Bishop Kunze’s Residence

A Different World Scenery View From the Tower

Chapter  53 / Arc 7Chapter 3


When the night turns up, Takeru gently slipped out of the inn and headed to Bishop Kunze’s Residence.

There are security guards standing in various parts of the large mansion.

「As the princess said, security is tight.」

「Even so, that bishop is lucrative, living in such a big mansion and hiring a lot of guards.」

Eclair criticizes the bishop with a disgusted look.

「That’s true. Such luxury despite being a servant of god. If you have clear conscience, you don’t need guards.」

Felicia unexpectedly agreed with our talk about the bishop.

「If the bishop does injustice in the area under his jurisdiction, he can easily get a lot of money.」

Leiria, a former princess, talks with a bitter face. She seems to have seen the face behind powerful persons in various ways.

「By the way Feene, is the preparations okay? Get ready.」

「Uuu, I’m nervous nanodesu.」

They intend to investigate the bishop’s mansion with Takeru and Feene.

They’ve got a map of the house but if all of them get in, they’ll be found out immediately.

Takeru and Feene are the sneakiest members of their party so they are the one’s that’s going in.

There are other reasons why Feene was selected.

Eclair uses her magic and makes a sound by moving and dropping the garbage in the corner of the alley.

「Nnn, I heard a noise.」 the security guard standing on the wall of the mansion comes and see several people.

「Okay, now.」

At Takeru’s signal, the two of them broke in inside with lightning speed.

「Takeru-san, Feene-chan, are you alright?」

「We’re alright. If something happens, we’ll escape.」

Takeru and Feene, who climbed the roof of the mansion, infiltrated inside.

Under the moonlight, there are two person who wore black costumes.

「Phantom thief Takeru, the visit.」

Feene is saying something strange but I did not mind it.

Coming to the window of a small room on the north side of the mansion that had been confirmed beforehand, Takeru leans his body forward to check the inside.

A little boy is sleeping in the bed placed on the window side.

According to the reliable material that Princess Sheila gave, he is the bishop’s son, Peter.

Takeru moved the window that was a little open. He invaded the room without making a noise. Feene followed him.

「Nnn, Takeru-oniichan, who is he?」

Peter awakens although he’s still half asleep.

「Phantom thief Takeru…nnnn」

Takeru blocks Feene’s mouth with his hand before she says more  unnecessary things.

「I’m sorry but please sleep more.」

Takeru suddenly approached Peter and pushed a handkerchief against his mouth. The boy sleeps again after inhaling the sleeping medicine that covered the handkerchief.

He’ll not wake up until morning.

「Feene, can you go?」

「Ai!…nununu, ei」

After her lovely cheer, Feene’s body transformed instantly like Peter.

It is Feene’s common talent, Transform.

Previously, she can only hide her tails and ears but she was able to transform into a variety of appearances as she levels up.

She can’t transform into a person who is of different size than herself but it works with this boy because their sizes are not much different.

Although Feene transformed to Peter, his immediate family will surely notice something.

「Great Feene. You look like him.」

Takeru compliments Feene who has transformed spectacularly and pats her head.

「Hehehe, I did it well.」

The delighted Feene wags her tail.

「Feene tail, your tail is out.」


Feene hides her tail in a hurry, will she be okay?

Anyway, with this, she will not be doubted while moving in the mansion.

Switching to the clothes they brought, Takeru and Feene left the room.

(I’m sure it was on the map. )

The two head to the place where Bishop Kunze den is located.

On the way, we passed by the soldiers patrolling the mansion, but they didn’t say anything.

「Nnn, it is probably this place.」

They found a door of a room that looks like a study room.

Fortunately, it is not locked, Takeru sneaked into the room.

At first glance, the room is a normal study.

Takeru examines the drawer of the desk and the documents placed on the table.

「Mumumu, this is suspicious. According to this detective, this book is like the one grandmother had read.」

Feene had her eyes of a bookshelf on the wall. She’s tinkering with the books in display.

Then, a hidden door appeared from the back of the bookshelf after making a sound.

「Hii, as expected of the excellent detective Feene nanodesu.」

Even I was surprised but I did not voice it out.

「Well done Feene.」

When Takeru enters the hidden room, various items are arranged on the shelf at the side of the wall.

You can also see luxury accessories and magic-related books.

Takeru’s eyes are fixed in a wooden box placed on the center of that shelf.

There’s a bunch of envelopes in the beautifully decorated box.

(This is what the princess has expected. Let’s take it home and examine it well.)

Takeru collects the contents of the small box.

「Takeru-oniichan, can this thing be eaten nanodesu?」

Feene lifts up a bag that contains white powder and is examining the contents.

「It looks like sugar. Is it safe to lick a little?」

It’s dangerous so don’t put it in your mouth without permission.

It might be something valuable to hide it in a hidden room. Takeru takes away the bag from Feene and put it in their baggage sack.

When they returned to Peter’s room, the boy was still fast asleep.

Takeru and Feene climbed the roof from window and returned to their friends who were waiting near the mansion.

「How did it turn out?」

「It’s perfect, thanks to Feene.」

「Ei nanodesu.」

They returned to the inn before anyone noticed.


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