Reunion with Sheila

A Different World Scenery View From the Tower

Chapter 52 / Arc 7 Chapter 2


Before going to the capital, they made preparations to the city of Turku.

Because they accumulated quite a few gold coins, including Takeru, everyone decided to purchase equipments.

Takeru brought a steel sword that can withstand Ray Caelum Sword Techniques.

He chose an expensive sword, one with an inscribed signature. 15 pieces of gold coins.

In addition, he purchased breastplate, gauntlets, and leggings from the same smith. Those are lights but those have maintained sufficient defensive power. Those 3 articles cost 8 pieces of gold coins.

Because Eclair’s battle where she uses sword increases, she choose equipments with defence as her priority.

She purchase the best cloth with fabric made of white worm silk.

It is processed with the use of magic.

It might not look like it but it has the same defensive capability as an iron armor.

Because body line will be clearly visible, it is quite erotic when Eclair equipped it.

When Takeru gazes unintentionally “Oh, Takeru, do you like this equipment so much?”

Eclair smiles while teasing him but her cheeks are a little red.

Eclair’s cool look, 10 pieces of gold coins.

For Feene, they bought fire bracer that covers from wrist to the elbow and knee-high fire boots.

Each of those 4 items has a small fire gem embedded in it that boost fire attribute spell.

8 pieces of gold coins.

Leiria buys water destruction wand.

It is a processed mangrove tree and has a large water gem. It boosts water attribute spells.

15 pieces of gold coins.

Ordega bought a new spear.

Like Takeru’s sword, it is made of steel and it is strong enough to withstand the power of Ordega which increases with his level.

11 pieces of gold coins.

Felicia has a healing bracelet with white orb. It boosts holy attribute spells. Eight pieces of gold coins.

She also bought a cloak with magical defence. Six pieces of gold coins

With everyone’s equipment strengthened, they head to the capital, Cortoba.

When they enter the capital, they take a lodging at Okuma Tei like last time.

While they were resting, they heard a knock on the door.

When Takeru opened the door, there was a woman covered with a hood.

Takeru makes a gesture like urging the visitor to enter, she slides silently into the room.

The woman hugs Felicia as it is as soon as she removes her hood.

「Felicia, I wanted to see you.」

「Me too, Sheila.」

They hugged for a while for a while, but Sheila began to touch Felicia ‘s upper arms. It seems that she noticed something.

「Felicia, you became stout. And you’re prettier than before. Ha, Takeru-san you didn’t lay your hands on her right!!」

(This princess shows up and starts saying things now.)

「Nanana, what are you saying, Sheila?」

Felicia turns red and denies it but it is more likely to make more misunderstanding if she will not be more resolute.

「Fuuu」 Sure enough, Princess Sheila looks at Takeru with suspicious eyes.

「*cough**cough* Princess, I just did what you ask for, right?」

「Well, that’s right. I’m sorry. I indeed ask this, how thoughtless of me?」

When Takeru cleared his throat to restore the delicate atmosphere, Sheila hastily pulls out a large piece of paper from the bag she brought.

It seems to be a drawing of a large mansion when they look at it. Complex internal structure can be seen in detail.

「This is a map of the Bishop Kunze’s mansion. Takeru-san, sneaking to the bishop’s residence is really hard. The person who investigated it says the security is so strict that even one mouse can’t enter.」

Yes, Takeru has asked Sheila in advance to gather information about Bishop Kunze.

Felicia says that she did not tell anyone other that Alice about the Oracle where she obtained information about the tower.

Alice also said that she did not tell anyone about it.

If so, how did the bishop know about it? Takeru had been concerned with it all this time.

It would be better to thoroughly investigate Bishop Kunze in order to save Alice.



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