Chapter 15 – Emergence as an Adventurer

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


AN: Finally, they became adventurers!

This is the start of incomparable adventurers,

What? They won’t start yet!?


Usually, an orc is something that a C rank adventurer would hunt. They form a swarm of roughly about 5 to 10. That number is just right for a 5-person C rank adventurer party.

In addition, it can be said that about 10 orcs will not be a problem for a B rank adventurer party.

However, the story changes drastically in case of the existence of a subspecies.

A single subspecies of orc will have enough strength to challenge a C rank party. 5 of them can take on a B rank party.

If a subspecies like orc knight or orc general appears, an emergency request will be put out for that. Parchment for request has colors. Ordinary requests are white and an emergency request is red and it is known as red tag.

In the case of the subspecies of orcs such as knight and general, it is assumed to have led several groups of orcs so designation of multiple B rank parties will occur.

The problem there is the leader of the flock. It would be preferable to have an A rank party to face the orc subspecies like knights and generals. It is thought that a single A rank adventurer has the strength of a thousand.

An A rank adventurer is one of the most valuable forces among all the adventurers.

Therefore, the adventurers guild will not grant permission of the dispatch unless every effort has been made already.

That is the information said by the receptionist Miria.

An adventurer party that is taking a provisional examination with temporary adventurer certificate  has completed a quest that is equivalent to a red tag.

Because of this, guild officials other than the receptionist of the guild have been hanging out in a meeting. The adventurers who brought the corpses of the orc subspecies are at a cheap tavern near the guild for a feast.

「Cheers for celebrating the birth of a new A class fellas!」

I don’t know how many times the cheers that sounds like yelling had echoed indoors.

「I’m telling you that I’m not an adventurer yet because I haven’t defeated a goblin yet.」

As I said so, the adventurers hold their heads and bend backwards.

「It’s not like you can’t defeat goblins!」

「I don’t care about goblins anymore!」

「Aniki! It’s a lie that this is your first day as an adventurer right?」

「Se, Sedeia! Do you have a boyfriend!?」

「Sunny-chan, ha, have you drunk a little? I didn’t do anything!」

「Please marry me!」

The inside of the tavern is no longer a picture of hell.

After seeing this disaster, the view of the tavern on Earth looks like a long-established business with high-class tea ceremony dishes.

Ah, Sunny paralyzed the adventurer with bearded face. She used paralyze with no chant but I wonder if someone noticed it.

「But you’re one hell of a rookie!」

When he said that, Wolf let out a breath that reeks of liquor and faces me with his red face.

「Normally, you would start at a low rank but after your spectacular victory, it becomes complicated now…」

「Because the rank is low, the reward will be low? And since we don’t even have a rank, we have no reward… I’ve heard that many times already.」

As I got fed up, Wolf lifted the edge of his mouth.

「But it will be interesting from now on. None of you have completed your first quest yet you newcomer saved the city by beating a horde of orcs… How will the guild respond?」

「I’ve heard that five times already.」


When the guild staff call for us, the four of us went up to the second floor of the adventurers guild building.


We were guided by the male guild staff Keins-san to a room in the second floor.

When I opened the door and walked in, I saw six men sitting on a chair. One person has a long ear. Might be an elf.

We sat on a chair lined up against the six men. If you look around the room, it looks like a conference room with a capacity of about 20 people.

「Nice to meet you. I am the guild master of Ramblas, Bart.」

「I am called Ren. Nice to meet you.」

When I returned the greeting, two men directed a glance of anger. The elf man sits at the very end, but his gaze seems to be directed at Sunny.

The man named Bart, the guild master, looked at my face then looked at the other three.

Bart is a middle age man and has a green hair like receptionist-san.

「Your companions didn’t register as an adventurer?」

「I intended them to register after seeing the situation first.」

When I answer, Bart shallowly nods and makes a strong look at me.

「I want everyone to register if possible. There are certainly some adventurers that are using slaves and only register themselves but your relationship is surely not as such?」

I felt that there is something in Bart’s words.

「… There is something I want to ask. What kind of relationship are you talking about?」

When he heard that, Bart turned his gaze to the elf man for a moment.

There was a silence of about a few seconds in the room. Bart opened his mouth with a difficult expression.

「In the information we gathered, you were a mercenary. There are no ring or collar of slavery so you are not under the relation of slave contract. About your strength… it is comparable to A class.」

「In other words, if all of us register as an adventurer, you can expect a rise in war potential.So you want all of us to register as an adventurer? Or maybe you don’t want us to  leave and be an adventurer to another city?」

When I asked him for confirmation, Bart nodded shallowly.

「There is also that. It is important to grasp war potentials. Useful people will be given preferential treatment as much as possible in order to keep them within the kingdom.」

Bart said and looked at Sedeia.

I crossed my arm, looked at Bart, and shrugged my shoulder.

「You don’t usually do things like that, do you? Stop the tricks and just say it directly.」

When I said that in a certain way, Bart raised his one eyebrow a little.

「… Well … I do not have such an intention, but … I wonder what do you think my intention is?」

「Magic Box and two elves. Yeah, especially Sunny.」

When I told it so and finally points Sunny, all six of them were quite upset.

Well, I heard from Wolf that Magic Box is exclusive in  some royal family or elven village.

Did they give up completely upon hearing my words? Bart turned his face to the elf sitting on the edge of the seat.

The elf man stands up on the spot and looks at me.

「Nice to meet you. I’m an advisor to the guild, El Rand.」

When El Rand said so, he turned his eyes towards Sunny and stretched his spine.

「I heard about Sunny-sama so please allow me to call you Sunny-sama. Are you not a royal? Of the old Capital La Fiesch?」

When El Rand said so, the other four people, except Bart, were noisy.

「Lord El Rand… by chance, she is…」

One of them panicked and took the confirmation of something to El Rand, but El Rand silenced the man with a glimpse.

「…Sunny-sama. You are the real master and Sedeia-dono is a royal guard or an attendant? And Ren-dono and Sainos-dono are members of La Fiesch royal guards?」

「I don’t know any La Fish.」

For some reason El Rand was convinced and had made his own guesses but Sunny slashed it in a word. The name of the old capital has also become fishy.

Hearing the words of Sunny, El Rand is visibly upset.

「Th, that’s stupid! Sa, Sunny-sama, aren’t you a high elf?」

「Yeah, that’s right.」

「If so, there is no mistake! Only a dozen people in La Fiesch’s royal family are high elves.」

El Rand said that while looking at Sunny but Sunny just shook her head without minding it at all.

「I’m not a royal, and I don’t know such a country.」

When Sunny denies it again, El Rand looked at me with reRiant eyes. What do you want me to say when the person in question denies it?

I had no choice but to open my mouth to the standing El Rand.

「Regardless of whether she is from the royal family or not, we’re all going to register as an adventurer. You’ve orchestrated this much just to know Sunny’s full name.」

I said the last line like a joke in order to drop them off. Did they really think that Sunny is a princess who ran away from home?

The man who sat next to El Rand crossed his arms and raised his face when I implied them to not to pry other person’s origin anymore.

「The talk ceased at that stage. If you register as an adventurer in a foreign country, La Fiesch royal family may not overlook it and might affect  diplomatic relationship with this country.」

The man reasons out while having his nostrils snapped. He’s gazing me with hostility. He’s the guy with got irritated with my attitude a while ago.

「If so, then why did you demand all of us to register as adventurers in the first place? I didn’t know your intention at first but now that I know, don’t you think that it’s useless? If you didn’t know it, you can just keep it as a secret in this place. If you don’t, it can be concluded that you were incompetent from the very beginning.」

As I said so, the man’s face turned red and hit the table with one hand.

「Do you know who are you speaking with? I am…」

The man’s words did not continue until the end and turns into a fizzle.

The reasons are Sedeia is pointing a weapon if front of the man, Sainos stands up, and Sunny casted lightning arrow around and have them stand by.

Seing the sphere of light, El Rand shooks his body and twitches his face.

「And yet, Sunny-sama must be a royal… To cast magic of this magnitude in an instant…」

Bart stood up and raised both hands disregarding the mumbling El Rand who has an amazed face.

「I’m sorry! There is no problem in your response! It is the dogmatism of this guy but we did not intend to pick a fight! The guild will welcome the four of you as adventurers. You four are exceptional and you will be registered as B class!」

「Na! Bart, you! The dogmatism…」

「Be silent Baron Bowarei! Our lives are in danger right now! Don’t you understand it?!」

The man named Bowarei tried to complain to the content of Bart’s apology but he was shouted by an angry Bart in return. He is a noble? So that is the reason why he’s the only one wearing something like a mantle.

I faced Bart disregarding the vexatious Bowarei.

「I am grateful for suddenly becoming B class. By the way, is the matter of the orc..」

「Ah, of course, I’m going to reward you as a B class for that emergency quest as an apology.」

When I tried to ask, Bart said such a thing in anticipation. I raise one hand to be in control.

「No, I heard that I can get money from selling the orc’s material so there is no need to pay a separate reward.」

When I said that, Bart blinked then stopped.


AN: It has become like a cheap variety program with lengthy talk.


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