Chapter 10 – Survey Around the Castle Completed (Monsters Exterminated)

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


AN: I wrote this chapter to mainly touch information around the base and future prospects.

The title is kind of heartless.

It is a fearful story even in this world.


What facility of the castle I spent most time creating?

The answer is the three large baths.

One is a beach resort type hot spring with waves that somehow was built in the basement. There are seaside cottages and summer festival stalls nearby. On the game maker’s side, it is bad that there is a hot spring with wave.

The second one is only a wide, three kinds of hot spring at the back of the castle. Of course, the interior walls, chairs, shelves, the lighting on the ceiling and pillars are decorated with the highest quality, luxurious items. By the way, the ceilings, the walls, the pillars and other decorations follow the optional theme of the Santa Maria Novella church in the game. Because it is not suitable for the interior of the bath, some modifications were made.

The third is an open-air bath built in the rooftop of the the west side of the castle. There are cherry trees and big rocks, stone benches and tables in the surroundings.

I don’t know what happened but the women are exclusively using the open-air bath and the men are exclusively using the indoor bath.

By the way, I am in the outdoor bath for some reason. Is it enviable?

After washing down sweat and suffering anemia due to nosebleed without regret, it is meal time.

Actually, the dining room ranks second on the facilities I built.

I call it dining room because it is easier to say but it is actually close to a high level french restaurant. There was a grand piano in the corner of the room. During the game, it’s completely just an ornament.

By the way, when I touched the keys, I heard a sound. The dancer Verossa can play musical instrument because I set her to be able to do so. Let’s try listening to her once.

The cuisine that was served is a meat dish from wild boar like Dion said. How did I know that this is a wild boar meat? At the end of the course was its roasted head.

It’s definitely harassment. Idiot Dion.

After enjoying hot springs and dinner, what is next?

It is not table tennis. It is not a gentleman chess either.

It is calling the leader of each division to determine mutual confirmation of the progress about our situation and future policies.

This is a schedule of a work bug.

I looked around the room thinking while such a thing. It is the conference room in the castle. It is a staircase like design like a lecture room in universities. The number of seats is 100 seats. Now, only the leader of each corps are present so the seats in the room is occupied by 40 individual excluding me.

By the way, I was emotionally seating in the last seat.

「Cartas party, perimeter search complete.  The monsters were 100 orcs, 12 large orcs, 1 orc king, 1 orc queen… Well, we found an orc village. I thought it would be possible to converse with the orc king but it tried to lay hand at the woman of our party so I chopped it off. Even if the monster evolves, it is still a monster. That’s all.」

The moment I heard chopped, I instinctively internalized. Laurel is a cruel, bad fellow.

「Well, those are the information we gathered. Then, I will distribute the map that was created, please distribute and inform about the monsters in each corps. If you have any other concern, please write it down.」

After listening to the reports of each of the corps, Eleanor distributed the map.

The map that was distributed to me as a document  is so precise that I wouldn’t think that it was made in a short time.

I have subordinates who had a job such as architect and artists so they probably created them. Production type characters such as alchemist and blacksmiths has low levels due to difficulty in battle. During the game, they also have meaningless setting and useless new skills.

I was nodding quite satisfied while looking at the well-made map.

「Master, the result of the survey is this, is there anything that worries you?」

「No, there is nothing. Let’s try to explore wider area tomorrow. About the monsters, how strong were they?」

I ask her something like that because I could not concentrate and was absent minded during the conference. I was indeed just going with the flow that time.

Then, Eleanor, who was standing on the platform like a lecture professor, turned her head on me and bowed to me.

「I’m sorry. Because no one was injured, I assumed they are weak. I would ask each corps to submit a report of each monster’s attack pattern and ecology, and the difference in combat ability compared to the previous monster.」

「A, ah. Well, as the survey will continue, it is good to slow down. The accuracy of the information will go up if we face the same monster many times.」

Eleanor gave a proper reply while apologizing and self-reflecting. I deeply appreciate her but I felt unable to say it.

For some reason, everybody on the conference room nodded at my opinion with great admiration. They are deeply impressed but my chest hurts thinking what will happen to everyone’s unshakable trusts if they learn that it is just their illusion.

「With this, the meeting is over. I will leave for the second city in the earldom, Ramblas, which is a little distant, tomorrow morning. Therefore, I’ll change the composition or Eleanor’s corps.」

I said so unilaterally to end the conversation.

Eleanor is looking at me seriously but I must harden my heart here.

「I heard that an adventurer party commonly composed of four people. I’ll register as an adventurer with one vanguard, one scout, and one rear guard. The vanguard member is the Sword King Sainos. The scout will be the supreme executive assassin Sedeia.The rear guard will go the the well-balanced attack and recovery sage Sunny.」

When I said that, Eleanor was in despair like it’s the end of the world.

「A, ano, I, what about me?」

I gently talked to Eleanor who is stuttering and is upset more than anyone.

「Eleanor who was always at my side can understand me the most. When I’m out, Eleanor will have the greatest authority. I ask you build one corps to be in charge of the protection of the castle. I think the healer Soarer’s corps is good to incorporate.」

When I openly said this to my first subordinate Eleanor, her complexion rapidly improved.

「Yes, I understand. It might be beyond my capability but I, Eleanor, will protect G. I. Jou during master’s absence.」

Eleanor said it in a lively voice. Her resolution can be seen in her eyes.

「Good. Let’s take a rest early in preparation for tomorrow. Good night.」

I said so and left the conference room.

I’m walking in the hallway but for some reason, there are two footsteps.

「What’s wrong, Eleanor?」

「Yes.  I always want to be at master’s side for his personal safety as master’s best subordinate.」

「Is that so?」

I returned an ambiguous reply to Eleanor,  who is exploding with tension, and progressed in the corridor.

From the meeting room in the second floor of the castle on the east side, going through the corridor, and moving to the fifth floor where my resting bedroom is located. In front of the throne room on the same floor is the T-shaped hallway opposite the observatory, the first room is the guard soldier waiting room. As soon as I pass by there, there is a luxuriously built heavy door, and when you pass through the corridor that follows it, there is my bedroom.

I don’t think that this is a troublesome work because I refer it to a design of a certain castle.

It was a long way to go, but Eleanor finally came to my bedroom. I thought that she would go to the guard’s room but what is she doing here?

I entered the bedroom and sank myself into a three-seat leather sofa.

My bedroom is a three-room structure, one room with a king-sized canopy bed, another is a dresser and a study room. There is a set of wooden desks and chairs that a president is likely to use. There is also a furniture called low-table lined up with two sofas.

The other room is a bath with window that can accommodate  up to 4 people and a modern western-style toilet. All the toilets in various parts of the castle are Western-style. Of course, they are equipped with bidet and toilet paper.

Eleanor is standing and staring at me who is sitting in comfort on the sofa of my bedroom.

「Well, now… I wonder if I’ll sleep now. Eleanor can also take a rest.」

When I said that, I took off my light armor and is now only wearing an undershirt and pants. Eleanor came to the side without a sound.

「No, I’m here to help you.」

Eh, what?

Without being able to utter such words, I was distracted by the precious flowers.

Eleanor leads me from the beginning to the end.


AN: What on earth has he been helped with?

The answer to this difficult question will be clear next time.

I’m sorry, but somehow this has become such a development.

I don’t regret it.


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