Chapter 54 – Rumor of Hero’s Harem



Earl Brynie Lauren Blanc is still being stalked near our castle.

That guy, we can’t predict his next move. We’re in the castle of Ox and is prepared for an attack.

That maro noble(fool) has only been acting with power so he has to take the initiative.

「Brynie, how despicable! 」

I can’t hold back my trembling from anger.

Why? According to Neneka’s spy report, it seems that Brynie is spreading unfavourable criticism about me.

Moreover,the groundless rumor that he’s spreading is “Hero Takeru made the kingdom’s princess and the dukedom’s princess members of his harem that also has a lot of slave girls.”.


「I don’t mind the rumor about me but I will not allow that Brynie to insult Princess Silhouette and Princess Caroline! 」

When I thrust up my fist due to anger, I noticed that everyone is watching me with cold eyes.

Lyle-sensei, Louise, Ria, Sharon, Oracle, Kaara, Princess Silhouette, Jill, both Suzanne and Claudia standing at escort, are looking at me with an unusual cold eyes.

Only Princess Caroline seems to be perplexed but it is not because of my anger.

「What? 」

What is it, everyone? Why did you get angry?

「Takeru-dono, we’re saved if Earl Brynie is a man that will only do that much. 」

「No, this is a serious thing, isn’t it?」

「I’m also busy so after I gave measures for them, I’ll go back to the capital.」

「No, please wait. Sensei, this is a big problem!」

Sensei makes a disgusted face to me who is angry alone.

Why are you so cold, sensei … ….

「What is the problem?」

「No, if we don’t do something about the rumor, it will create a serious damage!」

「Takeru-dono, by chance….you don’t know what the people think of you?」

「Eh, yes?」

It’s scary.

What is it? What do you mean?

「No, Takeru-dono… please look closely at the people gathering here.」

「What do you mean?」

I don’t know.

「Takeru-dono’s staffs are all attractive and beautiful women.」


「Ah, I am a man though. Also, many slave girls from Takeru’s commercial firm are cute, aren’t they?」


「I know well that they are not chosen by appearance. It’s such an unusual bias, isn’t it?」

「If you say so, I feel slightly …」

「If you look at it at another person’s point of view, what do you think will be the evaluation? Takeru-dono’s intelligent so I’m sure you understand.」

「But I don’t have anything…」

「Neither does a scarecrow. I am hesitant to say this but, it has been called Hero’s Harem for some time.」


No matter how much Lyle-sensei says, that is impossible!

「It is inexplicable that me, a man, is the leader of Takeru-dono’s harem for some reason.」

「No, I understand why Lyle-sensei is in it.」

Is it good to have that kind of rumor with sensei?

「No, that is impossible.」

「Hey, you… are you shaken?」

Hearing that, sensei fixed his best chest posture and turned away his face.

I coughed(kohon)now, I cheated.

「We are fellow men so I won’t be shaken. Anyway, a rumor like the hero has 100 or 200 beautiful women attending for him is not a big deal. If it is the hero, it will be washed down.」

「To me it’s a big deal …….」

I never thought that I would have a harem even though I’m a virgin.

Even if it’s groundless, the sad thing about real fantasy is that there is no way to prove your innocence.

「Earl Brynie wants to criticize you for having the kingdom’s princess and the dukedom’s princess of marriageable age attend to you while not having a formal matrimonial relationship. To be honest, I also agree. I’m saying this because I want it to be clear to you.」

If I marry both Princess Silhouette and Princess Caroline, I will inherit both the Kingdom of Silesie and Transylvania Dukedom.

I cannot say how much easier will sensei’s work be.

「Sensei, that’s …….」

I was attacked by a chill on my spine at that moment.

What is this pressure. Somewhere in the darkness, there is a gaze that looks at its prey here….

「What will you do, Takeru-dono?」

Because I have a blue face, sensei is indeed worried.

….My instinct is emitting a danger signal, there!

「Suzanne, Claudia, get Ria outta this room right now!」

「Takeru, I still haven’t said anything yet! What’s with this unreasonable treatment!」

「Not yet! Sharon, block her mouth right now!」

「Takeru’s not going to date… mmm, mmmm, mmm, mmm!」

「Yes Steriana-san. Let’s go outside.」

Sharon, who was sitting beside her, blocks Ria’s mouth. She was enclosed by my two knights and was dragged to the exit like an alien caught by the US army.


「Takeru-dono, do you want to continue?」

「Ah… Well, although she says it in that way, Ria is not wrong. I will not get married suddenly without even having a romantic love affair.」

「Although I’m not very sensitive to the subtleties of men and women, I feel a little frustrated.」

Oh, sensei says such a thing.


「You are frustrated?」

「I don’t think it’s counterproductive to say such a thing, but I would like you to get married so have a love affair quickly.」

「Then, Lyle-sensei, why don’t you try to go out with me for testing?」


Sensei is surprised and opened his eyes.

Oh, beautiful brown eyes. It looks like a jewel.

「If I had a love experience, I would certainly be more likely to think of marriage. It would be a nice experience if sensei were to accompany me.」

「N…No, I’m a man.」

Sensei’s lips that looks like a cherry blossom petal trembles.

「Isn’t it good? Honestly I am not good at dating a woman. If it’s a neutral type like Lyle-sensei, I won’t get nervous.」

「You’re going to date someone with such a reason!」

I don’t want to hear that to someone who’s trying to get other people marry.

But well, I’ll forgive you since the reaction is cute.

「Why don’t we try? It’s like your favorite experiment. I love Lyle-sensei so there is no problem.」

「The problem ….ahh. I see. I’m sorry! I did not think about the other party’s feeling and I just fuel marriage carelessly. Please forgive me.」

Sensei took a deep breath, fixed his chest with his hand, and deeply lowered his head.

There is no need to apologize but I feel that my feeling finally reached it.

Maybe I didn’t really know what I was going to say.

It seems that Lyle-sensei’s almighty cheat has seen it.

Although I also wanted to attack more, I don’t want to bother sensei to bend his belly button more than this.

However, I seriously don’t want to have an affair with you.

Well, when I confessed to sensei, he’s seriously shaken.

I can say such a joke.

I’m interested in girls like everyone else .

I want the other party to be my beloved.

As I think of embarrassing things like a maiden in love, I left the room because the meeting is over.

Ria, who was outside, began to laugh.

「What is it Ria…」

「If my partner is not the person I love, I’ll hate it.」

I thought my heart would stop.

I already told you not to read my heart, you pervert sister!

What is it, magic?

I wonder if there is a divine magic, like mind reading….

「Even without using magic, Takeru’s thought is something that I can foresee. Because I’m always watching you.」

「I’m afraid of you sometimes…」

Well, if the opponent is Ria, it is really disadvantageous.

「If you want counseling on love problems, please come to A-sama church by all means.」

「I respectfully decline.」

Anymore than this, I can grasp that Ria will tease me again.

—Scene Change—

I say the glasses girl Princess Caroline eating dessert in the dining room so I called her out.

It’s not that I’m worried about her but she suddenly stays in a castle of a stranger in another country for a while sho it might be inconvenient for her.

As a host, I have to be attentive.

「Did you get used to the castle, Your Highness Princess?」

「Yes, hamburgers, salads and croissants are very delicious. The crepe previously is also wonderful but this sweets called ice cream overwhelms my tongue as it melts…」

「No, I’m not asking about your impressions on the foods.」

「I’m sorry, I’m vulgar…」

The embarrassed princess is blushing.

「No, since you’re a girl, you obviously love sweets.」

Because the one that made these are the slave girls, they’ll be delighted for their dish being complimented.

「Princess Silhouette-sama and others are also taking good care of me.」

She’s getting along with Princess Silhouette awfully well.

This princess seems to be mysteriously got along well with the negative princess.

It might be natural because they are about the same age and status. I wonder what the topic of their talk is.

Well, since they are both princess, is it about the royal government?

「Excellent, if you have any inconvenience, please let me know.」

「No, anything more than this…I want to thank hero-sama again for sheltering me.」

「I’ll also apologize for having the princess involve in my strange rumor.」

「Ah, the rumor about hero-sama’s harem. I also feel comfortable with the despicable rumor that Earl Brynie spreads but it’s just a rumor. Hero-sama is a serious and sincere person.」

「Yes, that’s right. Nobody knows it …….」

I obtain a single person who understands me and I felt tears came out.

「There is no way to shut the mouth of a person. I think it can’t be helped.」

That said, it is bad for the unmarried princess.

It think everyone thinks of it too lightly.

「I do not mind the rumor but there is something that is hard to tell hero-sama who I’m indebted with.」

「It is fine, go ahead.」

If she tell me that she doesn’t see me as a man, I won’t be shocked.

In the past, I would have been shocked if a girl tell me that face to face but now it’s easier because it’s like an open goodwill.

「My father wants me to marry hero-sama. It seems that he intend to peacefully abdicate the throne of Transylvania Dukedom but I haven’t thought that far yet.」

「Of course. You should find your marriage partner yourself.」

「No, that’s not it … Marriage of a princess is a government affair so I won’t be able to choose my partner.」

「Is that so?」

Political marriage in real fantasy is a commonplace so I guess it can’t be helped.

「I personally respect hero-sama from the bottom of my heart to the point I want to marry. But I think the problem is hero-sama is a citizen of another country.」


「Since I’m the only daughter of the duke, my marriage partner will be the one whom the dukedom is entrusted. When hero-sama said “There is no different country in saving people.” I was deeply impressed but still… 」

「That’s right, your partner should be a citizen of your country. Your Highness Princess has a noble patriotism. 」

「What is patriotism? 」

「It is a heart that loves the country and its people. 」

Is such a concept still not developed in this world?

Duke Varlam and Princess Caroline who thought of such a thing for their nation are excellent.

「I have been educated to stand for the people from my childhood. 」

「I think it is splendid.」

Although Princess Caroline’s ideals look lame to me.

If it is the will of the person to choose a marriage partner for the best of the people, others will not view it as such.

「As hero-sama says, for the sake of the country, I think that the Transylvania Dukedom should be governed by the people of Transylvania. I know the fact that we lost a lot of knights in the war and we’re in the situation that I cannot say such a thing but I still think so.」

It was a clever declaration of intention which is quite likable.

「I understand the ideals of the princess. Let’s cooperate as much as possible.」

「Thank you hero-sama for your repeated kindness and please forgive me for not rewarding anything.」

I already get it so please don’t lower your head in the dining room where everyone is.

Is it a father and daughter habit to bow?

I am very thankful to you for not being forced to an unreasonable marriage so please don’t mind it.

There, Princess Silhouette who was sitting quietly next to her butted in.

「I, ngu…」

「Princess… Please talk after swallowing the croissant properly.」

Jill, you’re the princess’ escort so please take care of her.

Help her instead of going for another ice cream.

「It seems that the complicated talk of the two of you is over so this concubine will depart. Let’s take a bath.」

Those are the word that come out from Princess Silhouette who’s been listening to my talk with the dukedom’s princess.

The dukedom’s princess says “Yes, princess-sama.” as she nods.

My idea of royalty is totally different.

I don’t know why they are good friends.

Also, Jill-san is irresponsible. Stop asking for another helping and do your work as an escort.

In addition, it is impossible to make another ice cream soon because we must call Viola who can make ice.

More than that, you’re driving our head chef Colette hard. I present you the title “Sweet Tooth Knight”.

—Scene Change—

Well, as the bath flag was up earlier.

It will be like the usual flow where the dukedom’s princess will be at the bath but I’m not foolish enough to not avoid it.

I helped Roll with the bath instead.

I cut firewood for the bath. I feel like playing so it’s fun.

「Master is an interference.」

「You came to say that …」

Roll seems to hate it if someone takes away her job.

Well, thanks to Oracle’s Great Cave our problem with saltpeter was solved so her workload decreased.

「I have a souvenir for Roll.」

I dangle a bottle of fine distilled liquor (whiskey).

「This, you should have said earlier.」

Dwarfs are all drunkard. Roll’s attitude has softened to a point.


「There’s also snacks, Roll.」

「Give it to me!」

What I got was smoked dragon meat, a special dish that I got from Louise.

Roll opens her mouth a lot as she eats them satisfactorily.

In general, monster meat is treated as low grade met but a dragon’s meat is totally different.

It is a delicacy that fights for number one or two even in this world.

She puts a piece of dragon jerky in her mouth. It is a great dish to eat while drinking.

A drunkard poet once said “If you have dried dragon meat while drinking, you don’t need anything else.”.

Roll is also a drinker so she knows it’s value as well.

Being illuminated by the reddish light of the kiln fire and drinking while watching the moon.

The location of the feast is very good.

As expected, I don’t like strong liquor but I’m fine with a little sweet and palatable honey sake.

It’s a little good because I’m on a different world.

「It is quite nice to be with you.」

Roll drank and eat happily. She suddenly clapped her hand and begin to sing a mine song(Tanko bushi). I almost blow out.

TN: Tanko Bushi is a japanese folk song about coal mine.

Fantasy is too unbalance too.

「Is there a coal mine song in this world?」

「Master, there are coal mines so there are songs about coal mine as well.」

That’s right, Roll is a miner’s daughter.

I thought about asking her about her life before she became a slave but I stopped it.

It is better not to say trivial things.

Even me, before coming to a different world, I can only think about the story of another distant stranger.

There is a delicious sake here, there is a delicious snack here, and I’m also here now.

Dancing under the moonlight, there is a cheerful dwarf girl.

Thus, I am good.

To tell the truth, I thought about washing Roll who dislikes bath after getting her guard down with sake but such thought disappeared.

While I sing together with Roll, Princess Silhouette and Princess Caroline, who are wearing a relaxing robe, came with the escort knight Jill.

「Hi, are you going for a walk?」

「Yes, after enjoying the long hot bath, we want to enjoy the cool evening.」

Princess Caroline held a lute in her hand for some reason.

It is amusing for not keeping a front. The dukedom’s princess sat on the stump and pluck the lute to the tune of the coal mine song. It is pleasant.

The small Roll spins around to match the tune, I’m already holding my sides because of laughing.

Laughing with tears in my eyes, eating a lot of meat, and tilting a cup.

「There was no need to come…」

When I thought that I heard the voice of Ria that was not there, I saw blue eyes from the window of the bath.

With a face that seems to be saying something, it creates an intoxication feeling. I want you to please stop sending me pressure with your eyes.

「Ria, what is it?」

「Why is Takeru not taking a bath? I was waiting here all the time and is like a boiled octopus now. You should have act according to the scenario.」

「What scenario……?」

If I went to the bathroom, am I going to head for Ria’s route?

Then, it was a correct answer to not go to the bath.

My crisis avoidance skills have also gained experience and have leveled up.

If so, it was a pleasant and comfortable night in many ways.

「In addition, Takeru is putting too much firewood. I’m really going to be boiled.」

「Oops, I’m really sorry about that.」

The crisis avoidance skill has improved, but the bath combustion skill was not satisfied at all.




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