Alice, the Resident Military Officer

A Different World Scenery View From the Tower

Chapter 56 / Arc 7 Chapter6


The matter of the bishop settled down somehow but a new problem has risen.

The kingdom has asked Felicia to return to the temple.

Theoretically speaking, one with a unique talent as “Shrine Maiden of Divine Will”, is the highest awakened state of a shrine maiden and a country cannot let go of such individual.

(I understand how they feel but Felicia is already a part of our group.)

As for Takeru, he has no plan of letting her friend go.

The cover came from an unexpected place.

「Felicia’s ability as a shrine maiden has improved because she had taken action with the people of the tower. If you want her to grow, she have to accompany Takeru-san for a while. 」

Princess Sheila persuaded the dignitaries.

She loves Felicia so why did she do that?

After all, the intention of the person in question, Felicia, should be asked first.

「I, I….. I want to stay with Takeru-san! 」

She said it clearly though her face dyed red.

(Hey, that will create an unnecessary misunderstanding… you didn’t need to mention Takeru-san…)

Princess Sheila, Eclair and the other female member directed a piercing sharp glare…

Anyway, Felicia will continue to live in the tower but she needs to be accompanied by someone from the kingdom.

Instead of formally admitting the existence of the tower, three people are assigned to the tower under the post of resident military officer.

The first one is Alice.

She’s a bit unreliable in some aspect but she’s willing to use her body to protect Felicia.

Alice is level 23. Naturally, her job is a knight.

The second person is Mira, a woman in her mid 20’s. She’s an intellectual cool beauty with glasses.

If you had such a secretary, you would be overjoyed.

She’s a level 21 talisman magician.

Talisman magic is a magic that uses talisman that one has created in advance to unleash magic.

Talisman is less powerful than general magic spell, but it can be used in a variety of ways depending on the situation, such as remote use or time lag.

The third person was Radbaut, a huge man of about 30 years old. He has a warrior feeling.

He is a veteran fighter, a level 28 Holy Knight(Paladin).

Holy Knight is a high-ranking knight, a rare job that requires sufficient training and good qualities as a knight.

He can use low level recovery and defence magic.

The kingdom negotiated with the tower to have these three as diplomatic channel.

Of course, they will also serve as guard in the tower too.

Because the kingdom of Coltberg, a great power, officially recognized the existence of the Tower of Babel, visitors will increase in the future.

Takeru decided to renovate the interior of the tower.

The first floor is a commercial area. Until now, it was made of stores and houses.

Once secured, some may want to open a store in the tower.

There is already an offer from the Meissner Company to open a branch store in there. They are a company that deals with monster core and monster materials.(TN: chapter 3-3. They are the company that bought the monster core of the caste serpent.)

The second floor will be the dining area. They’ll set up a large table in the center and set it up as the cafeteria of the residents.

It will also become an exclusive kitchen.

Until now, the residents were cooking individually but in the future, the food will be cooked by their own chef.

Feene who loves delicious things will be delighted.

The 3rd, 4th, and 5th floor will be residential area of the residents and the children they brought.

The children will be on a large room and the adults will have a private room by dividing it into a cell.

The 6th and 7th floor are undecided for now.

Takeru plans to use the 8th floor as bathhouse. With the function of the tower, underground water can be sucked.

The tower will also be utilize to warm up the water.

Asking Tifa, it seems that it will be no problem with the upgraded tower.

Leiria will be able to build her long awaited bath.

The 9th floor will be dedicated to Alice and the other military officers that will reside there in the future.

In addition, he plans to prepare a conference room and a  spare room in case a dignitary visits from the kingdom.

The 10th floor is a private area of Eclair and the others which are family member of the tower.

He wants to use the large space freely and to finish it with the preference of each person.

The top floor, which is a disk-shaped floor, is a control room for the functions of the tower and Takeru and Tifa’s room.

He decided a tentative plan and talks with everyone to decide the large scale remodelling of the tower in order to spend their time there comfortably.


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