Felicia Artian

A Different World Scenery View From the Tower

Chapter 55 / Arc 7 Chapter 5


Suddenly, as Felicia, the center of suspicion, appeared, the venue is wrapped by the loudest noise on this day.

Felicia did not give a damn at the stirring audience and advanced in the assembly hall in a dignified manner.

And when she reached the floor, she spoke to the audience with a beautiful voice.

「Your Majesty, everyone, I certainly did not report the information that I received from the oracle about the tower in the forest to the head priest. 」

「Ooooohhhh 」 voices stirs up in the assembly hall again.

It is because the shrine maiden of oracle admitted the crime voluntarily.

「However, it’s not just my will. It is also the will of goddess Papier.」

「Sophistry! You dare say the name of the goddess to escape your sin!」

Bishop Kunze got up and cried out splashing saliva.

「It’s not a lie. I will show you the evidence now.」

「What’s going on?」

Felicia quietly kneels and begins praying with her hands in front of her chest.

A solemn voice of a beautiful prayer echoes to the hall while the people were dumbfounded.

「Dear Goddess Papiel, please hear our prayers and show your great figure in our presence before us …」

Then, a ray of light starts pouring over the head of Felicia through the ceiling of the capitol.

「What is it?」「Is it magic?」

The crowd who saw light gives a surprise voice.

Then, suddenly, the clergy, all religious parties concerned, and those who are serving the goddess started kneeling altogether and prayed like Felicia.

The head priest is not an exception and when he knees quickly, he began to pronounce the scripture of prayer.

「He, head priest!」

The Knight Order commander who was next to him stands up because of surprise.

It was impossible for the general public to understand but those who are in the side of holy orders such as priest and shrine maidens are clearly aware of what is happening.

This is exactly why they visit the temple every day and pray.

In order to obtain the divine light messages from the goddess, they keep on praying each day for a long time.

Still, it takes a lot of effort to read the message of the goddess which is only for a brief flash.

The light that appeared in response to Felicia’s prayers is now illuminating the assembly hall.

The sight of a saintess wrapped in the light clearly represented the blessing and the will of the goddess.

That is, the goddess Paper will protect Felicia.

Common talent “Shrine Maiden of Oracle”.

This powerful talent, which is also the second name of Felicia, has evolved into a more advanced stage through encounters with the people and several battles.

It is now the unique talent “Shrine Maiden of Divine Will”.

Unique talent “Shrine Maiden of Divine Will” does not only waits for oracle but can also ask the gods about their intention by their own will.

This talent, which can be said unprecedented, is comparable to a seventh tier skill of oracle.

Felicia has evolved into an existence that can be said unmatch on both the country and in the continent.

「Your Majesty, everyone, Goddess Papier wants coexistence and prosperity with the Tower of Babel.」

Felicia who finished prayers quietly stand up, and quietly and clearly tells the goddess’s intention.

「What are you saying one after another? Your majesty, this shrine maiden falsified the voice of the goddess.」

Bishop Kunze rants but nobody budge.

「Bishop Kunze, you no longer hear the voice of the goddess?」

「What do you mean?」

Yes, the general public did not know what happened. Even if you are in a position not related to God, even if you are not a goddess Papier’s believer, you could not make a mistake about the meaning of light that befalls Felicia.

Even if their figure can not be seen, the power of the gods certainly exists in this world.

The goddess responds to Felicia’s prayers.

Even the king would have not question the saintess whom the goddess showed love clearly this far.

「Guuu, this one… such as….」

The bishop, with the situation completely reverses, is distorting his face with anger.

「Bishop Kunze, you have been suspected of being a contact of the empire. This letter from the Prime Minister of the Empire is the proof.」

Princess Sheila stands up, raises a bunch of letters that was stolen by Takeru, and then condemns the bishop on the contrary.

「I cannot be caught in such a place. You, catch the saintess.」

At the same time as the signal of the bishop, hooded armed soldiers, which had been placed in advance in various places of the hall, rushed to Felicia.

There are more than 20 of them. They are going to take the saintess a hostage to get out of this place.

Before they could get to Felicia, Takeru who was similarly hiding himself blocked them.

A group that comes from the front were instantaneously killed by Takeru with one swing of his sword.

「Three Slash Snow Flower!」

Continuing with a sword skill, three soldiers fall together.

「Moonlight in the Water!」

The enemy soldier flies with an impact from below.

Ordega and Eclair suppressed the enemy soldiers that were coming from the left and right.


An enemy soldier crouched as he was stabbed in the stomach with the sharp thrust of Eclair.

「Shield Buster」

An enemy was blown away after getting hit by the shield.

The rear guards are not silent too.

「Aqua Ring」

It is a barrage of aqua ring and the enemy is restrained with a circle of water one after another.

「Ei, Ei」

Feene also moves quickly between the enemies and pours fire bullets.

Bishop Kunze’s more than 20 soldiers were annihilated without even taking 5 minutes.

With the current fighting power of Takeru’s party, those number of soldiers can’t even be called practice partners.

「What are you doing? Seize Bishop Kunze at once.」

The guards who were watching things as they go by with a dumbfounded face were taken aback from Sheila’s shout.

They immediately seize Bishop Kunze and dragged him in front of the king.

「Your Majesty, this is a mistake.」

「Shut up Bishop Kunze, you can no longer subterfuge. Your relation with the empire is now known. You’ll tell us everything you know.」

The bishop dropped his shoulder.

The bishop was pulled by a sentry and disappeared from the assembly hall.

「Takeru and the people of the Tower of Babel, you must be tired. This Roman, will thank you as a king.」

The king calls when the commotion falls.

(What should I say at such times?)

Takeru, who doesn’t know the courtesy of nobles, just said “Thank you very much” for the time being.

Of course, Felicia and Alice’s names were cleared without being questioned.

Thus, the disturbance about Felicia’s concealment of the voice of the goddess was settled.


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