Chapter 11 – Second Day in the Different World, City of Ramblas

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


AN: Arrived at Ramblas!

Their adventure has just begun!


I get up early.

I look at the one next to me.

A naked beauty.


Ren Ren



I stare Eleanor, her eyes are closed. I arranged the blanket to cover her up to her shoulder. I quietly crawl out of the bed in order to not wake her up.

I have experience in battle and leadership in the game but none with woman.

When I was thinking about such a thing, I saw the delicate white skin of Eleanor’s shoulder to her neck and strangely got embarrassed again.

「Good morning.」

When I was changing my clothes, I heard Eleanor’s greeting from behind.

When I looked back, Eleanor was standing in a white dress instead of an under-shirt and  lowered her head.

「Why do you look so dissatisfied?」

When I asked Eleanor, who is having a dissatisfied face and half-opened eyes, she pouted.

「I just expected to roll over the futon a little more. It is not dissatisfaction.」

「I got up already….」

It’s still morning but I already held my head and threw a sigh.


「Master, are you tired?」

While flying comfortably in the sky, Sunny suddenly asked such a thing.

「No, well, physically, a little.」

When I reacted to Sunny’s question with a vague expression, Sedeia appeared under me laughing.

Sedeia is flying in a way that she’s like lying on her back while covering her mouth with one hand.

「Eleanor was in a really good mood, leader. I’ve never seen Eleanor like that before. No way, you were attacked at last?」

To Sedeia’s joke, I raised a dry laugh and turned my gaze to the ground.

Well, where is the city?

「Oh, seriously, leader! Has the guild’s rule of death finally crumbled?! This is going to be fun.」

「Wait a minute, what’s the rule of death?」

It is a word that I won’t be able to miss as if it is intended to pierce my eardrum.

Then, Sedeia’s eyes widened and looks at me.

「Ah… the leader did not know? Is it a lie? This is an opinion of the minority but it is said that leader preferred an old man rather than a young woman.」


「Hii! That’s not what I mean, I’m not one of those!」

After spouting several lines without thinking, Sedeia panicked and denied involvement. Who’s the one who said that? Dion?

「Ah, no… Leader, didn’t you take everyone in the guild’s treasure room and equipped us with your own hands? It is nice but…. you even choose undershirt and pants of a man with just the two of you there….there was a testimony that he was looked at with an eye of lust…」


「Hiii, I didn’t say anything!」

When I opened my eyes wide and roared, Sedeia finally cried out.

During the time when I was raising the characters I created, I spent time and was having fun as I tried to equip them with the strongest equipment. I also consider the design of  clothes because making unique characters are fun.

Ah, it must have felt bad in the point of view of the characters. Well, only a pervert would choose an underwear of an old muscle man.

Who is the pervert?

「Ah, however…. that man’s opinion is the minority because the leader takes a long time to arrange the women’s equipments. As for me, when leader was choosing my underwear, weren’t you looking at my buttocks all the time?」

I’m a pervert!


I finally lost shame. My consciousness staggers but I was careful enough to not fall from the sky.

Do your best, me! I was just making a game character, so it’s safe!

I encourage myself to reprimand myself and try to improve my fight.

「Ah, master also saw me in my underwear for a long time. When master is measuring me, his movements stop midway. I didn’t move one finger for ten minutes.」

I want to return this fellow to the ground!

I want to pierce this bastard’s head to the ground!

Why are you sticking your chest out proudly, Sunny?!

I fixed my breath that seemed to suffer from hyperpnoea. On the side, Sedeia seemed to be mortified for some reason.

「My lord… please stop that useless chattering. We were lucky enough to have been chosen as the Lord’s escort. Focus all your attention on the mission. Of course, my loincloth was also chosen by my lord!」

「Yes, and don’t compete!」

Sainos who came out from the side was saying good things in the middle but eventually slashed my heart.

After all, the rule of death is not demanded by me to keep them from talking.

Eleanor approached me with some kind of atmosphere but my memory is a little ambiguous so I can’t judged it.


Ramblas was a city with a shape that is almost like a square. There is a huge gate attached to all four sides of the stone wall which seems to be more than ten meters.

All the roofs in the city are of red brown color as we looked from above. From the gate is a wide street that intersects with branch streets where there are stores. It is crowded with a lot of people.

We landed in a slightly distant place. We sneaked in from the direction of the least-visited gate, the one that faces the direction of Grado village.

Yes, we sneaked in by going over the walls on proper timing.

「Aren’t we sneaking like thieves, my lord?」

「If you don’t like it, pay the admission fee.」

Saying that to the complaining Sainos, he shrugged his shoulders and kept silent.

Right. Can I say that this is the standard procedure? To enter the city, you need to show a certificate and money,it seems to be iron coin,  and hand it to the gatekeeper.

Because of that, we slipped out of the line of entry at once. I had Sedeia explore the surroundings then we sneaked into the city.

We are now at the back alley at one side of the main street.

The back alley is a little gloomy. There were drunkards lying down and raw garbage was scattered, it is a wretched dirtiness.

However, it is not in a state where there are a lot of scattered excrement like in the middle ages.

Perhaps there is a sewer system like the one in the ancient roman city. Is it cloaca maxima?

I do not want to go to the river because the sewers go straight to the nearby river.

「For the time being, why don’t we go to the main street?」

I took the trouble and said so, we went to the main street from the alley.

Miscellaneous row of houses along the city street. The shop owners are talking to the bustling people incessantly. It is exactly the atmosphere of medieval Europe.

I wanted to see this. I felt like I have came over for my first trip abroad, I looked around and suddenly noticed that everyone is looking at me.

No, their line of sight is directed to the three people I brought with me.

I thought it was the clothes but perhaps the inhabitants of this city don’t seem to comprehend with armors made up of dragon scales, orichalcum, and red mithril steel.

Thinking that far, I noticed it incidentally.

Although we have come to a different world, I have not seen beastkins or elves.

As I look at the surrounding residents, it looks like there are only humans here.

「Hey, that… Isn’t that an elf?」

I heard someone uttered such a voice.

「Let’s go.」

I had a bad feeling. I call out to the three and quickly left the place.

「It seems that elf exist but an unusual being.」

When I muttered that while walking, Sedeia tilted her head.

「I think I’ve stayed as much as I did before. Dwarves are more unusual, isn’t it?」

「High Elves were a little unusual. In general, they can only be found in big guilds or at the foot of the World Tree.」

Because it was a game?

「Hmm, not just elves but beastkins seem to be rare. I feel like my ears and tails are being targeted…」

Because they are bushy.

While three people are tilting their heads, I imagined several patterns of fantasy worlds that I can somehow image.

「It seems that the number of elves and beastkins are few, there might be a history of persecution so they gather in one country. Or they live in the forest and doesn’t come out.」

「Oh, very elf-like.」

Sunny, it is strange that you are impressed.

「Although this is a disgusting imagination, the elves and the beastkins are sold out as slaves because of their rarity.」

「Hey, leader, can I go on a rampage? Slavery is not good.」

Sedeia got mad at one of my guesses. Well, there was no slave system in the game.

「However, there seems to be a criminal slave. Slavery itself is normal. Although I don’t know what is the treatment.」

Indeed, in the Middle Ages, slave treatment had a difference between heaven and earth for each country. There is a theory that the treatment of slaves were unexpectedly good in ancient Egypt.

「Well, I don’t see them in this city at all. It’s probably most likely that they live in a forest.」

When I concluded so, three people nodded and consented.

「Well, let’s first become an adventurer. I must obtain tentative social position and money.」


AN: It was just a city sightseeing time.

No, they have just arrived.


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