she becomes bright red.


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