The Inquisition

A Different World Scenery View From the Tower

Chapter 54 / Arc 7 Chapter 4


The day of Alice’s inquisition came.

Unlike the usual, her trial was held in public.

Hundreds of people were able to enter the large capitol, it is now filled with audience.

It has become a big topic since  the popular beautiful lady knight,  Alice von Beautor, will be put on the “Question of Judgement”.

When Alice showed up at the venue, the crowd raised their voices.

She is restrained. Both of her hands were tied and she’s being pulled with a rope.

She became a little thin but enough power still dwells in her eyes.

Takeru’s heart gets warmer by watching her.

(Alice, you worked hard for Felicia.)

「Oh, Alice! To be in such a state for me.」

Felicia looks at Alice and leans forward as if she’ll jump out at any moment.

「Felicia calm down. You’ll be found out.」

Eclair pulls Felicia back to her seat in order to not stand out.

They were already in disguise, and they were sneaking into the audience.

They won’t be noticed in that way.

The inquisition suspect, Alice, belongs to the kingdom’s knight order so the floor is full of important person of the kingdom.

It includes some ministers, King Roman, the knight order, and the head priest, Felicia’s superior.

Princess Sheila’s face is also visible.

「I’m going to start the Inquisition for Alice von Beautor. First of all, the whistleblower, Bishop Kunze, will explain what she is suspected for.」

When they arrived to their seats, Lord Delius declare the start of the proceeding.

「Alice von Beautor, who belongs to Kingdom’s Knight Order, without a doubt assisted the escape of the fugitive “Shrine Maiden of Oracle” Felicia Artian.」

Bishop Kunze advances and begins to condemn Alice loudly.

The bishop has a plump fat bellied and has an ugly face.

No one will able to tell that he’s a clergyman from his appearance at all.

He is pleased to blame Alice, he’s even showing a shameless smile.

He seems to be a menace like the rumor says.

「Alice, is there any objection to this?」

Since the Inquisition is not a trial, it is impossible to get a representative.

Alice has to answer all the questions herself.

「I … Felicia has not committed treason or rebellion. She was always thinking for the country.」

「Is that why you helped the shrine maiden escape?」

「No, it’s different!」

「What is different? You are worried about Felicia so you let her escape. Is that right?」

「….I stand silent.」

「You knew that she, who was called the saint, was hiding something and doing something dishonest. Is it wrong?」

「….I stand silent.」

「See, here attitude is exactly the evidence. I call upon the judge.」

The bishop put Alice under the Question of Judgement as expected.

The question of judgement is conducted with the consent of the person in question so it is impossible to tell a lie.

The judge will swear to the goddess Papier who guards the kingdom. If one will tell a lie, his body will quickly glows red.

And, it becomes a felony because of perjury.

「Alice, do you agree to receive the question of judgement?」

「…. I refuse.」

The venue is enveloped with stir.

Refusing to take a referee is like admitting that you committed a wrong deed.

「Look, ladies and gentlemen, she’s obviously hiding something. Felicia Artian hid the message from God and tried to harm the nation. And, it was this woman’s plan to conspire with her and put the kingdom in crisis.」

The bishop resents Alice because of the grudge for failing to take Felicia.

「It is different!  I am not framing such a thing!」

「Then, why did you refuse to take the question of judgement? If you have not done anything wrong, you are expected to magnificently receive it.」

「That  is…」

Alice, who cannot tell the truth, is unable to object.

「Your Majesty, I asked you to punish this woman Alice as a rebel.」

The bishop begins to say outrageous things, knowing that Alice cannot answer.

「Alice, if you do not explain it to everyone, you shall be sentenced. Do you get it?」

King Roman has a deep conflict, but he asks in a resolute manner as a king.


To protect Felicia, Alice could not say anything.

「….Is that so? Then, in the name of the king, I sentence Alice…」

「Please wait, your Majesty! I, Felicia Artian, have a few things I would like to say.」

Indeed, when Alice was about to be judged guilty, Felicia, who finally runs out of patience, stood up and raise a voice.

Felicia’s beautiful and transparent voice echoed throughout the hall.


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