Chapter 14 – The Adventurers Guild is Confused

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week

It has been a month since I started translating this series. Due to everyone’s feedback, this one became officially one of my project. Please continue your support for this one.


AN: They have gone for the first quest but they defeated orcs instead of goblins!

They will attract attention for sure, they’ll be in trouble!


We knocked down all orcs and cheered up Sainos. After that, we stored the corpse of the orcs in a magic box.

***TN: Like item box, magic box is also written in english.***

We slowly steps out of the forest in order to look for goblins. After a while, we saw a number of wagons that are coming from the town that is raising clouds of dust.

Come to think of it, I forgot that those adventurers had returned to call for support.

As there was no choice, we waited for the arrival of those wagons. Eight fully armed adventurers showed up from the first wagon that arrived.

After that, other adventurers add to the number one after another. From those 5 wagons, a total of 43 adventurers have arrived.

Wolf, whom I thought that become very important to me, showed up in front of me even though we just met 1 or 2 hours ago.

「You guys, are you safe?! On the way here, there are 5 bodies of orcs without head!」

The orcs Wolf just mentioned were the one’s that were killed by Sunny when we help the adventurers earlier.

「A, ah. There is no problem. We already have wiped out the orcs.」

When I reported the result casually, all the adventurers who gathered there stopped their movements.

「Wiped out…? That is? Are you speaking about those 5 orc subspecies?」

Wolf was the one with the quickest comeback and ask a question to confirm it but I unfortunately shook my head.

「Tentatively, there are 80 orcs in this forest.」

When I answered Wolf while feeling sorry, he was taken aback but roars flew from the adventurers who were lined up in the back.

「Are you making fun of us! Wolf-san begs the people who gathered here to take up the request! Then… you’ll just joke around!」

「I don’t know why are you doing this but even the B-rank party Eternal Wind will not lie about defeating that large orc horde!」

Criticisms are roaring. So those guys are B-ranks? They seem to be called wind of speed of light.

***TN: He’s not making fun of them. He’s seriously saying that.***

However, they were quite early to gather wagons to get here. Did Wolf overdid it? I’m really sorry.

When I was pondering what I should say, I looked at Wolf who becomes firm. Then, one of the angry adventurers grabbed me.

「Hey, don’t you shut up…」

Looking at the angry adventurer guy who grabs part of the leather that hangs from the shoulder of my armor to the neck, I hurriedly picked out an appropriate sword on my item box and plugged it to the side of the man.

At the next moment, a high pitched sound roar of the guy’s belly. A dagger was flung against the part of the belly which the blade of my sword intercepted when I took it out the last moment.

It is Sedeia. If you look closely, the dagger is swung down to the man from below. Well, even at the peak of the current momentum, that would have cracked his head and kill him.

「Stop it, you guys.」

When I said that, a sword appeared unexpectedly beside the face of a man whose body was cowering with the roaring sound.

「Hii, Hiiiaa….」

The man who noticed that there is a blade in front of his eyes gave a pitiful scream and fell on the spot.

「If you’re going to lay your hands on our leader, we will destroy each country.」

Sedeia, who puts down her dagger, gave a low voice to the adventurers around. A heavy voice that has a mass like an illusion strikes their earlobe.

「The sworn enemy of my lord will be put to death. It will not matter whether it is a king of any country or even a god, I’ll cut him down without fail.」

Sainos said so while glancing the surrounding with a gaze of pressure.

「Sunny, cancel the chant.」

And I ordered Sunny to stop the chant of her large-scale flame magic.

In fact, although she was quiet, Sunny was in the most dangerous state. That kind of magic will incinerate the whole area.

Or rather, are we safe from friendly fire? I would like to know if a large scale spell is incapable of harming allies like in the game.

「… Everyone who complains will burn.」

「Whose dictator are you?」

Sunny affixed the dissatisfaction in her face and muttered a horrible thing. The adventurers wouldn’t have know the power of that magic but they seemed to have felt some kind of awe in Sunny’s flat voice.

When he saw the three calmed down and sighed out, Wolf dropped his shoulder and opened his mouth.

「I thought you were awesome after seeing your behaviour and equipments but I guess you are stronger than me.」

「You’ll never know if we don’t actually fight.」

I told it so for Wolf not to lose his face but he looked back at me with an amazed face.

「Who’ll believe that in this situation? Who? Answer me. Even I don’t believe it.」

Wolf scratch the back of his head as he says that.

「More importantly, where are the orcs? There are wagons now, how many round trip will be needed to carry them? No, can you at least give us a dozen bodies…」

「Ah, I’m not sure what to say but we’ll be able to carry all the orcs corpse with us. Since you’ve come this far, we’ll give one orc to each person who came here as compensation.」


I gave up on thinking my own self and declined the suggestion of Wolf. Wolf look at me with a suspicious face.

「Did you only take the subjugation proof? But you have defeated the orcs subspecies, you’ll get a considerable amount of money from skin to fangs.」

「No, I put all the corpses in the Magic box.」

As I said so, the surrounding adventurers started to make a noise.

「Hey, is that a lie?」

「No way, are they from the royal family?」

「No , probably because they are accompanied by an elf….」

When I was thinking silently about the pieces of information leaked from the mouths of the adventurers, Wolf suddenly shook his head.

「You guys, what kind of mountain did you came from… Magic box is an ancient time-space magic that is already lost, isn’t it? I’ve never seen it before but I heard that it was passed down from the royal family of elves.」

***TN: Magic box is a spell. I also thought that it was a magic item.***

When he said so, Wolf breath out and looked back to the adventurers.

「Everyone, I’m sorry! Apparently, it seems to have already been over! Please forgive me, these guys said that they will give one orc for each of us! Also, the payment I’ll receive will be use for a lavish banquet for everyone!」

When Wolf shouted so, all adventurers cheered up and raised their hands at once.

It was just cash but it was strangely convincing for the gathered adventurers who make money while risking their lives everyday.

However, I can lend more to Wolf.

「Wolf, I’ll give you a fee for the feast.」

「Noisy kouhai. Even though you’re from the royal family, a kouhai is a kouhai. Just be silent about it. It’s a treat for the orcs subjugation.」

Wolf laughs out loud and hit my shoulder.

If you notice it, the atmosphere between the adventurers changes and Sainos and the others did not give off bloodlust.

I may not beat Wolf my entire life.

When I thought about it, I also had a natural smile on my lips.


「Naa, what is it?! This is!」

As we returned to the city, we were told that there was no place to put all the orcs, so we lined up the orc corpses in a square called the work center, which was a bit far from the guild.

From the guild, one male employee and the receptionist Miria had come to check and evaluate on behalf of the guild but it seems that the limit of their patience is only up to looking at the corpse of the orcs that are lined up.


「That’s right!」

When I had a brief reply, Miria immediately agreed to why. Well, I know what you want to say.

Lastly, when I arranged the boss-like orc, the two guild officials stare out their eyes.

「No way, an orc general! And orc knights!」

「Ke, Keins-san! Moreover, subspecies!」

Apparently, the male guild officials is called Keins. I gave a big nod to the new information.

「No, please just don’t nod and explain! Moreover, the armor of the two…!!」

「Ren-san! Most of the orcs doesn’t have a head and the general and knights have their necks cut off.」

「We cut it with a sword. Those who don’t have heads are struck by magic.」

When I told him that, the surroundings became more turbulent.

I haven’t defeated a goblin yet.


AN: The other adventurers are inconspicuous…!

The atmosphere is not conveyed!

Wolf is prominent even though he’s a mob!

I would like to work a little harder next time.


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